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10 unexpected things that took place during the award ceremonies

The season of awards is back in front of us, but many people do not find it particularly interesting to see rich celebrities congratulate each other. Occasionally, however, a boring award ceremony is livened up by something we really do not expect.

Sometimes these occurrences are hilarious. At other times they are just confusing and occasionally dark and disturbing. Here are ten of the most unexpected things that could ever happen during an awards ceremony.

10 James Franco presents the Oscar-madmen in a dress

The decision to commission the actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway with the awarding of the Academy Awards 2011 It was an attempt by the producers of the show itself to appeal to a younger audience while maintaining the traditions of the Academy. [1] Hathaway was the youngest host of the ceremony in his entire history, just 28 years old, while she and Franco were the first male and female host team since 1957. Unfortunately, at night there seemed to be some confusion about who from they were the man and who the woman was when they performed with Hathaway in a tuxedo and Franco in a strapless evening gown and blonde wig – a reference to Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes .

Winning the two younger stars to host the show was Bruce Cohen's choice of producer, who thought he was the best of the current generation of interpreters. However, it did not really work, as the couple was heavily criticized by Hathaway and not enough by Franco for the weird drag sequence and uncomfortable mix of too much enthusiasm. Before the event, Hugh Jackman had advised them to have fun, but perhaps he should have reminded them that it should be fun for the public as well.

9 Spike Milligan offends Prince Charles

Spike Milligan does it He does not enjoy the same legendary status in the US as in the UK, but there he is ranked as one of the greatest comedians of all time. His most famous creation was the radio comedy The Goon Show which aired in the 1950s on BBC radio and starred Peter Sellers. The show's innovative surrealism has torn down barriers in comedy, shaping Monty Python, and is a lifelong favorite of Prince Charles. The prince heard it during school at the time of his original broadcast and remained such a fan that in 1998 he even became honorary patron of the Goon Show Preservation Society.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that Spike Milligan was selected for the 1994 Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Comedy Awards. However, Milligan was also a loose cannon, suffering most of his life from manic depression, and the award ceremony proved memorable for unforeseen reasons. After the host had presented him, he began to read a tribute to Prince Charles, just so that the comedian interrupted the prince and exclaimed him as a "little bastard" to the shocked laughter of the audience. [2] The whole thing was recorded in the film. but Charles saw the funny side, and Spike still got a knighthood in 2001.

8 Christine Lahti is unavailable

Some actors are likely to have nightmares when sitting in the loo when their big win is announced, but for Christine Lahti, it became embarrassing at the 1998 Golden Globes Reality. [3] The star of Chicago Hope won Best Actress in a drama series for her appearance on this show, but accidentally took a bath break when her victory was announced. The situation was a real madness for the participants of the awards and the spectators at home when Lahti did not appear for a few minutes after the announcement.

In the end, the comedian Robin Williams actually stood on stage performing an impromptu stand-up routine just to fill the time until the actress relieved herself. She finally made it to the stage to accept the award, but still wiped her hands on a towel and since then said she was flushing the toilet when she was told she had won. We can only assume that this was one of the cases where the handle has to be pressed several times before it is rinsed properly.

7 Angelina Jolie becomes uncomfortable close to her brother

Now that she is a respected and respectable – actress and director who has risen to the status of Hollywood's premier class. It's easy to forget what a wild child Angelina Jolie was when she first entered the scene. At the Oscars in 2000, the young starlet received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her breakthrough role in the film Girl Interrupted . Not surprisingly, considering that their performance was greeted by critics, their election to celebrate the victory was undoubted.

It started when she was sitting on the red carpet before the actual beginning of the ceremony. She decided to kiss her brother, James Haven, not the kiss on the cheek that one would expect from a sibling guy but a full kiss on the mouth. After thoroughly scandalizing and upset the press, she made the whole thing even more peculiar during her acceptance speech and explicitly emphasized that she was "so in love" with her brother [4] Haven probably already had a pretty good idea of ​​how she felt about him, but it's nice to be mentioned.

6 Kenneth Horne breaks down while hosting

The name Kenneth Horne will mean little to most people in the US, but his radio broadcast from the 1960s Round the Horne was a favorite The British listener and pushed by the inclusion of the gay figures Julian and Sandy to the limits of time. These characters spoke in an underground gay slang called "Polari", using Horne as a confused hetero – in the truest sense of the word.

The great popularity of the show meant that Kenneth Horne was in high demand in the second half of the 1960s. On February 14, 1969, he was the host of the prestigious Guild of Television Producers & Directors & # 39; Awards at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Unfortunately, this should lead to one of the most dismal events that has ever occurred at such a ceremony, since Horne collapsed shortly before the announcement of one of the awards on the podium and died of a serious heart attack.

The ceremony was later recorded for television broadcasts, so the time Horne fell ill was dropped at the ceremony, with the speaker giving the viewers an explanation for the clumsy break on the Internet. [5] It later turned out that Horne had been prescribed pills for his heart, but had stopped using them after a faith healer advised him not to use them.

5 Jarvis Cocker Butts In

Michael Jackson was a big star in 1996, and his popularity had even withstood the allegations of child abuse. When he agreed to run the Brit Awards in 1996 at the British Music Awards, that was a big deal. The music scene in the UK was on a high this year thanks to the chart success of the various bands in the "Britpop" scene, of which the biggest were Oasis, Blur and Pulp. Most of these groups were also present award ceremony. The result was a strange incident involving Jackson and Pulp's vocalist Jarvis Cocker. This led to headlines in British newspapers and Cocker, who were interviewed by the police.

Jackson's extravagant performance saw that he was dressed in robes and surrounded by poor children he was supposed to rescue, but the pomposity of it all became quite spectacular as the Pulp frontman leaned on the stage and waved to Jackson to. Amazingly, Cocker was taken into police custody and charged with attacking the children – presumably through a hidden butt – but common sense prevailed and he was not charged. [6] As with some other events to this We are fortunate to still be able to see it on video, and Cocker was even asked after his death after Jackson died 13 years later.

4 Mathilde Seigner becomes entitled to judgment

There are many things you should not do when you hand over a prize, including getting drunk and cursing millions who believe you are the wrong one Person won. The French actress Mathilde Seigner is mainly known abroad for her role in the film Venus Beauty Institute (19459014). In France, she is now also known for what happened at the 2012 Cesar Awards. This is the French counterpart to the Academy Awards, and Seigner was on stage to announce the winner in the Best Supporting Actor category. The nominations for this were both Michel Blanc for The Minister and Joey Starr for Polisse .

It was the seasoned actor Blanc who won the prize, and everything seemed to be normal until Seigner told everyone at the event and on television that she preferred to win Starr – and even invited him to the stage next to the actual winner. Blanc tried to defuse the atmosphere created by jokes, that he and Starr should receive the award on other days, and Seigner finally apologized for their lawyer, who tried to defuse the criticism she received. [7] What is the whole thing? Even stranger, she described the rap group Starr owns as "dirty and ugly."

3 Bjork Lays An Egg

The outfits that the actresses wear on the red carpet during the awards season The season is for many in the media almost as big as the prices themselves. If a celebrity for a If he decides to wear extra eccentric clothes, he can enormously enliven things. Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork took part in the Oscars in 2001 and wore a dress that looked like a swan with a head and neck draped around his shoulders. The singer participated in the awards because she had the lead role in the musical film Dancer in the Dark for which she also received an Oscar nomination for Best Song. She did not win the statuette, but her outfit drew much media attention – mostly negative – with a critic from The Boston Globe in which she wrote that she "resembled a refugee from the more dog-ridden districts of provincial Ballet. "

As if the dress itself was not strange enough, the singer managed to make things even more amazing by pulling up her skirt and laying an egg on the red carpet, much to the delight of Marjan Pejoski, the designer In contrast to some of the others on this list, Björk did not really suffer from egg laying in public because we all saw her as eccentric and individualistic anyway.14 years after the negative headlines, the Moma Museum put the dress as part of a dedicated one Exhibit. [8]

2 John Travolta receives the name of the winner False

For some reason The Academy Awards seem to create the strangest moments – many of them concern John Travolta. The best took place at the 2014 event, when he was given the rather simple task of introducing the star of the film Frozen : Idina Menzel. This may seem easy to most of us, but things did not go according to plan, as Travolta apparently thought her name was "Adele Dazeem."

Menzel handled the situation well and just sang her planned song (any trouble), she probably felt relieved when she won the Best Song Prize), but the incident prompted someone to create an Ado Dazeem Twitter account , [9] Travolta apologized for a statement in an e-mail message he sent to the Los Angeles Times but the following year's ceremony was supposed to make it even stranger. This time, Menzel had to introduce Travolta and call him "Glom Gazingo" – and we can certainly agree that he deserved it – but Travolta felt that everyone was feeling incredibly uncomfortable again, grabbing her face and stroking it while she called her "my love, my beauty".

1 Jacqueline Bissett gives the worst Eternal Speech

There have been many Appreciation speeches in which we have all been squashed, but perhaps the best of them all came from Jacqueline Bissett on the Golden 2014 Globes. The English star had been honored for Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in a miniseries titled Dancing on the Edge but when her victory was announced, the bizarre monologue that followed it was barely expected.

It took Bissett an eternity to actually make it onto the stage because she kissed actor Jon Voight on the way, but then she made a speech that contained more than a profanity, as well as an assertion – obviously without Everything else – that the best beauty treatment is forgiveness. Although she had a lot of experience in the industry and attended various award ceremonies, she seemed overwhelmed by the emotion and could not think straight.

In an interview a few days after the ceremony, she told Queen Latifah that she had had nothing to eat or drink, and that she was still thinking about how she wished to eat something when she changed her name to Winners Announced [10] At least the microphone did not pick up the sound of her stomach rumbling.

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