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10 ridiculous actions that simply do not match

Everyone loves movies, but many of the films he loves have flaws that he either accepts or does not even notice. Many classic films have managed to pull the wool over our eyes, giving us extremely entertaining subplots or other major storylines that really make no sense when tested. If a director or author knows how to distract his audience from the right things, he may prevent them from noticing, but many of these actions made no sense at all, and some were completely unnecessary.

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The entire subplot of the last Jedi with Rose and Finn did more harm than harm

The main plot was that the heroes were being hijacked by hyperspace with a new technology so they could not escape at all. Two main characters, Rose and Fin, devise a plan to sneak aboard the enemy ship and use the aid of an experienced code breaker to divert enemy tracking technology and confuse it long enough for them to escape.

They spent a large part of the movie on that and ended up being betrayed by the Codebreaker they finally hired. He betrayed them so much that the enemy was able to find ships that had hidden the rebels and kill countless other rebels, as if Finn and Rose had simply done nothing and stayed on the ship. Not only did their entire adventure save no one, it even cost lives, and they did so without consulting the leadership, right after Rose had made a big deal about how everyone had to be a good soldier and follow rules.

9 Captain America: Civil War makes Tony Stark look small, mean, mean and stupid

In Captain America Civil War, we have a fictitious conspiracy in which some heroes agree not to use their powers without the permission of the world, and some refuse. The story continues south as Bucky, a longtime friend of Caps, is suspected of killing Tony Stark's parents and Black Panther's father. They want to punish him immediately, but Bucky maintains his innocence and runs away with the help of Captain America to prove his innocence. Although Tony Stark and some others are reportedly no longer using superpowers, they are attacking superheroes at an airport on two sides, in a very weak fight after all the constructions and all the sacrifices they have made it came to a decent action.

After the fight, Captain America succeeds in proving that Bucky was truly hypnotized beyond his will when he killed Stark's parents, but this does not satisfy Tony's anger at all. Instead, he turns into a crazy rage monster and tries to assassinate Bucky and Captain America alike. He is still a complete jerk even after his complete defeat and shows that he has not learned anything yet. After several films that build his character, it is disappointing to see an action so interested in a fight between superheroes that she is ready to throw away all his developments.

8 The Rage Zombies in the 28-franchise make even less sense than normal zombies

28 Days is a well-known zombie franchise and was quite popular at the height of zombie insanity. Sometimes trying to be too realistic, it plunges into a corner and leaves you with questions where most zombie movies are not so much concerned with a "logical" explanation. In an attempt to become more scientific, they say their zombies are infected with the "rage" virus, which just makes people angry and attacks, bites and infects others. Finally, these zombies begin to starve. Although they are incredibly fast-paced zombies, they do not seem to hunt animals, and when they find other humans, they turn them instead of eating them, even though they are starving and raging. Their behavior is said to be crazy, but they are almost too logical – they work perfectly in the plot to create more and more, and still allow the hero to defeat them.

Now, the fact that they are not eating each other could make sense, as they may smell a kind of disease in those who have the fury virus that shuts them off. It is believed, however, that an essentially angry animal only bites a fresh person cautiously and does not eat or mutilate when half crazy and starved of hunger.

7 The movie signs are incredibly idiotic and terribly explained when examined.

The movie Signs starts with some kids who find crop circles and behave strangely, then they hear noises and see strange invaders. Soon crop circles will appear around the world, and people are sure to see alien beings everywhere – many people are preparing for an alien invasion. And to the climax of the film come the aliens to attack the family and nearly kill one of the children. However, it turns out we could beat them because they were weak against water and baseball bats. The aliens do not bring weapons, armor, or advanced technology, though they can overcome interstellar distances, and are killed by a baseball bat.

Worse, the water weakness just does not make any sense at all. The movie has a character that says "they came for us to reap", but they never explain for whatever reason. The most abundant thing in humans that you could reap from us is water, but they are certainly not interested in what is literally poison for them. And of all the planets they could have chosen, they chose one that is mostly toxic to them and offer no protection at all from the elements. The only thing that really makes sense is when no aliens were actually attacked and the whole thing was just a global mass hysteria.

6 The plot of Sixth Sense works only when all authority figures are incredibly stupid.

The movie Sixth Sense was a classic almost immediately, and people will never forget the haunting line "I see dead". The movie really has not gotten as old as it could have been, and if tested to the best , the whole movie breaks up. The film follows a psychologist named Bruce Willis, who rarely speaks to his wife. He is worried about abandoning an old patient and soon works as a therapist for a child played by Haley Joel Osment. He talks a lot to the child, spends a lot of time at the family home and even faces the mother at different times and never says anything to her.

Throughout the film, the child shows that it can see and talk to dead people, and the psychologist, who is skeptical at first, begins to believe that something is actually going on. At the end of the film, we find that the child can not only talk to ghosts, but that Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time and did not notice. The part where all this breaks down is the idea that Bruce Willis just could not have known he was dead without an incredible amount of deception.

He has never had a conversation with the child's mother, which he also treats, does not that seem strange to him? He never interacts with anyone, he could not possibly go to the bathroom and trying to eat would just send him through – does he think he has a weird illness that somehow he does not have to eat anymore? It seems that Bruce Willis would have obviously had to realize what was going on at the beginning of the film, but then it would have been over very quickly and there would not have been much to tell.

5 Killmonger's amazing plan in Black Panther is not at all astounding

Eric Killmonger is an African-American who originally hails from secret Wakanda and returns to challenge the current king for the throne. He has been struggling from a young age to create a new world where black people are not repressed, and has revolutionaries around the world. His goal is to take control of Wakandan technology, and then they will lead a violent revolution that will take over the entire world. Then he will rule the world of Wakanda as king and make sure that the black people are respected appropriately.

However, there are two main problems: First, his enemies live in a world with the Avengers, and so they are used to dealing with all sorts of crazy technologies and forces – the moment they've caught someone, she would take the Wakandan technology, reverse it, and use her own vibranium against her. And you're still talking about trying to take over the whole world. Which leads us to the second and bigger problem: This is the same world with the Avengers and all X-Men. He expects that they will simply allow the world order to change to the point of a dictator who wants to take over violence? There were also like a handful of ships leaving Wakanda with equipment, so this was barely a worldwide amount of weapons.

4 Peter Quill's father could have had everything he wanted, and he blew it all out

Peter Quill AKA Star Lord is the title character of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and was sent by Chris Pratt, who has helped lift the Guardians franchise into something that you would take as serious as the rest of the Marvel universe. For those unfamiliar with the plot, Peter Quill loses his mother at a young age and experiences space adventures with an alien called Yondu, who assumes the role of the father figure.

However, his real father was a being in the Marvel Universe, known as the celestial body and possessing incredible powers. He wanted someone else to communicate his powers so that he could basically settle anywhere and make the universe an extension of his universe. He could not do this alone, so he went to many planets to impregnate women and find an heir who could control his powers, killing any mother or child who did not live up to what he wanted. Although Peter Quill had killed his mother, he did not know that his father had killed her and that his father's purge line had escaped.

When they meet at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Ego, the father of Peter Quill (who also happens to be a planet), may have had a chance to get Star Lord to join him, while he had hypnosis under him and have everything he ever wanted. However, when he explained his crazy plan, he casually admitted to Star Lord that he had killed his mother and so many other countless mothers and children in the universe. This annoyed Peter, who decided that he would not speak for his father or anything for which he entered. All he had to do was not reveal such details because he knew they would probably upset a human, but he still chose to share them and lost everything.

3 The heroes of Super 8 can land in prison for a very long time

Super 8 was a really popular movie in the summer it came out, and for many people it was a real sweet spot in nostalgia. It was reminiscent of films like ET or the Goonies and played a group of 70's kids making super 8 movies and doing a very strange alien event in their city. They turned at a train station and barely got out of a huge train crash. It was not long before strange things happened in their city, and it turned out that the huge train was carrying something that belonged to a strange being.

Eventually the city is evacuated while things get crazier. In the meantime, the father of the main characters, the city police chief, decides that he is fed up with not getting answers to what is going on in his city, and takes the matter into his own hands. He marches to the officer responsible for the makeshift military base / evacuation shelter and demands answers just to be put in a cell. Instead of doing the things a lawman would normally do, he decides to force an escape by tricking a security guard and beating him up with his uniform and later posing as a duty officer. In the end, you see him embrace his son happily, but once the military finds out what he's done, he'd probably have a lot to do and possibly spend many, many years in prison.

2 The timeline in Empire Strikes Back is a huge mess when you stop thinking about it

Immediately after escaping from Hoth, Luke Skywalker sets off for Dagobah, a supposedly distant planet, and Han Solo and the others try to fail in the Falcon, the Hyperdrive fails and they finally fly off through an asteroid field to escape Darth Vader. They eventually make it to Cloud City on the nearby planet Bespin, where Hans's old friend Lando betrays him, they are captured by Vader, and Luke gets a vision of their plight and stops training to save her.

This is where the timeline begins to confuse. We have the impression that Luke Skywalker has spent a lot of time on Dagobah, but Han and Leia seem to spend very little time in the asteroid field before they reach the next planet hyperdrive out was unlikely they had much fuel to go far. Somehow, Luke manages to do an incredible amount of Jedi training in just a few days, and still make it to Bespin before lunch halfway across the galaxy.

This only really works if the hyperspace drive happens almost instantaneously, even if it's an incredibly long space of space that we usually think is not the case or does not make much sense. There is also the unanswered question as to how Luke can expect to have received some sort of Jedi training in such a short time. Either Han and Leia have spent much longer in this asteroid field than we believe, or Luke has made the most efficient training montage in the history of the movie.

1 The military subplot of dinosaurs in Jurassic World is fueled by their own scenes

Jurassic World was a hugely successful film that had a fairly successful sequel, even though so many people complained about it. People just love dinosaur movies, and seeing the Dino fight on the big screen always has a certain appeal to the people. However, if you ask those who have complained, some will admit that overall it matched the same general plot of the most successful Jurassic films, but there was a subplot that did not work so well and was the main cause of their anger.

In the film, InGen, which had previously produced dinosaurs in previous films, is heavily involved in investing in this new Dino theme park. Her husband in the park, a guy named Hoskins, who for some reason is responsible for security, believes that the key to huge cash-outs and military domination is to use trained dinosaurs as we use them today. The whole thing is invalidated by his own setup, because just before Hoskins Chris Pratt gives his Dino military pitch, Chris Pratt is almost eaten alive by his birth-trained dinosaurs and barely gets away with his life. At that point, it would have been painfully obvious that the whole thing was going nowhere.

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