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10 terrible storms directly from the Apocalypse

Nature can be scary. Sometimes more than rain, sun, fog and snow fall out of the sky. If the conditions are right, Mother Nature can throw us storms directly from the end times.

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Almost every miraculous wrath of God or every sign of an apocalypse has come true at some point. Trumpets sounded from the sky; Hail, fire and blood were thrown to the earth; big stars have broken through the sky and poisoned our water; and the sun itself has become pitch black – and every time people panic and believe that the end is near.

Pillars of the Flame

While California was hit by forest fires in 2018, people fled their homeland homes in Redding saw something directly from the Bible. A gigantic pillar of fire, rising 5,500 meters into the air, fell on its city and destroyed everything on its way.

A literal manifestation of the wrath of God destroyed their homes. You would not blame them if they got a little thoughtful. But the problem is that in forest fires, big pillars of fire like the ones that Moses brought out of Egypt are actually quite common.

These flame columns are called "fire tornadoes" or "fire whirls" and are perfectly natural. They are essentially whirlwinds that catch flames. When hot, dry air rises and swirls into a vortex, it sometimes picks up the burning embers and debris in the surrounding wildfire and creates a vortex of fire.

Usually these things are quite small and short-lived – but some vortices can rise to the clouds, stopping for hours and wreaking havoc as they move at tornado-like velocities and hurl flames up to 1093 ° C. [1]

9 Hail mixed with fire

The first trumpet of the Apocalypse is heard, says the Bible, a mixture of hail and fire is thrown to the ground and the grass and trees burned to ashes.

That's pretty much what happened in Canberra, the capital of Canberra, Australia, in 2003. Bushfires out of town got so out of control they invaded the suburbs, and the sight was terrible.

Canberra looked like Sodom and Gomorrah. A lightning hit without rain, a pillar of fire 10,000 meters high and 300 meters wide devastated the city and hail and fire fell – as in the Apocalypse – together. And just to make things scary, the hail was black.

Scientists believe the hail turned black as ash and soot mingled with the water vapor in the clouds, forming a black, dirty hail that actually mingled inside the smoke cloud.

It's all a terrible sight – but in Australia the dry air can make brush fires so brutal that it has happened more than once. In some parts of the world, the first sign of an apocalypse is just an indication of it whenever it's on fire. [2]

8 Trumpets sound in the sky

On August 11, 2011, a woman in Ukraine uploaded a video on YouTube that emitted a strange, groaning, metallic sound from the sky. It sounded like something out of a horror film or an alien invasion or, as some emphasized, like trumpets in the sky.

In itself it was scary enough – but in the coming months and years more More and more people have uploaded more and more videos online. Today, literally hundreds of these videos have been uploaded from all over the world.

While some of these videos were jokes by people trying to join a trend, sounds like these actually do occur. Entire cities have experienced such strange noises, and no one knows exactly where they're from.

Some were shattered by tsunamis or meteorites, while others were attributed to the small sub-surface earthquakes that emit Earth's earth crust sounds moving underfoot.

Whatever it is, it's hard not to feel a little scared when you hear trumpets shooting from the sky. But if you live with it, it's nothing short of hell.

"It's crazy … It will not go away," said a woman in Rochester. "I do not care what it is, I honestly do not care, I just want to identify and get rid of it." [3]

7 Bloodlust

In July 2018, the Siberian city of Norilsk was covered in scarlet Rain fell from the sky, covering the buildings, vehicles, and streets, turning people's clothes red.

It was a terrible sight – but of all the apocalyptic plagues Mother Nature likes to throw at us, this is actually the most common of

Throughout history countless blood-red storms have erupted, with the earliest records dating back to ancient Greece, and these storms typically begin when red sand from the desert is mistaken for rain and sends down something more than just one A bit like a Death Metal music video looks like, "Bloodsucking" hits the United Kingdom several times a year. Typically, these rains are more likely to be bad unlich-yellow as red, but unlike the color they are really the same.

The one who hit Norilsk was actually caused by rust from a factory, but as frightening as it looked, it was still not real blood – though some of the people it fell into were convinced it was really was like that. [4]

6 Plagues of Frogs and Meat [19659029] On August 4, 1921, the inhabitants of Calgary found themselves in the midst of an Egyptian plague. Without warning, the sky opened above them. A stream of frogs can rain on them like rain.

It was pretty awful – and it's pretty common too. Or at least as often as it can be a biblical plague in real life. Frogs have also fallen in Japan, Hungary and Uruguay, while other parts of the world have been showered with fish, worms, jellyfish, octopuses, lizards and just about anything else you can imagine.

The animals are thought to be soaked up in tornadoes that fly over bodies of water and then thrown back to the earth, often enough far enough from the place where they were taken to the poor people of Frozen and fish completely unaware of what they deserve to do so. [5]

5 Rivers of the Blood

Rainy frogs are not the only Egyptian epidemics that regularly hit the earth. Like the rivers of Egypt, waters around the world have reported that they spontaneously turned blood red.

Just recently, in December 2018, people in Dedza, Malawi, panicked when they discovered the Linthipe River was red. Some of them insisted that this was a sign – and although geologists said that a Rotoxidmine had contaminated the water, many people still insisted that it was real blood.

Of course not. Contaminations like these occur again and again. The Daldykan River in Siberia, located near a smelting works, has turned red on five different occasions. In fact, even one of the world's largest rivers – China's mighty Yangtze River – turned blood red in June 2018.

Normally, blood does not really change the color of the water – but there is one exception.

In September 2017, a sewer blockage in a slaughterhouse in Jianxi caused dead pig blood and waste to fill the Lianxi River and turn the water supply red – and this time it really was blood. [6]

4 A star called wormwood

In 2007, a big star fell from the sky, burning like a lamp and falling on the wells of the water. And many men got sick from the water because they became bitter.

Nobody specifically reported that an angel sounded a trumpet before this happened, but otherwise the Carancas impact event of 2007 fits in quite well with the description of the apocalypse.

A meteor hit the ground shortly before the city of Desaguadero in Peru and landed with such impact that the windows of the local health center shattered, leaving behind a crater 30 meters wide and 6 meters deep.

Underground, after the meteor hit and filled the crater, and when people came close enough to see it, the water was boiling. It also emitted so poisonous a gas that anyone approaching became physically ill and was often hospitalized after suffering nausea and vomiting.

That's pretty scary – but it has a scientific explanation. Scientists believe that the meteor has opened a groundwater canal contaminated with sedimentary sedimentation full of methane gas, which has made people ill. [7]

3 Literally S – – Chill

Sometimes it feels like God I just opened the sky and shitting on your head, but when people complained about it in Canada in 2018, it was not just a metaphor , For about a year, the country was hit by an epidemic of sky-falling fecal matter.

A beautiful Canadian family enjoyed a leisurely drive home as feces fell from the sky directly through their open sunroof and onto their heads. [19659006] "My son has vomited," the mother told reporters. "We had so much in our faces. Both of us, our faces were covered with shit. "

Mother and son had a rough case of pink eyes – and they are not the only ones who have gone through that." In Canada, 18 cases of falling feces were reported in a single year, with a family raining on their quarterdeck.

It's not clear why this happens, but Transport Canada insists that the fecal matter can not come from their planes, and lets scientists set wild theories about flocks of ospreys and herons, but one thing is certain – sometimes it does Really upside down. [8]

2 Bloodspattered Snow

In May 1818, Capt. John Ross and his crew searched the Northwest Passage in the Arctic and discovered something sinister The cliffs were criss-crossed with what the men called "as dark red as port wine."

It's a phenomenon called "watermel onenschnee ", but it's hard not to find it a bit scary. In the right parts of the world, you wake up and find the snow outside as a blood-spattered murder scene.

Ross and his team have made watermelon snow popular for the modern world, but even Aristotle is watching this strange phenomenon.

It forms on particularly hot days. When the sun melts the snow, an alga called Chlamydomonas nivalis sometimes blooms and turns the snow red or pink. This also speeds up the melting process and often leaves eerie small blood-red puddles when the snow dissolves.

It's not only scary, it can even be dangerous. The consumption of watermelon snow is said to be laxative, a fact discovered by those special souls who still can not resist the urge to put it in their mouths. [9]

1 Days of Darkness

On the morning of May 19, 1780, the sun rose in the sky, changed its mind and decided to go down again.

Throughout New England and parts of eastern Canada, people watched in confusion as the morning sky darkened and soon became quite black. By noon, it is said, it was jet-black like midnight.

It would have been scary for anyone to see it, but for a pack of Puritans who were well versed in the Bible passage and promised that in the end times the sun would not shine a third of the day, it was nothing short of dreadful.

The good people of New England took this as a sure sign that the end was near, confessed their sins, gathered and waited for rapture.

Of course, the world did not end, but nobody is sure why it happened, the sun went dark that day. There was no solar eclipse, there were no volcanic eruptions that could have blocked the sun, and there is no definitive answer to what it could have caused.

However, we know that this has happened at least once since then. In 1950, the sky in Alberta became so black that, according to an environmentalist, "If you had awakened at noon, you would have thought it was midnight."

The cause was far away at that time from Forest Fire, which had emitted enough smoke to block out the sun – which may have been the cause of this black night that so terrified so many Puritans.

But who knows? Perhaps the world really set in 1780, and now we are in a hellish apocalypse, when blood is raining from the sky and pillars of flame are ravaging our cities.

I mean, that's probably not the case. But technically it is theoretically possible. [10]

About the author: Mark Oliver writes regularly for Listverse. His writing also appears on a number of other websites, including The Onion's StarWipe and Cracked.com. His website is regularly updated with everything he writes.

Mark Oliver

Mark Oliver writes regularly for Listverse. His writing also appears on a number of other websites, including The Onion's StarWipe and Cracked.com. His website is regularly updated with everything he writes.

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