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10 Really Unbelievable Claims of UFO and Alien Encounters

All allegations of UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters are inherently bizarre and outlandish. However, some of them are a bit too outrageous even for the most enthusiastic and committed UFO researcher to believe, at least not in their entirety.

And although the following ten stories are most likely not genuine, a tiny one remains a shard of doubt; Nor could they be complete inventions. So, with a big pinch of salt with extra portions, here are ten claims about UFOs and alien encounters that are a bit too unbelievable.

10 George Adamski – An authentic first sighting that rose in lies?

The first person on our list is also one of the best known. And at some point, George Adamski was considered a "real business" in terms of exposure to an alien race. [1] Even today there is disagreement in UFO circles as to whether his alleged encounters were genuinely real, if in abundance. Those who believe in them still believe that Adamski invented and created more stories for money, attention or both.

True or not, beginning in November 1952, after several months of "channeled instructions," reportedly witnessing a picture of a "flying saucer" (see above) from his California home. When Adamski claimed to have traveled to the Moon, to Venus, and to various other places in the universe, even his most passionate followers began to distance themselves. If there was a truth in the original claims of George Adamski, it is a real shame that what appears to be an obvious fabrication and production of events will overshadow it.

9 Elizabeth Klarer Receives a Strange Child on Another Planet

Around the same time Adamski made his claims in South Africa in the late 1950s, Elizabeth Klarer not only declared that she was in contact with an extraterrestrial Had taken life form but that she had gone to his homeworld and had begotten a child with him. [2] Indeed, many skeptics would point out how many details of their claims were almost identical to those of Adamski.

More clearly, she successfully "called down" the alien she called "Akon." Who would arrive in his scout ship? From there, they would transfer to the main mothership and then travel to Meton, Akon's home planet, which according to Klarer was in the Alpha Centauri system.

The son they had fathered, however, would remain at Akon at Meton. As you can imagine, this has contributed little to the credibility of Klarer. She would still stick to her story, though she was almost not universally believed.

8 Ludwig Pallmann develops friendship with the alien race

In the mid-1960s, German businessman Ludwig Pallman claimed to have discovered a foreign base in Brazil and also made contact with their inmates. [3]

He made contact with one of these mysterious visitors for the first time on a Bombay (now Mumbai). He started talking to him and noticed how strange his voice was and how perfectly white he was Hair was burning. He would meet the same character again later and learn that his name was, according to Pallmann Satu Ra. When he was doing business in South America a few years later, he met again with the apparent alien and members of his family.

One of Pallmann's many claims is that extraterrestrial visitors have varied programs and experiments with the "terrestrial fruits" that they have hybridized at their secret bases on the planet. He also received a crystal ring that lit up slightly and heated up near the aliens.

Perhaps one of Pallman's most absurd stories, if only because of its human-like quality, is to hear of a disaster that has befallen an alien ship hit on another planet. One of the aliens to whom he had previously been introduced (Xiti) was apparently killed. Shortly after this incident, coincidentally or accidentally, several sightings of a large silver disk occurred, on which Pallmann claimed that the aliens had their basis for such allegations.

7 Walter Rizzi develops telepathic abilities after chance encounters with extraterrestrials.

Although the details of the encounter have not been particularly good, UFO circles still have the lingering feeling that a pinch of salt Let's be ready when it comes to the claims of Walter Rizzi of Bolzano (Italy) that he would make ten years after a supposed incident in 1978. Rizzi was standing near the roadside near an underpass to sleep, and woke up, to see a disk-shaped vehicle near its vehicle. Even more worrying was that the humanoid nature was approaching him. The being would communicate with Rizzi about telepathy. It may be interesting to note that the aliens have described Rizzi, much like Pallmann's story, looking for vegetation, fruits and minerals that are rich on earth and of great value to them.

In much the same way as in many moments of the time (though we should remember that Rizzi had waited a decade before he spoke of the encounter), the witness stated that he had been warned of an imminent catastrophe around 80 percent of the planet would hit.

6 Carroll Watts learns that aliens observe humans as they approach the cosmos

Perhaps Carroll Watts' claims are relatively in-walking compared to many others on this list. However, there are many who remain suspicious, and some note Watts' desire for a financial return on the sightings that took place during a six-month period in 1967 in Wellington, Texas. [5] [19659002] He claims to have first seen a cigar-shaped vehicle as he drove between fields and buildings on the family farm. He approached the object floating low on the ground and was asked by a "neither male nor female" voice if he was "ready to undergo rigorous physical examination." If he existed, he was allowed to travel with the inmates into space.

Although he initially declined this invitation, he agreed in later discussions and eventually went into space with the aliens. According to the "conversation" that took place during this cosmic journey, he was told that these extraterrestrial visitors regularly "come and go" as they please. Perhaps even more worryingly, many extraterrestrial races in space were affected by the fact that humanity could apparently penetrate into the cosmos and become a space traveler terrace

According to alleged contact person Howard Menger, he was invited on board a UFO in the summer of 1956. [6] He was not only brought into space and the moon, but he claimed to have witnessed extraterrestrial civilizations and huge structures on his surface.

An already bizarre series of encounters, however, would be even stranger if a strange woman attended a lecture that Menger held about contact with "Space Brothers and Sisters." The woman's name was Connie Weber. Menger's conviction was that he and Weber had once been a couple in a past life they had shared on Venus. Instead of leaving such an idea, Menger promptly divorced his wife and began a relationship with Weber.

Perhaps a television interview he would give in 1960 was even stranger, explaining that the whole story was wrong. Instead of admitting that he had merely created the account for celebrity or even money, he said he was part of a top-secret military experiment to test the public reaction to extraterrestrial contact, an assertion that divides itself like its original one would opinion.

4 Luciano Galli goes into space during his lunch break

In July 1957, Italian businessman Luciano Galli returned to work after his lunch break when suddenly a black car next to him stopped him. [7] The window fell down and a gentleman with "piercing black eyes" leaned out. He asked Galli if he remembered him.

Galli was just about to reply that he did not, when a sudden wave of memories flashed through his head and he realized that he was indeed remembering the strange man. He had seen him on the streets of Rome before. The man asked Galli if he wanted to drive with them, and finally got into the back of the vehicle. They would drive to the outskirts of the city, where a "saucer-shaped UFO" was waiting for them. After they had boarded, the spaceship shot into the sky.

The spaceship would take them to a huge mother ship, from which Galli was given a tour. He was finally returned to the place from which he was taken. While much effort was made to believe his report (he claimed he "did not care what people thought"), in 1957 there were several similar reports around the world that might give him some credibility.

3 Hubert Lewis meets aliens from Venus who live among us

According to Hubert Lewis, a newspaper dealer, in 1957 he experienced a disc-shaped object and its inhabitants as it drove through the town of Church Stretton in Shropshire to newspapers pick up. [19659038] When a tall figure appeared on the street in front of him, Lewis wanted to know who this stranger was, almost without thinking. The inmate replied that the newsagent did not need to fear him.

The two of them talked for about half an hour, the metallic disc hovering in the background all the time. As the conversation progressed, the wind, which had previously been relatively buoyant, seemed to be abating (though, strangely, Lewis still could hear it).

After the meeting, Lewis claimed to have developed certain psychic abilities. In addition, he claimed to receive visits from "high-ranking police officers" who would advise him "to forget certain matters," a council he had originally agreed to. Several months later, he encountered the alien creature and its craft again, this time in a field. He was informed that he would claim that the aliens were from the planet Venus and lived in disguise on earth.

2 Sir Peter Horsley talks to an alien in a London living room

Sir Peter Horsley had a notable career in the Royal Air Force (RAF). At his peak, he was the deputy commander-in-chief of the RAF strike squad. [9] In 1997, however, after retiring, he published the book Sounds From Another Room in what he was talking about when talking to an alien in a dark room in a London house. As a result, he was cut off almost everywhere by his military colleagues.

Horsley explained how he was invited in 1954 to meet a "Mr. Janus, "who would speak to the soldier from a shady corner of the room. Horsley wrote about how he felt Janus could read his mind. He also had control of the conversation at all times. The conversation centered on Britain's future nuclear capabilities, and Janus showed a thorough knowledge of the British military, as if to convince Horsley of its authenticity.

After this meeting, Horsley quickly rose to the ranks of the RAF. Whether this ascent is related to the meeting with Janus is controversial. Despite the bizarre nature of Horsley's claims, it would be strange if such an excellent person attracted attention for no good reason.

1 Gosta Carlsson Develops Pharmaceutical Companies After Meetings with Extraterrestrial

Whatever the genuineness of claims made by Swedish hockey player Gosta Carlsson, a place in the city of Angelholm now has a concrete monument to the affair. [10]

In May 1946, he witnessed a strange, saucer-shaped landing on a nearby field. In addition, the inmates of the craft ventured outside and communicated with him, even passing on natural remedy recipes.

This meeting was so valuable that Carlsson founded two pharmaceutical companies. He was ultimately very successful and became the owner of the first professional ice hockey team in Sweden. All this success, according to Carlsson, was due to the chance encounter with aliens this afternoon in Ängelholm.

Of course, many people, even in the UFO community, struggle to believe their story, at least in their entirety. Whether or not its report is true, the memorial is one of only two referring to UFO incidents across Europe, and the other is in Poland to mark the Emilicin encounter.

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