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10 reasons why selling on Amazon is currently a good idea

Selling on Amazon is one of the fastest ways to start a business. In this current situation, we are all where job security is at stake. It doesn’t hurt to start a side job that can be set up quickly and easily. At Amazon, you can sell to wholesalers, third parties, and even direct sellers as a first-party provider. The number of direct sellers has had a greater impact on the platform.

This is great news for Amazon, especially when it comes to FBA, but what about sellers?

When it comes to sellers or dealers, it means that there are more sellers who use Amazon as the basis for a direct customer business instead of using Amazon as their first seller. Third party sales give vendors greater control and ownership of their business.

These sellers also sell on platforms other than Amazon. Amazon offers sellers an incredible opportunity to reach a huge audience, and for that reason alone, sellers cannot ignore Amazon’s power as it is critical to their growth and business prosperity. That being said, this is not the only opportunity for sellers. Sellers also consider other platforms to maximize profit, including their own blogs, websites, ecommerce marketplaces, Etsy, Alibaba, etc.

Due to operational issues for third parties, this is the main reason why sellers do business outside of Amazon. Another factor is competition from sellers on Amazon and Amazon itself.

Concern is growing among third-party providers as Amazon introduces more and more of its private labels. This represents an even stronger competition from Amazon, and for this reason they are more likely to switch to other e-commerce websites that meet their needs. Whatever it is, it’s important to keep in mind that these sellers don’t quit Amazon, but it’s great that they diversify their profits.

Why sell on Amazon?

One of the main reasons why sellers do business on Amazon is that when you sell on Amazon, you automatically open up a huge customer base with a high conversion rate that you can’t find on any other e-commerce platform, including eBay. What’s even more exciting is that you can make more money with less work than you would normally do on other platforms.

While Amazon may not be the perfect place to sell, it does offer a number of advantages, especially for sellers who want to reach a large and diverse clientele that is ready to spend money online in a short amount of time.

Here are some reasons why you should sell on Amazon (if you’re not yet convinced):

  • There is a pool of buyable customers.

Through Amazon, the number of potential customers is more than three times the number of potential customers on eBay. Sellers have an amazing potential to reach an always-on crowd that is ready to shop online once they start their business on Amazon. Sellers can reach 237 million customers.

  • People buy things when they’re bored.

The amount of money spent on Amazon is a lot and is spent quickly. According to a survey conducted by RBC, Amazon’s average annual customer spending is $ 320. For sellers, these numbers mean a lot. It offers sellers an enormous opportunity to gain depth and breadth when it comes to the visibility of their business. The biggest worry is the amount of competition you have to go through to conquer a part of this huge market.

  • Amazon has a credible reputation.

When it comes to credibility, Amazon still has the upper hand thanks to exceptional customer service and shipping. For this reason, Amazon has managed to keep a large market share of online consumers simply because of its excellent services. You should keep this in mind when deciding between eBay or Amazon.

This is another reason why you should be on the Amazon platform. Amazon Prime can definitely increase both your sales and your customers. With Prime, Amazon encourages customers to spend a little more by offering incentives such as two-day free shipping on many Prime products. Prime customers spent an average of $ 528 a year, compared to $ 320 spent by non-Prime Amazon customers.

  • There is no listing fee.

While some platforms charge fees only for listing products, you won’t find them on Amazon. The only thing you get billed is when you sell something. For sellers, this means that you can list as many items as possible and leave them until they are purchased. On the other hand, the sales fee is quite high as Amazon takes at least 20% of the profit. This fee is even higher if you are an FBA seller, but of course if you become an FBA seller you will do less work.

Speaking of less work: unlike eBay, you don’t have to constantly re-list items via Amazon. However, you need to take care of shipping and customer service unless you sign up with FBA.

  • You can charge higher prices.

Amazon acts as an online retailer, and retailers make money by selling items at competitive prices – this is an easy process. This process is in contrast to the wholesale concept of calculating the lowest possible price. eBay acts as a wholesale market and charges the lowest price. For example, a Nike tank top costs $ 15 on eBay, but $ 50 on Amazon. The reason for this surge is that Amazon sells everything new, while eBay is a used item.

  • Amazon stocks the most reliable brands.

As one of the most trusted brands, Amazon and much of its customers are willing to pay $ 99 a year to be part of the Prime service. When you sell your products through Amazon, your company is associated with a trusted brand that customers around the world recognize and trust.

  • Better opportunities for prospective brands.

If you are an emerging brand or an average online entrepreneur trying to make ends meet, it is a good beginner to start with Amazon. You can access the large customer base and get to know the ropes of the trade before selling your products on shelves like Walmart.

  • Test and learn with Amazon

You can use the Amazon platform to test your target market for the products you want to sell. Amazon gives you access to retail data that allows you to see how your product works, how much is in demand, and what you can charge for your product.

  • Your aspiring online shop

If you have a blog or social media account, Amazon can be an excellent resource for driving traffic to your other websites. This can be a valuable source of buyer information that can make a good contribution to how you can sell your products when customers like what they don’t like, the best times for promotions and so on. This should be part of your marketing strategy for long-term and sustainable success.

You can use Amazon Associates services to market and promote industry-related products on your website. Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that allows sellers to earn commission through affiliate links. The problem with this is that there is a conflict of interest between the products you sell and the products you advertise. One way to avoid this conflict is to choose products that you advertise meticulously and that don’t burn your business.

  • Using Amazon for online trading

When it comes to online trading, Amazon is the number one address. Selling on Amazon is one of the best ways to start a business and keep up to date with developments in the industry and the online retail business. You have an advantage when you sell on Amazon because there are new technologies and developments that you know firsthand.

Bottom line

There are many reasons to sell on Amazon. If you want to reach a huge customer base and increase your sales volume, Amazon is the best place to start. If you have an idea for a product that you want to sell, working with reliable manufacturers who also know the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon is an advantage. Wholesalers like https://www.justvisionit.com/ are just a few examples of manufacturers you can contact and are able to develop a variety of products for you.

The best way to see if it works for you is to sell things on a smaller scale on Amazon so you can get a feel for the platform, whether their fees benefit, and if it’s a place which your target market is often. Like eBay, Amazon isn’t for everyone, but it can boost your business exponentially.

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