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10 serious crimes of men in silly costumes

Crimes are committed every day by people from all walks of life and for a variety of reasons. It follows that the perpetrators wear all sorts of clothing, be it a ski mask and dark clothes, a costly business suit or nothing at all. What about costumes?

Quite a few people have disguised themselves as animals, clowns or children's figures to make a trip to the wrong side of the law. Their reasoning is often unclear and seems to range from an attempt at a novel disguise to the result of deep poisoning. Whatever their motivation, the following individuals chose to commit crimes while wearing silly costumes.


0 Historic Clowns Who Have Helped Clowns to Panic

10 Clown Leads Police at High Speed ​​Hunt

<img src = "https: //listverse-wpengine.netdna -ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/proxy.duckduckgo-7.jpg "alt =" were treated as a weird sight, with a black BMW rolling at just 3.2 to 4.8 mph the fast lane of Highway 405 to the north.On the roof of the car was a clown with a chainsaw.That is, on the roof sat a man in a clown mask and a green wig, the combination of which bore a vague resemblance to the joker of Batman conveyed celebrity.

Soon the police came to pull the luxury clown car over, but that's when the culprit has decided to accelerate. He fled at a speed of 110 km / h (70 miles per hour) Hour) on the 405, pursued by officials of the California Highway Patrol wn was driving on Highway 90 before deciding to drive down the side streets to Venice Beach. During this chase, he once climbed back onto the roof of the BMW and "pointed" at the pursuing police officers.

Finally, the car stopped on the Ocean Front Walk, and the clown escaped from the vehicle, heading for the beach. There he interacted with unsuspecting beachcombers and even stopped to bury someone in the sand. Then he took off his shirt and went into the water. At this point, the police caught up with the clown and arrested him.

The high speed Sharlekin was identified as a Damik A. Disdier. A woman who also sat in the BMW was questioned, but eventually released, and the chainsaw turned out to be a toy. Disdier's motive for the bizarre incident was unclear. His bail was set at $ 75,000 when he waited for a court date. [1]

9 Teletubbie Steals Leftovers

 Teletubby Crime
For unknown reasons, Terez Owens Jr., a 20-year-old student at Lehigh in Pennsylvania, decided in the early morning hours of the 26th October 2014 to break into the house of a friend. Similarly, it is not clear why he chose to disguise himself as a Teletubbie.

Owens entered at about 2:00 am The residence of his friend on the south side of Bethlehem damaged a door. He was dressed as Laa-Laa, the yellow Teletubbie from the famous eponymous children's series. When Owens entered the compound, he went to the refrigerator and threw Chinese food into a so-called "Men's Exchange." He left without stealing anything else.

The police overtook the thief Teletubbie, but the residents of The House did not want to file any charges. However, her opinion had changed a few days later, after the landlord had hired. Owens was charged with misconduct and criminal offenses. Mark DiLuzio, chief of police of Bethlehem, noted, "Not so many Teletubbies are being arrested. You can not invent it. [2]

8 Walmart in cow costume deprived of the person of milk

 Walmart-cow thief
On the Internet a lot was told of the strange things and eccentric customers, that you can see in a Walmart. However, an incident in Stafford, Virginia, stands out.

Jonathan Payton, 18 years old, entered a Walmart on all fours on April 26, 2011 at 10:35 pm wearing a cow costume. He got a shopping cart, climbed into a two-legged position and went to the grocery store. The cow-friendly buyer pushed the cart to the milk and loaded 98 l. Payton then simply rolled the cart out of the store, perhaps unaware that his entire visit had been documented with surveillance cameras.

He did not go far. It was soon reported that a man in a cow suit was trying to give away milk outside the store. Payton apparently had few takers and gave up the milk in the parking lot. He fled the scene and dropped his cow costume.

He still did not go far. A manager from Walmart had called the police, and a deputy had come to take the report. Afterwards he received a message from a fault at a McDonald's across the street. At McDonalds, the officer noticed a man who looked very much like the cow-suited shoplifter he had just seen on a video. He brought Payton back to Walmart, where he was clearly identified as a thief. Payton was accused of stealing $ 92 worth of milk, and his cow costume was also salvaged. [3]

7 Arrest Gorilla Carrier

 Gorilla-Meth Arrested
Police released on February 13, 2019 In Sulfur, Louisiana, a call was received for a suspicious-looking man in dark clothing who was strolling through the courtyards. The officers first looked for a man in black pants and a black jacket. However, they soon found the wanderer and found that he actually wore a gorilla suit.

The police asked the man to stop, but instead fled to the front door of a house. The officers found the back door open and assumed that the culprit had resigned there. They searched the area but found nothing. After the officers found that the man had never left the house, they checked every room. They found their gorilla hidden under a mattress.

This time, the monkey-savvy intruder identified as Jeremie Moran was more docile. However, when they had handcuffed him, Moran suddenly struggled and broke with only one handcuff. He was eventually subjected and taken to the Sulfur City Prison.

Moran was accused of possessing methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, escaping from an official, illegally entering an apartment, simple resistance to a police officer by force or force wearing a mask or hood in a public place. Believe it or not, the last indictment in Louisiana can be punished with up to three years in prison. Exceptions apply to celebrations such as Carnival and Halloween as well as religious reasons. [4]

6 An Elf off the shelf

<img src = "https://listverse-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019 /10/elf21n-1-web.jpg "alt =" An Elf Was Arrested You heard about the elf on the shelf, the little guy is being housed somewhere at home, and the kids are told to watch them and to Santa Claus Their attitude is that voyeur opinions are very different, is it a bizarre Christmas tradition, a stubborn robbery by marketing managers, or a conspirator's sinister conspiracy to desensitize children to the idea of ​​being constantly monitored? Brian Chellis was unable to answer one night in 2014.

On December 19, this year, a police officer from Riverdale, New Jersey, was called to a target at around 3:30 am to conduct a suspicious vehicle investigation and Sergeant Pat Harden nudged a gray Toyota van, parked near the store's loading dock. The van's headlights were on, the engine was running and music was coming from inside. As Sergeant Harden approached the van, he noticed that the 23-year-old Chellis fainted behind the wheel. Chellis wore an elf suit, and there was an open beer can in the vehicle.

Harden woke Chellis and immediately took a deep breath. He led the elves through several sobriety tests, which he thought had failed before being taken to the police station where a breath test was performed. Chellis was eventually accused of carefree driving, drunk driving and possession of an open alcohol container in a motor vehicle. [5]

5 Drunken bear brawls with homeowners find he's in the wrong city

 Crime on a surly bear
In the early hours of October 29, 2017, a homeowner from Des Moines conceded , Iowa, after hosting a Halloween party. In his driveway, the homeowner found an impotent Care Bear in his truck. Cody Shafer, 30, is dozing in a grumpy bear costume.

Grumpy Bear lived up to its name when the homeowner woke it up. A physical altercation ensued, forcing the homeowner to retreat to his home. The homeowner locked his door, but the apparently angry Shafer managed to kick her in and open the lock. At that time, the unusually violent Care Bear was tackled and held down by the homeowner and a friend. They were able to keep Shafer on the ground until the police showed up, even though they had both suffered minor injuries.

Shafer was pretty drunk and blew a .179 more than twice as much as the legal driving limit. In his defense, he claimed that one of his drinks had been drugged. He was also reportedly in Burlington, Iowa, in a state other than Des Moines. (Burlington is located in Des Moines County, the city of Des Moines in Polk County). Shafer was charged with first-degree burglary and second-degree assault. [6]

4 Fairy Breaks Man's Jaw

It's not surprising that costumed criminal activities occur more frequently in Halloween. In the midst of the small calamity and the drunken antics, however, these are consistent violations. This was the case in 2018 in Auburn, Alabama.

At around 4:30 am on November 1, an unidentified 18-year-old walked near the campus of Auburn University when, for unknown reasons, a man came up like a fairy, slapping him hard in the face and running then away. The 18-year-old was brought to the East Alabama Medical Center. There it was found that the victim had a jaw fracture. The police were notified and an investigation was carried out.

On November 7, Auburn-born 19-year-old John David Wood was arrested for the attack. He was clearly identified as the man who had beaten the victim. Wood was charged with grievous bodily harm and imprisoned in Lee County Prison for a $ 25,000 bond. [7]

3 Clown Hair, Don't Care

On the evening of February 6, 2016, a Jefferson was arrested The deputy of Alabama district was arrested by a passing motorist. The affected citizen had just seen a red Ford SUV drive across the street and stagger. The deputy soon caught up with the crazy Ford and pulled him over. At the wheel he found a tipsy clown.

Joel Allan Sloan, 51, was obviously very drunk. He claimed that he only had a few drinks at a nearby restaurant. It remains uncertain what Sloan's definition of "a few" was. The drunk driver did not explain why he was disguised as a clown.

Sloan was arrested and it turned out that he also had an outstanding theft case. Despite his problems, Sloan smiled into the camera as someone at the station decided to photograph the clown in custody. Commenting on the incident, Deputy Chairman Randy Christian said, "I thought I had it, but obviously I did not see it all." [8]

2 Spaghetti sauce arson [19659005]
At The Man, not DeLand, Florida, John Silva and Derrick Irving had dated at various times. These relationships probably did not end well because the two tried to rob the man and burn his house, and one of them put on a bull costume for the robbery.

At 7:00 am on March 13, 2018 The man called 911 and feared a break-in. The security cameras of his house had detected a movement and he saw that one of the cameras was covered with a towel. In fact, 28-year-old Silva and 36-year-old Irving broke into the apartment. They stole several items, put a pot of ragu spaghetti sauce on the stove, and set up a washcloth near the burner, hoping to light a fire. Irving participated in the burglary and arson while dressed as a cop.

As Volusia County sheriff's deputies approached the victim's house, they saw a red Lincoln Navigator fleeing the area. They stopped it. Silva and Irving, the latter still in costume, claimed they had just picked up some of Irving's clothes. The TV, the air conditioning, the vacuum cleaner and the space heater in the back seat told a different story. An empty glass of ragu was also available. The men's cause was certainly not supported by the marijuana mill, which was also visible inside the vehicle.

Back in the house of the victim, the deputies found the pot with the sauce. The washcloth was just beginning to burn, but the fire was extinguished by an officer. Silva and Irving were eventually charged with arson, theft and unarmed burglary. Irving was held without attachment because he had violated his probation. The Silva bond was priced at $ 25,500. [9]

1 Armed robbery is magic

On the morning of March 16, 2019, 28-year-old Jacob William Rogge made his way to a grocery store in Baldwin, Maryland, a small Community not far from Baltimore. He probably knew surveillance cameras would record the incident, so he needed a disguise. He chose a pink and white unicorn costume.

At 5 o'clock in the morning, Rogge went to Highs Dairy Store, wearing costumes and a crowbar. He used the crowbar to break a register before he went with cash and cigarettes. After receiving the loot, Rogge dropped the unicorn suit and climbed into a silver Hyundai Elantra piloted by his accomplice, 27-year-old Joseph Philip Svezzese. The car fled the area.

However, this daring escape should not last. The two men had not gone far before Svezzese passed into traffic at an intersection. As a result, the car managed to make contact with mailboxes, a gas and electricity pylon in Baltimore, bushes, and a boulder before finally bumping into a tree.

Rogge and Svezzese were taken to nearby hospitals. Her injuries were described as severe, although Svezzese had been discharged from medical care on 19 March. Regardless, both men were charged with theft, robbery and armed robbery. Rogge was also charged with destruction of property and personal injury of the first and second degree. The Baltimore County police were able to retrieve the unicorn suit. [10]

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