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10 uplifting stories to bring you through the week (17.03.19)

If you feel a bit down in the dumps, we have the solution. This list focuses only on positive, inspirational and amusing stories from the last few days that make sure you do not end the week with a sour note. Click here if you also want to know about the strange events.

This week we have two tales of dogs in the mountains, even though it's a heartwarming rescue, while the other shows the steely determination of a dog. We also have some positive reports from the world of heavy metal. Finally, we examine some notable things: a record-breaking series across the Atlantic, the longest calculation of Pi, and a viral challenge that's really worthwhile.

A Transcontinental Series

A once-legged Royal Navy broke the record for the fastest, unsupported solo dispute across the Atlantic while tens of thousands of dollars were raised for veteran charities.

Lee Spencer lost his limbs in an accident, but was relentless in defining "no one to prove disability. "The 49-year-old Horrabridge father of two, Devon, made the 6,115-kilometer journey from Europe to South America in just 60 days. This not only made him the first disabled person to row from continent to continent, but also surpassed this record by 36 days. [1]

On his journey, Spencer slept only two hours a day. He was also struggling with waves over 12 meters high and a seizure of gastroenteritis. He started in Portugal and arrived in Cayenne (French Guiana) on Monday. His trip actually had a little detour, as Spencer had to stop in the Canary Islands to repair his navigation system.

Already in 2016, Spencer and three other former soldiers crossed the first team of amputees crossing the Atlantic. This time around, his record trip helped raise over £ 55,000 ($ 72,000) to charities near Spencer, such as the Royal Marines Charity and the Endeavor Fund.

9 Billy's donuts will be a big hit. 19659009] The power of social media made a man's new donut shop a success after his son's tweet became viral.

Last Saturday was the opening of Billy's Donuts in Missouri City, Texas. There was only one problem: no one appeared. The owner felt a bit bad. His son Billy By tried to arouse a little interest and published some photos on Twitter of his sad father and his empty donut shop. [2]

These pictures were in the online community and Die Post brought over a million likes and shares within days. In addition, customers flocked to Billy's Donuts, and the store sold out several days in a row. Suffice to say that the store has become a hit overnight and Billy's dad is not so sad anymore.

8 A dedicated dog attendant

A stray dog ​​named Mera may have accidentally peaked A dog, having become friends with a mountaineering expedition and climbing nearly 7,130 meters to the summit of Baruntse in Nepal ,

Dogs are a very popular sight in Everest Base Camp (5,360 meters). You will even climb to Camp II, which is 6,500 meters high. But Billi Bierling from the Himalayan database believes that according to expedition documents, this is the highest recorded rise of a dog. [19459011[3]

Mera is a 20 kilogram stray who seems to be a cross between a Himalayan Shepherd and a Tibetan Mastiff. She joined the expedition when it was already almost 5,200 meters high and formed a connection with Don Wargowsky from Seattle, who shared his tent and food with her.

The Sherpas said they had never seen a dog like Mera before, and some even thought she was blessed. This was obviously not the first climb. She seemed unimpressed by the altitude and the slopes and still had energy to play and run, even after reaching the summit.

7 The Kazoo Party

Heavy metal singer Randy Blythe led a kazoo "counterparty" to drown out a demonstration by the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).

The WBC is a controversial church, often referred to as a hate group. Only with the protest against military funerals with riotous slogans like "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "God hates f – s" it has gained infamy. Since then, they have protested pretty much everything that would cause them a stir.

Recently, they wanted to hold a protest against Danica Roem, the first transgender to be elected to the Virginia State Assembly. It was not good for Randy Blythe, a resident of Virginia and Roem's friend. He is best known as the singer of heavy metal band Lamb of God.

Blythe turned to his followers in social media and invited them to a counter-protest to show the members of the WBC their "famous southern hospitality". He emphasized that their gathering would be full of colorful outfits and kazoos, and their strategy was simply to drown out the protest. He advised participants not to engage with the WBC in any way because they knew they were looking for quarrels, not even fighting, because they would get the most public attention.

6 Rescue and Reunification for a Family Pet

A helicopter crew with the Inverness Coastguard mounted a courageous rescue of a dog stranded in the Cairngorms in Scotland.

Ben is a Bichon Frize / Cavalier King Charles Mix traveling with his family near Lake Avon. On Monday, he ran away and lost himself as snow and storms flooded the region.

On Wednesday, a Coast Guard team completed a winter training session at nearby Stag Rocks. Crew members noticed Ben getting stuck on a ridge above a 200 meter (200 foot) height difference. [5] In a moment of congratulation, the weather cleared just in time to organize a rescue.

One of the members of the Coast Guard was lowered by the helicopter, picking up the puppy and taking him to safety. Ben was scared and cold when his coat was covered in snow, but unhurt. A veterinarian examined him briefly before reuniting him with his family.

5 Happy Birthday, Billboard Dad

A 62-year-old man from New Jersey has sent tens of thousands of birthday greetings to his sons and a poster asking strangers to wish him a happy birthday ,

Michael and Chris Ferry are in Florida right now and can not be together with their father Chris Sr. in Linwood, New Jersey to celebrate his birthday. Nevertheless, they decided to give him one they can remember. They rented a billboard with their father's face and phone number and simply asked people to wish him a happy birthday.

Chris first learned his sons' plan when he received a greeting from a man named Nick. When asked how he knew that Chris's birthday would come, the stranger answered that he saw it on a billboard. Since then, tens of thousands of people around the world have called Chris Ferry or texted him on his birthday. Some shared anecdotes about their own fathers or mentioned persons who had Chris & # 39; s birthday in common. He was even heard a few times in public by people who called him "Billboard Dad". [19459011[6]

The sons were completely blown away by the answer, as few natives thought they would accept them at their request. They said the idea came from a prank they had made as children. Her dad would take her to restaurants after the hockey games, and they said it was his birthday so the waiter would bring him a cake. They had already suggested renting a larger billboard next year.

4 The Biggest Slice of Pi

This Thursday was Pi Day. Fittingly, a Japanese Google employee broke the world record for the length of the Pi value by calculating the number at 31 trillion digits. That's nine trillion more than the previous record.

Pi is a special number. It is an irrational number that has been used in mathematics for millennia. Today, it still plays a crucial role in areas such as engineering, physics and space exploration.

Most of us know it as 3.14, but Pi has an infinite number of digits. However, the calculation of the digit sequence in pi is difficult because it does not follow a fixed pattern. This has become a favorite pastime of mathematicians who see it as a challenge. Until recently, the record for Pi's longest calculation was 22 trillion digits. However, Emma Haruka Iwao expanded it to 31.4 trillion digits. [7] The number is so long that it would take 332,064 years to pronounce it out loud.

As a Google employee, Emma used the company's resources. It took 25 machines, 121 days and 170 terabytes of data to calculate the latest Pi. She already hopes to expand this number in the future.

3 Death Metal fans are nice people

A new study published in the Royal Society's Open Science suggests that Death Metal music does not trigger violence or theirs Makes listener insensitive.

Professor Bill Thompson of Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, has been studying the emotional effects of music for decades. His latest experiment shows that fans of Death Metal are "nice people" and unlikely to hurt others because of the music they hear.

The test is based on a phenomenon called "binocular rivalry". [8] Eighty people attended: 32 Death Metal fans and 48 non-fans. They had to look at pairs of images (one for each eye) while listening to music. One picture was neutral, while the other was violent. A normal answer focuses more on the violent presentation because the brain considers it a threat.

The other part of the test was to listen to music to see if Death Metal actively changed the subconscious response. First, the participants heard the cannibalism track "Eaten" by Bloodbath, a good representation of the genre. Then they listened to what is considered a complete opposite – "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

Death Metal fans showed the same inclination as normal people. This shows that they still have the same sensitivity to violence as everyone else.

2 Greta Garner's Nobel Nomination

On Friday, tens of thousands of students left the school and led protests in more than 100 countries by politicians to become more active in climate change. This youth movement started with a single Swedish girl who has now been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old girl from Stockholm. In August last year, she began a solo demonstration, which has since become a global phenomenon. She continued her protest at the UN Summit on Climate Change in December last year and at the 2019 Economic Conference in Davos.

Greta's nomination was courtesy of three Norwegian MPs. [9] Under normal circumstances, the names of nominees and nominees are kept secret for 50 years. Greta is just one of 301 candidates to fight for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The winners will be announced in October and receive their awards in December.

1 The #TrashTag Challenge

There is a new challenge on the Internet that has become viral. Most of these trends are often stupid, dangerous or at least meaningless. But this new movement is actually doing something good. Called a #TrashTag Challenge, it encourages people to clean public areas.

The way it works is pretty simple. The participants must clear the garbage and garbage in a public place or in a natural area. You need to show their work by posting photos before and after, and then they can call another person to clean another field.

The idea of ​​#trashtag was actually part of a 2015 campaign developed by outdoor gear retailer UCO. [10] Recently, however, the concept gained in importance after a reddit thread became viral. There were already tens of thousands of online posts using the #trashtag hashtag. It shows that users clean up public areas as part of the challenge.

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