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10 things you did not know about KFC

Many of us have tasted and fallen in love with the unique and delicious taste of KFC's fried chicken. At least you might know the colonel and his famous red bucket of chicken.

In addition, you've probably read countless messages about the franchise – good and bad, right and wrong. But here are some things you probably have not read or heard about the fast food giant that will surprise you.

10 It's a Christmas tradition in Japan to eat KFC

Christmas could consist of snow, a roasted turkey and mistletoe by the fire. Christmas in Japan is traditionally celebrated with KFC. This is all due to a hugely successful advertising campaign by the fast food giants.

According to the Japanese KFC spokeswoman, the campaign began when a store manager had the ingenious idea to build a "party keg" to be sold at Christmas. In 1974, the idea passed nationally and soon after became known as "Kentucky Christmas". 19459011 [1]

The idea quickly became famous as there was no Christmas tradition in Japan. So the idea filled many families. The store manager quickly climbed onto the corporate ladder to serve as President and CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan.

At Christmas, over three million Japanese families unite boring ranks to order their roast chicken. Worse: who forgot to order can spend hours on Christmas day just to get his south fried chicken. Christmas parcels are reported to account for one-third of the chain's annual sales. That's a lot of chicken for a day.

9 KFC first became known as Sanders Court & Cafe


When Harland Sanders (aka "Colonel") served his notorious chicken dishes, he worked at a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. He was a franchisee of the well-known Shell Oil Company and started cooking various foods to improve sales. The menu consisted of the soon to be famous chicken dishes as well as steak, ham and a range of other seasonal comfort dishes.

Soon he turned the gas station into the first official KFC restaurant. At that time it was called Sanders Court & Cafe and was just a table in front of the gas station. He quickly set it up from the gas station to open the Sanders Cafe opposite the original kitchen. [2]

Unfortunately, the restaurant did not serve the famous roast chicken. This was added later after completing the famous 11 herbs and spices. It was not long before people came from far and wide to visit the gas station and café and taste some of Colonel's incredible recipes.

8 Harland Sanders ("The Colonel") was never a true colonel

At 16, Sanders faked a birth certificate to prove that he was old enough to join the army. The documents were approved and he was sent to Cuba, where he was honored three months later.

Where did the title "Colonel" come from?

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the title "Colonel" is a high honor given to a person for their "outstanding service to the community, the state, and the nation." It is awarded by Kentucky's Governor or Secretary of State. Title holders are considered ambassadors of good community around the world.

Sanders was twice declared colonel. In 1935, the Governor of Kentucky, Ruby Laffoon, declared Sanders the honorary captain after his return from the war. The next time was in 1949. He's the only person in history to fully embrace the title, and he helped carry him along as he built his Kentucky Fried Chicken realm. [3]

He himself went so far as to make his appearance as he considered it a true colonel. Well, that is the dedication.

7 The fast-food chain has opened bidding on Sanders personal belongings

The Colonel has made such a big name that his personal belongings are auctioned to the highest bidder. 39 years after his death. The auctioned memorabilia included the Colonel's white suit, the Stetson hat, the belt buckle, and many other smaller items.

These articles came into the hands of Dick Miller, Colonel's personal driver. Miller drove Sanders to various KFC franchises across the country. Although he likes to talk about Sanders, Miller also found that Sanders was hard to work with. In fact, Miller only remembered that he had a day off throughout his career.

However, he came to this incredible collection of Colonel's possessions sold by Heritage Auctions. His explanation for selling such items was simple: he knew his children would sell them if he did not do so before he died. [4]

6 The secret recipe is actually a secret

The combination of eleven herbs and spices by Colonel Sanders is known to be a mystery. Sanders set up two companies to develop the mix so that none of them would ever have access to or knowledge of the full recipe.

In 2016, the Chicago Tribune published a story in which Joe Ledington, a nephew of Sanders had published the recipe after finding it in a family album. The scrapbook contained the last wife of Lasters and the second will of Sanders, Claudia Ledington. Presumably the secret recipe was written on the back of the will.

The reporter claimed that Ledington insisted that the eleven herbs and spices drawn on the back of the will are legitimate. Later, however, he denied making such claims. After that, Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC, announced that they still had the original recipe.

They issued a press release claiming that many claimed to know the secret recipe over the years, but it was handwritten by Sanders in 1940 and enclosed in a digital vault 0.6 meters deep in one Concrete vault is located. The vault also has 24-hour video and motion detection. So they claim that it's absolutely impossible for the secret to come out. [5]

5 The Double Down is a Real Burger

The Double Down is said to be perhaps the most decadent burger ever! It is definitely not a good choice if you want to maintain a health aspect in your diet.

For those who have not heard of it, the burger consists of strips of bacon covered with cheese spread. Doused with barbecue sauce and sandwiched between two fried chicken rolls. Are you already drooling?

The juicy fact is that the bun is simply replaced with chicken! At the time of marketing, there was some speculation as to whether the burger would actually be released, and now it can be confirmed. [6]

The Double Down burger has been officially released in the US in Australia New Zealand and, more recently, Britain. If you're a chicken lover and you do not want to waste a precious belly with bread, this is definitely the dish for you.

4 Sanders did not invent the name "Kentucky Fried Chicken"

The famous name of the Kentucky Fried Chicken was actually supplied by Don Anderson, a painter hired by Sanders' friends. After endless efforts to sell his fried chicken recipe across the nation, Sanders persuaded his friend Pete Harman to sell the chicken at his Salt Lake City Do Drop Inn restaurant.

After the restaurant added the chicken specialty In the menu, sales increased by a whopping 75 percent, prompting Sanders' desire to expand his recipe even further. Harman also developed the concept of the chicken bucket.

Through his work with the Inn, Sanders successfully signed a series of franchise agreements to sell his chicken in other restaurants. During this time, Sanders met Dave Thomas, a cook in one of the few restaurants that sold his chicken. [7]

Thomas is the man behind the bucket logo that still hangs over the KFC restaurants today. Through this combination of people, the Kentucky Fried Chicken that we know and love today has become its trademark.

3 KFC was the first Western fast food chain opened in China

Fried Chicken has made the incredible leap to being the first Western chain to open a restaurant in China. Over 30 years later, it has more than 2,000 stores nationwide and continues to be the most powerful fast food chain in China.

The international plan began in the early 1980s, after being successfully called "Ken De Jin" (1987) in Southeast Asia. KFC opened its first Chinese restaurant in the capital city of Beijing.

Along with its growth, KFC encountered some problems, such as the inability to import enough potatoes and destroy its stores in 1999 by protesting crowds. [8]

Despite these setbacks, KFC also had great success. With the economic boom of 2002, they opened the first drive-through restaurant in the US. KFC has really reached big milestones in China.

2 You can buy the famous spice mix

. Wholesaler Fruishion, which sells marinades and spice blends online, has listed a bag allegedly containing the KFC spice mix. This happened during the nationwide Kentucky Fried Chicken drought in the UK as fans desperately searched for their "finger-click" goodness. Although the recipe is known to be a mystery (as discussed earlier), the spice bag buyers claim that the mix is ​​as close to the real thing as anyone will ever get. [9] [19659002] Not only did people use the mix to roast their chicken, they also became creative by garnishing goujons, potatoes and mushrooms, spicing up chips and wedges. Even after the reopening of the KFC restaurants, the spice mix on eBay was a great success and the seller maintained a 100 percent positive feedback score.

1 In Osaka, Japan, there is a KFC buffet that you can only eat

. It is official. KFC Japan opened the first KFC all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant in Osaka. The restaurant's visitors have about one and a half hours to eat as much fried chicken as they can. The buffet also includes other popular menu items such as pasta, sausages and salads.

The restaurant has 100 seats with benches and tables and plenty of space for families with small, energetic children. If you do not like the aesthetics of the place, the smell will certainly be the case.

However, if you come from a western country you will probably notice a slight difference in taste as the recipe has been adapted to local preferences. Nevertheless, you will recognize the classic KFC flavor. [10]

For dessert, the buffet offers coffee jelly and ice cream as well as the chance to get all-you-can-drink beer at a small price. Price on entry Unlimited chicken and unlimited beer do you want more?

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