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10 terrible things that happened during the filming

People love films. There is almost nothing better than watching an epic story on the big screen as you sit on the edge of your seat and eat popcorn. But behind the scenes, terrible sacrifices are often made to bring the film into the world. People die, are injured, or have mental scars (including actors and stunt doubles). And besides, sometimes the directors don't care because they focus too much on the implementation of their vision. This list includes 10 examples of things that went terribly wrong while filming.

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10 Stuntman attacked by shark

Many directors are ashamed of their earliest work. Samuel Fuller directed White Dog and The Big Red One, but wished he'd never been involved in Shark! That was released in 1969. So much so that he even requested that his name be removed from the credits. However, Fuller wasn't just embarrassed because the film was bad. The film with Burt Reynolds also cost the Mexican stuntman Jose Marco his life.

Marco filmed a scene in which a bull shark attacked him. While fighting the bull shark, a great white shark broke the net that was set up in the open water, and attacked Marco and tore his stomach open. Unfortunately, Marco died a few hours later after the crew members managed to scare off the big white. Disgustingly, the film's producers changed the name from its former nickname Caine to Shark! and went on to release it. Worse, they announced the stuntman's death to promote the film. [1]

9 Stunt pilot killed in plane crash

The Flight of the Phoenix with Jimmy Stewart was not a terrible movie. In fact, it was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1965. However, it was a bleak box office failure, though the storyline was taken from a bestselling novel and had an all-star cast.

But bombing at the box office was the least of the problems for the producers. The director Robert Aldrich and the 61-year-old stunt pilot Paul Mantz wanted to re-shoot a scene in which Mantz the "Phoenix" lands in the dunes. When the cameras rolled, Mantz landed, but hit one of the dunes too hard. This caused the fuselage to break and the nose of the aircraft to tilt forward at a sharp angle, killing Mantz immediately. Bobby Rose, a 64-year-old stunt man who flew with Mantz, broke his shoulder and pelvis. The cameras have captured the entire terrible accident and the video can still be viewed online. [2]

8 The lamp almost kills the actor

Working on a real horror film set will surely get a little nervous no matter how experienced the actors and crew are. The director of the first Annabelle film, John Leonetti, claimed that there were two supernatural events on the set during the shooting.

In one of these events, three scratch marks were drawn through the dust on the window of the living room that they were turning from. It scared the local people when you consider that the demon in the film has three claws.

However, the second incident was much more scary. The demon was brought into the picture during the shootout in a residential building near Koreatown. When the actor who played the caretaker of the building also entered the setting, a massive light fell on his head immediately. This incident became even more creepy after the script revealed that the demon was killing the caretaker in the hallway where the lamp was hanging. [3]

7 boat sinks while filming

The making of jaws is almost as legendary as the film itself. There are many stunning tidbits surrounding the film, including Stephen King's son, who claims that an extra was an unidentified murder victim found in Provincetown in 1974. In addition, one of the scariest scenes in the entire film, in which a head was severed, was shot in a swimming pool.

There was also a drama on set, as you can expect when filming in the sea. A 55-day shoot became 159 days. Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw had feuds and people became restless. To make matters worse, the hull of the boat used in the film was torn during the shooting of the last scene and began to sink with the actors still on board. Director Steven Spielberg panicked and shouted, "Get the actors off the boat." Another boat was sent in to save the sinking orca, and luckily no one was injured in the incident. [4]

6 Actors suffer from a nervous breakdown

While James Cameron is known for films like Titanic and Avatar, he also made The Abyss in 1989. This film has earned a reputation for being one of the most difficult to shoot because most of it was shot underwater.

The whole experience was very tiring for the cast and the crew alike. The actors spent up to 12 hours a day on the set, which was 40 feet under water in an abandoned nuclear reactor. The crew went up to 50 feet under water and had to decompress regularly in a special decompression chamber. Everyone had to relax in their wetsuits, causing algae to bloom and additional chlorine to be needed. Eventually, Star Ed Harris' hair went white because of the chlorine and he cried once when he drove home because of the sheer stress of filming. His co-star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio had an emotional and physical breakdown on set and even went away once.

Cameron himself almost died on set after running out of oxygen under water and having to be rescued by a safety diver. [5]

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5 Stunt double paralyzed after stunt went wrong

David Holmes was Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double in the Harry Potty films. He and Radcliffe had collaborated on six of the films in the tragedy. While filming at Warner Brothers Studios for the next episode, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Holmes practiced a "jerk back" stunt. It was thrown against a wall at one point and pulled back by a high-strength wire. However, things went wrong and he had a broken neck and was immediately paralyzed.

He spent the next six months in the hospital and learned that he would be paralyzed from the chest down for the rest of his life. The next was months of rehab. Daniel Radcliffe helped Holmes with his medical bills by hosting a charity auction dinner, and the two remain friends. Holmes founded his own production company with two new friends who are also paralyzed. [6]

4 The camera assistant dies in a freight train accident

Midnight Rider only ever had one scene made. And this scene was edited out of footage showing a terrible train accident in which crew member Sarah Jones was killed and seven others injured.

The film was supposed to be a biography of rock star Gregg Allman and would have starred William Hurt. The raw material of this tragic incident shows several crew members and actor Wyatt Russell trying to get off a number of train tracks while trying to get the film's props out of the way. The next minute there is a freight train on them. William Hurt later told a news agency that he felt very unsettled when they got to the tracks, and asked Assistant Director Hillary Schwartz if they were safe there. She said they were safe, but those words would come back to haunt them later. She was fined $ 5,000 and sentenced to 10 years probation for her role in the accident. It also later became known that the filmmakers had been denied permission to film on the railroad tracks by the company that owned the railroad. The film's director, Randall Miller, received a two-year prison sentence and an eight-year suspended sentence for entering and involuntary manslaughter. [7]

3 Stuntman suffered brain damage after a head-on collision

While filming The Hangover Part II, stuntman Scott McLean performed a stunt he'd rehearsed before. He was in a moving truck and was leaning out the window for the shot when the car heading for the truck skidded and hit him.

McLean was taken to the hospital where he was put into a medically induced coma to recover. He remained in a coma for two months and unfortunately retained brain damage. McLean had to move to a rehabilitation clinic and sued Warner Bros' film studios for financial damage. The former stuntman now suffers from persistent seizures as well as speech and physical disabilities. [8]

2 70 injuries from wild animals on the set

In 1974 filming began for Roar, a film about a family attacked by jungle animals. Tippi Hedren and her husband Noel Marshall couldn't get anyone to lend them forty lions for their script requirements, so they started their own "zoo".

The couple started raising a lion cub named Neil until the neighbors complained. They then moved to a ranch outside of Los Angeles, where they added tigers, more lions and elephants to their animal family. They used this page to make their film. What should have been shooting for nine months turned into five years and included several injuries caused by the wild animals. The cameraman had a massive lion lift his scalp, which resulted in about 220 stitches. Hedren tried to ride an elephant and was kicked off for her efforts, which resulted in broken legs and scalp wounds. Her daughter Melanie Griffith almost lost an eye after an attack and needed 50 stitches on her face.

As if the constant injuries weren't bad enough, the ranch flooded once, resulting in the death of three lions. And in addition to insulting the injury, the film did very poorly after it was released in 1981. [9]

1 Radioactive set causes actors to develop cancer

The film The Conqueror with John Wayne and Susan Hayward was released in 1956. Unfortunately, this film also went badly at the box office and is often classified as one of the worst films ever.

However, the controversy surrounding the film's locations overshadowed poor performance. The film's creators considered it advisable to shoot the outside scenes just 137 miles from the Nevada National Security Site, regardless of the nuclear test that had taken place nearby. The federal government assured the public at this time that the tests would not pose a risk to the health of people.

You were wrong. By the end of 1980, 91 of the 220 actors and crew members who worked on the film had developed cancer and 46 had died from the disease. Director Dick Powell developed end-stage kidney cancer in 1963 and committed suicide. John Wayne developed lung cancer and eventually died of stomach cancer in 1979. Susan Hayward died of brain cancer in 1975. However, many argue that some of the cancers cannot be linked to the site, experts say that the sheer number of cancers among people who worked on the film cannot be a coincidence. [10]

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