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10 times virtue that ends in disaster

As humans we like to think and are one of the good guys. Throw a dose of helplessness into today's state of the world, add social media – and you have a recipe for disaster.

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Virtue signaling is a term that has evolved to describe empty gestures with no real obligation – think of throwaway comments that are used to generate likes and virtuous to act.

Celebrities were called out for hypocrisy when it turned out that their moral attitude was of lesser substance. The public has also stumbled upon trying to change the world. Maybe you should remember that it's okay to worry about just doing your research.

Rough Justice

In January 2019, the Spice Girls were back on the news as their eagerly awaited comeback tour sold out in minutes. They announced their intention to team up with the charity Comic Relief to lead a campaign called Gender Justice. The group designed an exclusive T-shirt with the words "IWannaBeASpiceGirl" and "Gender Justice" on the back. The T-shirt was sold for £ 19.40 (about US $ 25) and donated £ 11.40 (about US $ 14.65) to the charity Comic Relief. In return, the charity promised to use the funds to promote "gender equality".

The Guardian newspaper decided to follow the origins of the T-shirt and uncovered a story that clearly lacked equality and justice.

discovered that the garment had been manufactured in a factory in Bangladesh. There, the predominantly female workforce worked up to 16 hours a day in oppressive heat and in inhuman conditions. They earned less than the local living wage. The workers told reporters how they were abused and threatened daily if they did not meet production quotas, and were even referred to by the managers as "daughters of prostitutes." Many have injured themselves after hours of bending over the sewing machines on the neck and back.

A Spice Girls spokeswoman said it was "heartbreaking to hear about the treatment these women receive." They had believed that the online retailer who sold the clothes was ethically correct. The group offered a full refund to anyone who bought the spoiled T-shirt. [1]

9 Out of Service

In April 2018, two black men arrived at a Starbucks in Philadelphia to wait for a friend. There was some annoyance when asked to use the toilet and a worker refused, saying that they were only for paying customers. After a dispute, the manager called the police and the men were handcuffed and arrested for "abusing." They were later released without charge. A video of the incident was posted online, and a crowd began to protest in front of the store. In a public relations nightmare, Starbucks announced it would shut down all 8,000 stores for half a day to hold staff training courses about racial bias.

The chairman Howard Schultz then stated that his toilets were accessible to all – a purchase was not required. The toilets became very popular and the staff soon reported that they found alcohol, drugs, dirty needles, blood and condoms in the cabins. Some had to take antiviral medications after handling used needles.

Although the policy still applies, customers find that the toilets of many stores are locked, locked, or "under maintenance" as baristas regain control. [2]

8 They Suck

In an attempt to become more environmentally friendly, McDonalds announced that it would dispense with disposable plastic straws in all British restaurants. By 2019, new, sustainably produced paper straws were introduced and 1.8 million were issued per day. Customers soon complained that the straws dissolved in drinks. McDonalds claimed that the new straws should be liquid for an hour. An online petition was launched to return the plastic straws and collect 50,000 signatures. Some enterprising customers looked for the old plastic straws and started selling them online. Others shared their sting using a plastic cup lid as a shovel for their shakes.

Then it turned out that the new paper straws were too thick to be recycled – and employees were told to throw them away with the trash. The old plastic straws were completely recyclable. [3]

7 Off

Stacey Dooley is a British TV presenter and documentary filmmaker. In 2019 she traveled to Africa to shoot a film for the charity "Comic Relief". It should be used as part of their TV fundraising campaign, where viewers make donations to charity after seeing their work. Dooley was filmed in a village in Uganda, where she met the locals and later showed a photo of herself hugging a little boy. British politician David Lammy shared his thoughts on Twitter:

"The world no longer needs white saviors."

He wrote that the photo maintains "tired and unhelpful stereotypes."

Stacey described his comments as "Farcical". The series opened a media debate about race.

Comic Relief announced the cessation of celebrity visits to Third World countries when an aid organization described this as "poverty tourism."

After the television program aired, she raised £ 63m in donations. This was £ 8 million less than in the last 2017 election campaign and the lowest amount of money collected for more than a decade. [4]

6 Painful Protest

A duck farm in Petaluma, California caught the attention of an animal rights group called Direct Action Everywhere. They believed the animals were kept in cruelty before slaughter. The group organized a raid and demonstration in the early morning to reveal conditions on the Reichardt Duck Farm. Busloads of demonstrators drove to the farm at 6 am and released hundreds of ducks. For some of the demonstrators, however, this was not far enough.

Thomas Chiang and others broke into an area where the battle line was located – a metal conveyor belt on which the ducks dangled from their necks and were driven to their deaths. Chiang decided to tie himself to the highly dangerous machine and even attached a padlock around his neck – just like one of the doomed ducks. A few minutes after his protest and unable to escape, the processing line began to move forward unexpectedly. An unknown person had pressed the start button. Chiang was pulled forward at the back of his neck and knocked against a metal bar several times as the lock began to strangle him. Chiang was only minutes away from death and lost consciousness when the machine was suddenly switched off. He made a full recovery in the hospital.

Reichardt Farm informed the police that it was an accident and the operator had no idea that people were chained to the machine at that time. [5]

5 Green Party

Every year technology giant Google is hosting a conference to discuss global issues. They invite experts, leaders and experts to discuss in a private atmosphere and exchange ideas. In 2019, the 7th annual Google Camp was held in Palermo, Sicily, on climate change.

Google has leased the luxury Verdura resort. Hotel staff was asked to sign confidentiality agreements and all social media was banned. The tiny airport in Palermo was ordered to prepare for the arrival of 114 private jets carrying VIP guests from all over the world.

The conference guests included Prince Harry, Leonardo di Caprio, Bradley Cooper and Katy Perry. Superyachts arrived, including producer $ 400 million ship David Rising Rising Sun.

Entertainment was provided by Coldplay, who performed an extravagant light show in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, an ancient Greek site that costs $ 100,000 to rent.

Guests were led around by Maserati and SUVs on the island. Prince Harry reportedly delivered a heartfelt speech on global warming and walked barefoot on stage.

Observers began to calculate the environmental costs of the Climate Change Conference.

Each of LA's 114 first-class flights to Palermo generated 12.3 tonnes of CO2 per passenger. If Prince Harry had flown from London on a private jet, that would have consumed 1.3 tonnes of CO2. An environmental group called Trees For The Future estimates that 190 trees should be planted to compensate for this journey alone.

The total cost of the three-day jaunt is estimated at $ 20 million. [6]

4 Hot Air

Extinction Rebellion is an international network that brings about ecological change through direct actions. The group conveys its message through civil disobedience, which often disturbs cities. One of their demands is for the British government to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2025. London is therefore often the place where many of their mass demonstrations take place.

In April 2019, they set up a camp near Oxford Street in central London and stopped the traffic for more than 11 days. The non-violent group spent their time dancing and practicing yoga in the busy streets until a guest speaker arrived. Oscar winner Emma Thompson climbed aboard a pink boat with the inscription "Tell the Truth" and spoke to the audience over a loudspeaker. Thompson later said that she "absolutely wanted to be arrested on my 60th birthday."

The good deed of Thompson, however, was mocked when a picture taken the previous day showed up. She was portrayed at Heathrow Airport – after flying in from LA to attend the protests.

It is estimated that a single flight from LA to Heathrow with a length of 5,456 miles can produce a three-tonne CO2 footprint.

As a Greenpeace supporter, Thompson once helped buy land near Heathrow to prevent the construction of a third runway.

A spokesman for Extinction Rebellion said:

"… it seems counterproductive in the short term, but we see the big picture." [7]

3 Car accident

In October 2019, Extinction Rebellion protested again in London , This time, they occupied Trafalgar Square along with a hearse with a coffin labeled "Our Future."

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch was photographed as he visited the activists and sat with them for about two hours.

After his meeting, however, it turned out that he is the brand ambassador for MG cars in India and the face of MG is India's Hector SUV series. He plays the lead role in an Indian commercial for MG cars, flying around in a MG GS with a 1.5 turbo engine. The commercial was filmed in Trafalgar Square, the place where he met protesters hoping to lower carbon emissions.

Over one million people in India died of air pollution in 2017. [8]

2 In Flight

Passengers on a flight from Heathrow to Istanbul watched a man being handcuffed by four security guards on the plane. Soon, a crowd gathered around the prisoner, who called for help. People's power came into action as passengers began to film the episode and tried to question the man and his security team. The prisoner managed to report that he was deprived of his family, and the outraged passengers protested and sang:

"Take him off the plane!"

Under pressure, the security forces reluctantly took the prisoner off triumphant crowd cheered and clapped. The prisoner called to thank the group when he was taken away.

What they did not know was that the prisoner was a convicted rapist and his kidnappers were hired by the government to bring him back to Somalia, his native land. 29-year-old Yaqub Ahmed was arrested in 2007 and immediately released after his release by the Home Office.

After the plane uprising, he was taken to an immigration office and later released on bail. In the meantime, he has been detained again and will be deported this time by direct charter flight. [9]

1 Do Not Disturb

North Sentinel is a tiny island in the Indian region of the Bay of Bengal. The islanders have been living in complete isolation for 30,000 years and are one of the last uncontacted tribes in the world. All intruders are exposed to violence.

27-year-old American John Allen Chau was a Christian missionary and adventurer who dreamed of traveling to the island. This is a trip that is considered so dangerous that all trips to North Sentinel are illegal under Indian law.

Survival International, a group of indigenous rights, also believes that by contacting the tribe, outsiders run the risk of transmitting harmful pathogens and causing a deadly flu epidemic. This could potentially wipe out the entire population of 50 to 100 people.

Unimpressed Chau paid local fishermen to take him to the island. They just agreed to take him along at night and stay at a safe distance. In 2006, the islanders had killed fishermen who had sailed too close and left their bodies on bamboo piles.

Chau waited for the morning and paddled a kayak to the island. He shouted:

"My name is John, I love you and Jesus loves you."

Chau sang worship songs as an arrow hit the bible he held. Hastily he left the beach.

The next day he traveled back to the island. The observant fishermen said they saw the tribe pull John's lifeless body along the beach before burying it in the sand.

The Indian authorities confirmed that they did not intend to retrieve his body. A local anthropologist said:

"We have decided not to disturb the Sentinelese." [10]

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