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10 reasons to fear the month of May

May is the unofficial start of the summer, with pool parties, beach vacations, and memorial day barbeques. That's the part most of us look forward to.

But it's also a month of airport fear, body damage and insane mothers hoping for the perfect gift at least once in their lives. However, there are ways to cope with the stress in the month of May. So keep reading, and we hope this list gives you some insights.

10 Y & # 39; all Remember Carrie ?

May is the pinnacle of the prom season. Although it is one of the most important social functions of high school, the prom generates more anxiety in the student body than final exams. There is the choice of the right dress ̵

1; or tuxedo – as well as the population-based cliquish themes, such as, at which table and with whom he should be sociable.

This is all important stuff for teens, many of whom are still wearing braces and chewing gum. What if you're a guy who can not dance and your date is a ballerina? Or, even worse, if you're a girl with a pink dress whose date brings you an avocado-green corsage?

In the weeks leading up to the prom, boys have anxiety issues asking a girl for a date, often pointing to the wise that they are chopping and both miss the dance. Money problems add to the stress, as dresses, tuxedos and limousine rides can be quite expensive. Then the peer pressure on this evening is sometimes associated with alcohol and drugs. [1]

Nowadays, many kids just sit on it because the event is too lame, too expensive, or too intrusive in their evening social media.

The prom season can be a burden for any teenager, but students who suffer from social anxiety find it so stressful that they often stay home. Those who choose to attend many go as bachelors or as part of a group of friends. It seems the less stress you have, the better the time you have, no matter how you get there or who you go with.

If a painfully timid girl with a pig's blood red dress is present, listen to her fear and run!

9 National month with too much awareness

"They" say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Therefore, a flood of consciousness could be catastrophic. For some reason, May is full of one-day, full-time, and month-long observations dedicated to specific causes and conditions, many of which are depressive.

We have Hepatitis Awareness, Lupus Awareness and HIV Vaccine Awareness. It is also a global health and fitness month for employees with a week to sensitize for food allergies and even a day of heat security, which is used for admiration.

And we must not forget that the month of May is melanoma and skin cancer is welcome to the tank top and pool party season), not to mention 20 more special observations. We all know that awareness is a good thing, but in small measures it may be better. So how do we deal with all this consciousness?

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2015 found that there are nearly 200 official awareness dates, and many of these findings have little to say impact on the cause they highlight. Studies show that disseminating awareness through social media without constructive campaigns or fund-raising companies does not do much, except perhaps collecting thumbnails. [2]

The criteria for finding the right activist campaign seems to be looking for causes with concrete activities that either collect donations or provide services. If an awareness campaign just asks you to change your Facebook image for a day, nothing is really achieved.

So, find a reason you believe in, which actually benefits the community it represents, and stick with it. Reward yourself by attending a pool party.

8 Fear of Mother's Day (for the children)

Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May, and in the weeks leading up to the celebration, sons and daughters who feel obliged to buy the perfect mother for their mother can raise some concern poison.

Every year, we are overwhelmed with shopping suggestions in magazines, morning shows, and lifestyle websites. They tell us how to buy the perfect gift for this lady of honor. However, as a rule, they offer general, overarching ideas, while each mother represents a priceless prize for individuality.

In addition, a recent Google search with the keyword "Mother's Day Shopping" brought in a whopping 229 million search queries results, guaranteeing that this special matriarch becomes a happy camper. Many daughters, who are adults with children, also feel overwhelmed by the holiday. Therefore, they often neglect to buy anything for Mother's Day from their own mothers, a cycle that could perhaps only repeat itself. [3]

But even though the pre-holiday period is so stressful for the kids, there is one person who could be even more excited on the actual day. , ,

7 Real-time fear of Mother's Day (for the mothers)

Every mother hopes for the perfect gift on this special Sunday in May. In about 1 percent of cases, their wish will come true. But that's good. Mothers seem to be experts in the fine art of smiles, while thanking them for shitty gifts all year round, not just on Mother's Day.

To be honest, some mothers would rather skip the holiday formalities and just ride with the feeling of honor and feelings of respect for which the occasion was intended.

In the year 2018, Americans spent $ 30.3 billion on Mother's Day, $ 124 per buyer. Of course, spending varies per state. The Oregonians are the most frugal, their average gift costs $ 30, while Texans outnumber every one on average $ 248 a gift.

According to a government study from 2017, US middle-income parents spent on average US $ 233,610 to earn an income child from birth to the age of 17 years. Certainly, the financial compromise falls on the side of the children, which could explain why there is no official shopping season for observing the National Children's Day in June.

However, you have the choice to celebrate Mother's Day, whether with C-notes and caviar or a bouquet of wildflowers and a kiss, do so with the true meaning of the holiday in your heart. [4] Maybe the only thing mothers want the most is a heartfelt thank you – for all the cooking, cleaning, instruction and even the whole scolding. For all this we should thank our mothers! Apart from that, a third part of this tirade could have been titled "Fear of Mother's Day (for the Fathers)" if they do not buy the right present other half, Payback is an Expletive, and their day is in just one Month up.

6 Pollen and pool parties

May is the month of National Asthma and Allergy Awareness. In spring more people suffer from allergies than in autumn. The major allergy offenders in May are pollen from trees and grasses, but people who are allergic to insect bites and stings should also be careful. At this time of the year there are many insects and bees.

People who never suffer from allergies sometimes take the subject lightly, but that's really a serious matter. Every fifth American is affected by chronic allergic reactions, and every day about ten people die from asthma.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, it is important to keep your home away from pet hair, dust mites and mildew. However, people who suffer from allergies have less control over the environment when they are out and no one wants to stay in May. [5]

This is the season when people like to go outside and socialize. Spring is so good it feels like summer and Memorial Day is just around the corner. But nobody wants to take part in a pool party or a barbecue in the backyard to sneeze and wipe their eyes during the entire event.

There are steps you can take to prevent this. Check the number of pollen every day and wear sunglasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes. Check if the pollution is high and be more cautious these days. If you are jogging, do so in the evening as the number of pollens and molds is lower. If you are allergic to bee stings, do not wear fragrant perfumes or hair products and make sure you do not leave home with your EpiPen.

Keep in mind that pets can also suffer from allergies and asthma. So if Kitty often hacks, like trying to cough but nothing comes out, you should take her to see the vet.

5 Gypsy Moth Mania

In early May, they breed in a variety, each about 0.16 cm long. Within six weeks, they turned into long, slippery, hairy monstrosities of up to 7.6 centimeters in length.

And they are everywhere – they curl up, crawl and devastate the spring foliage of thousands of acres of trees. They are in our homes and in our courtyards. They drop us off from above as we try to relax on our porches and have a picnic. We can even hear a strange, eerie hum from above when they chew together and gnaw Legion.

Does that sound like a kitschy horror movie? No, it is really only the lower New England in the midst of a caterpillar infestation with a gypsy moth.

In 1869, gypsy moth larvae from France were blown from a window sill in Medford, Massachusetts, where they were evaluated for silk production. In the 1980s, they became a widespread, creeping nuisance and one of the most harmful pests in the United States. They feed mainly on deciduous trees.

The terrible epidemic has spread to Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan. By the end of June, these little guys are stashed in cocoons and then appear as fully trained moths in July. They eventually mate, and the females lay hundreds of eggs per pop on trees, houses, and even garden furniture. Then the cycle starts again.

To make things worse, these little creepazoids have little to no natural enemies to control their spread. For a while, a fungus killed the caterpillars, but extensive droughts have decimated the fungus in recent years. The gypsy moth is developing and growing fast again.

These caterpillars look terribly disgusting, with their tortuous, brightly spotted bodies covered with long, eyebrow-like hair, and their little yellow heads, which look more like larvae than demons than moths. As disgusting as it is when one of them falls on you from the trees, it is so grotesque when they shit on you. [6]

Just as you can hear them cut off in big things numbers, you can also hear them defecating. These group sessions sound similar to precipitation. The hairs of these caterpillars can also cause an ugly, itchy rash that lasts for up to two weeks. So be careful not to handle them. But honestly, who would choose?

Although they eventually turn into harmless little moths, even then they are not a perfect Kodak moment. The adult male gypsy moth has dark, triangular eyes with large feathery antennae reminiscent of bat ears. Up close, these guys look like evil little fiends.

The females are not able to fly. After getting up from the puppet stage, they crawl and crawl like the caterpillars they once were. Unfortunately, ugly never miss a generation of gypsy moths!

4 Bikini Or Muumuu

May is the harbinger of the invitation to the pool party and the official start of the public beach season. Every year we all go "Yaay!". Then most of us look in the mirror and shout "Booo!". Body problems and bodily harm have become an epidemic in our society, and they become deadly swimsuits every time we shop.

Women of all ages are afraid, annoyed, and go to great trouble buying beachwear, not to mention carrying their selections on the sandy shores. But is this dilemma exclusive to women or do men also suffer from swimsuit phobia?

Men also have body problems that usually start at school and last a lifetime. An equal number of men suffer from body dysmorphic disorders where they perceive irrational perceptions of their body (as women can).

One man per 10 women suffers from anorexia. Eating disorders in general, including bulimia, are on the rise in men. The term "bigorexia" or muscle dysmorphism refers to men who just can not get big enough through bodybuilding. They will often ignore social events to get into the gym, even if they suffer from joint injury due to weightlifting.

The use of steroids is epidemic in men who suffer from this syndrome. Most of them are left untreated because they do not believe that they have a problem, even though they constantly look in mirrors. [7]

According to recent polls, men are more concerned about their looks than about their health, career or family looks. About 44 percent feel uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit. Similarly, 60 percent of women would not feel safe publishing a beach picture on social media. In fact, one third of Americans would rather go to the dentist than wear a bathing suit in public.

This question will not disappear so quickly. As long as the beauty and fitness magazine Cover contains perfectly matched and tanned models, most people will retain negative body problems. It seems to be part of life for the average American, but also cannonballs and beach volleyball.

If you are not Ms. Roper from Three's Company drop the Muumuu and have just a few fun. Smile is an aspect of our body that is always welcome in every place. Memorial Day Mayhem

Not only Memorial Day is celebrated in honor of our fallen soldiers, but it is also the unofficial beginning of the summer. It is a day to barbecue by the pool, to camp, to fly the flag and of course to drink a lot of beer!

It is also the first summer vacation where patriotic holidays are celebrated every year. Although we carefully plan this event (which falls on the last Monday in May) with guest lists, grocery lists, and liquor stores, it still creates chaos.

A recent survey found that 60 percent of Americans intended to grill The Memorial Day weekend, which is also the second-strongest year of the year for beer sales. This combination certainly adds to the fact that home-cooking fires have increased 25 percent this holiday. [8]

Memorial Day celebrations are known for sucking foam, with beer sales for the holiday averaging $ 381 million (21 million cases). Likewise, 44 percent of fatalities are due to alcohol, and an estimated 47,000 car accident injuries occur every weekend. It's just a quick search on YouTube to find a slew of brawls in front of the camera on this festive weekend.

Let's keep the feeling of Memorial Day in mind while we're celebrating responsibly this year (no brawling, or at least.) No cameras). Even with a Bud Light in one hand and a fire extinguisher in the other, we should remember to thank our veterans for serving and to honor those who have never managed to thank us.

2 Walley World Syndrome

The Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the beginning of the holiday season – this time of year, when we're driving out of town, flying or backpacking to celebrate the summer and our tanning lines to work. According to a Finnish study, the ideal duration of a vacation is eight days. [9]

Well, well, within this time frame we can plan a trip. We need a goal, a budget and a means of transport. Most importantly, we have one thing in mind, and Murphy said it best, "Whatever can go wrong will go awry!"

Let's start with departures. Airlines often overbook a flight because up to 15 percent of people booked do not offer flights. If you travel frequently, this will certainly happen to you. If Murphy is right, it will probably happen even if you only fly once in your life.

No one likes being hit by his scheduled flight, but throwing a tantrum at the gate will not help at all. However, there are steps you can take to prevent it from happening.

Remember to check in online from home before you even arrive at the airport early. If you can, book a nonstop flight and get a seat assignment. If possible, fly into First Class or Business Class as you are more likely to be favored. If you are still bumped, you will receive a confirmed seat for another flight. Do not begrudge yourself a priority standby. Maybe you will just be kicked again.

Now we talk about the arrival. You're probably going to want to rent a car, and we all know how unreliable these companies are with their reservations. Then there are other issues such as billing and bad vehicle conditions.

This problem has gotten so bad on some US car hire companies that the Better Business Bureau is actually demanding law enforcement involvement in several states. Nowadays, awards are often stolen. Do not be surprised if you are held responsible for any damage that may include the price of a replacement vehicle. Comprehensive car insurance, both in person and at the rental counter, will help enormously in the event of such a disaster.

When you arrive at your hotel, you may find you have been encountered. You could even lose your reservation for a dinner. If you call a taxi, you may be knocked off the door if someone else jumps in first. And when you finally find a fast food restaurant, you may be pushed from behind against the counter.

As terrible as it may be, take heart that on Monday morning everything will be over and you & # 39; I'm back at work with a heavy hangover and wish you were still on vacation.

1 Enough with the lint

All right, so you finally made it through the chaotic month of May in one piece. Then, just as you begin to plan the supposedly better month of June, you are suddenly in the most terrible springtime drive. Yes, once again it is time for the most terrible of all invasive and intrusive harassment across America – poplar cotton fluff.

It usually starts in late May and lasts all June. The poplar tree ( Populus deltoides P. Fremontii and P. Nigra ) is native to North America and can grow well over 30 meters. high.

These are beautiful, sturdy trees with lush, golden autumn foliage and probably too massive for a small garden. However, if you decide to buy one, can we suggest buying a male tree?

In spring, the female trees produce seed pods surrounded by fluffy cotton-like fibers called kitties. They spread in large numbers by the wind, so it often looks as if it was snowing. These kittens end up on any surface, including water, and often clog pool filters as well as fences.

They travel through the neighborhood and enter the courtyards of the people, their gardens and even their homes. Kittens are especially dangerous for HVAC systems. This tree epidemic is so overwhelming that neighbors often complain to community officials – and for good reason, as it is known that piles of this fluff are highly flammable. [10]

But all lint come in the fall Were raked, shoveled and pulled, the poplars return with their gleaming, golden leaves as signs of American beauty. Everyone will be fine for six months, until spring rolls around and we all start to fear the happy month of May again.

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