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10 richest cities in America

Curious how the other half lives? Do you want to live like the other half? Make a move to one of these small towns in America. According to Bloomberg’s richest places Index are the richest of the rich. They are the cities where $ 500,000 a year is poor. Okay, maybe you don’t really want to live there, but maybe drive on your next road trip to see the villas and mansions from your sensible compact vehicle. You can say “look at this place”

; and imagine how you value wealth so much more than these CEOs and technology investors.

Richest cities in America

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

  1. Darien, Connecticut

Just 37 miles north of New York, it is the richest city in Connecticut. If you find yourself in a wreck on Interstate 95 near Darien – one of the deadliest stretches – high schoolers will come to your aid. The ambulance out Post 53 responds to over 1,500 calls a year and volunteer high school students include all staff.

  1. Winnetka, Illinois

This suburb of Chicago houses the exterior of the Home Alone House and the murderer Laurie Then. She shot a boy, injured five children in local elementary school, and fatally shot a man before killing herself.

  1. Glencoe, Illinois

Make a stop at the Chicago Botanic Garden on your way through the gaping. It is 385 hectares and you don’t need a six-figure income to get started. Admission is free.

  1. Highland Park, Texas

This tiny city (less than ten thousand people at the 2010 census) started as an investment property for some business people in Philadelphia.

  1. Short Hills, New Jersey

Anne Hathaway, born in Brooklyn, grew up in the commuter town of Short Hills. Have you seen her? The miserable? If you know that she spent her childhood in America’s sixth richest city, you respect her role in this film much more, don’t you?

  1. Los Altos Hills, California

No commercial property is allowed in Los Altos Hills, but there are two retail stores. One is a college bookstore and the other is the gift shop Immaculate Convent of Poor Clare. Who knew nuns had souvenir shops?

  1. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

A subdivision of this city near Denver was named Swastika Acres So make all judgments about the residents you think is right up to last year. This part is now called Old Cherry Hills.

  1. Hillsborough, California

Imagine that you are the “rich part” of San Francisco, where people with six-figure incomes stand on food stamps because the rent is so high. Here you will find the Flint house, which shows that money doesn’t buy taste.

Photo by Shane Keaney on Unsplash
  1. Scarsdale, New York

The Scarsdale diet was invented here, which allows you 1,000 calories a day for 14 days. It sounds like hunger to me, but you’re allowed to use diet soda as part of your severely restricted calorie intake.

  1. Atherton, California

At the top of the list, Atherton has been America’s richest city for four years. It is home to many CEOs and COOs from technology companies. But Shirley Temple also lived there, which is very nice. If you think you want to try a percent lifestyle, you can rent a house in the area for around $ 15,000 / month.

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