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10 people who have survived suicide attempts, shot on the head

Suicide is an epidemic that we consider to be a modern thing. While suicide rates have worsened in the US [1] and are expected to worsen in developing countries, people have taken their lives about as long as we have the tools and the knowledge to do so. It's a tragic event for everyone involved, especially the friends and family members of the transferred person who left tens, hundreds of thousands or, in the case of some celebrity suicides, millions of people with questions, panic, and fear. Suicide compels us to think of our own mortality and the fragility of our own mental state – how vulnerable we are to a depression or a false life that leads us in the wrong direction, giving us what is at least tangible as worthless life proves for?

With suicide, death is not safe, not even close. There are many more suicide attempts than actual suicides (25 attempts for each death), and those who try to kill themselves must live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. While many assume that a bullet on the head is a clear path to successful suicide, this is not really guaranteed, and many people have shot themselves in the head and learned that they are telling about it. Here are ten cases of those individuals who have survived a head shot suicide attempt.

Oleg Shegeda

In January 2018, a woman named Svetlana Shedega was found shot dead and a man named Oleg Shegeda was found severely wounded in St. Louis, Missouri. The police were called neighbors heard shot noise from the apartment. On their arrival, they entered the apartment and discovered that Svetlana was lying dead on the floor with several gunshot wounds and Oleg with a single gunshot wound and a gun in his hand.

The police took Oleg to the hospital for treatment for his injuries. Svetlana was 67 years old at the time of her death, and the two had been living in the apartment for 20 years. Oleg Shedega was officially charged with the murder of Svetlana Shedega a week later.

9 Cameron Underwood

Cameron Underwood would be 26 years old when he got a new face in 2018 after he had himself shot his head in 2016. [3] He was fortunate enough to be that Face was restored relatively quickly by surgery. Most patients have to wait longer to receive a facial transplant, resulting in severe emotional trauma, such as depression, which is due to social criticism and guilt.

Cameron spent several months in the hospital after trying to end his own life with a gun, an act in which he had most of his jaw, except for one of his teeth, and basically the lower face, in the night of June 26, 2016. He was fed by tubes and covered to the eyes that remained. Like all those who have committed too many suicidal attempts, Cameron had struggled with severe depression and the resulting alcoholism, which hurt much more than helped. But in the end, Cameron Underwood got the chance of his life, the opportunity to smile again when the doctors completely rebuilt his entire face and gave him a new chin, teeth and everything else that had been damaged by the shot.

Cameron speaks openly today about his experiences and tells how different he is from who he once was. Through a failed suicide attempt, people can sometimes find a new appreciation for life.

8 Daniel Von Bargen

For many of us it's hard to fathom why someone like Daniel von Bargen tries to take his own life – he was a former actor in the hit TV show Seinfeld and the movie Super Troopers but this Hollywood star would end up pushing a gun on himself and pushing the trigger again in 2012.

Shortly after he raised his gun to his temple and shot , 911 workers received a phone call about a man who had been shot – amazingly the call was made by Bargen shortly after he shot himself. [19659016] Even madder was coherent of Bargen and able to conduct a conversation with the operator while he waited for the arrival of the emergency services.

The actor then explained to the surgeon that he was suffering from diabetes for years and should have amputated several toes, but he did not want to. He said, "I shot myself in the head. , , and I need help. "Then the actor explained when he was told to have shot himself in the temple. Unfortunately, Daniel von Bargen died of complications in 2015 due to his diabetes.

7 David Parnell

David Parnell is mentioned as the last speaker in radio broadcasts and on television. Expect has survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He is married and has fathered seven children and travels around the world to attract live viewers to tell his story. [5] In 2003, after an extremely long history of drug abuse that had lasted 23 years, David's wife Amy had had enough of his antics and decided to leave him – for David, his world collapsed around him.

David then took his SKS assault rifle, put it under his chin and squeezed. But instead of shooting the bullet through his brain and killing him through the head of the skull, which killed him in an instant, as David had planned, the bullet passed through the front of his skull between his eyes, breaking almost every single bone in his face. But David was very popular at the time and did not even get unconscious. He sat down on the floor while Amy called the ambulance and held two halves of his forked head together. He was able to speak and told everyone how sorry he was for what he had done.

This was not really David's first attempt, but it would be his last. Three years ago, David hanged himself, but after he passed out, someone found him and knocked him down. He now tells his story and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. It has been featured on websites around the world, in interviews, and in public speeches to let people know where these radically bad life decisions can ultimately lead to savings. Few live on the agony they have – or worse.

6 Katie Stubblefield

Katie Stubblefield was only 18 when her boyfriend said goodbye to her in 2015, leading to an event that would become dramatic Change her life forever. Then Katie took a gun, pressed it against her face and squeezed the trigger. All parts of her face, from her mouth to her nose, sinuses, and eyes, were all damaged by the explosion. And like Cameron Underwood, Katie would get a facial transplant through the hard efforts of the surgeons. The same surgeon worked with both Katie and Cameron.

She had taken her brother Robert's hunting rifle to kill herself, one that went terribly wrong. The shot did not kill her, but she was terribly disfigured, and the photos of the following events are striking. [6] But eventually, Katie would get her new face and then had to approach the adjustment phase of returning to a normal life as she could. However, she is extremely happy with only 40 interventions, such as those made by Katie at the time she was performed, and of all the facial injuries the surgeons had previously worked on, the most serious of them was Katie. These are the wonders of modern medicine.

5 Victor Sibson

The Victor Sibson case is one of the most tragic survival stories. Sibson was a young man of only 21 when he shot himself on April 19, 2017 after a night of drinking. Even more tragic than such a young man trying to kill himself is his 22-year existence. The old friend was present at the time trying to stop him, but he was able to fire the gun anyway. The bullet from Sibson's pistol shot through his head into his friend Brittany-Mae Haag's chest after he had entered through her armpit, which was under her raised hand.

Police and ambulance arrived at the scene and found both lying on the ground with bullet holes. Victor had an exit wound through his head, and both died quickly. Medical teams were able to save Victor's life, but Brittany-Mae died of critical injuries to her internal organs and told them with her last breath what had happened – that Victor had deliberately and accidentally shot her. [7] [7]

Victor Sibson was charged with the death of Brittany-Mae Haag and was tried. He was formally charged with second-degree murder.

4 Bed Bath & Beyond

In 2011, another man survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and talked about it when he attempted suicide in the public car park of a Bed Bath & Beyond in Portsmouth, Maine. [8] The police initially responded to a suspicious shooting and found the man, but thought someone else had pulled the trigger. After investigation, they quickly realized that the man himself had decided to commit suicide in a very public place – and failed.

He was hospitalized and survived. It is not known why the man chose the Bed Bath & Beyond car park, but he is definitely one of the most unusual places to commit suicide.

3 Lance Paulson

A year ago, Lance Paulson had finally instituted a lawsuit against his crime: the murder of his longtime friend Steve Gagnon, who was 50 years old at the time of the shooting. [9] The incident occurred in April 2017 in El Cerrito, California, a city on the east side of the San Francisco Bay.

Apparently there was a financial dispute that led to the event in which Paulson, then 51, drew a gun, shot Gagnon, and then turned the gun on himself to end his own life. He was taken to the hospital and no one thought he could do it, but Paulson survived. It would take him a full month to heal his injuries, even though the charges were formally brought against him within 72 hours of his arrest.

The district attorney claimed that the motive for the murder and suicide attempt was a $ 20,000 debt, and witnesses testified that this was the case, which Paulson himself admitted. Two lives were completely ruined because of money.

2 Cody Mark Patrick

Cody Mark Patrick was an American traveling abroad, a tourist in Cambodia, when he assassinated his own life in 2008. The police found drugs in the tourist's hotel room, although they did not want to say what kind they were after the man went to a shooting gallery in Ang Snuol County, Kandal Province. [10]

The 33- The man came to the shooting range, bought ten bullets, shot seven of them, and dismissed the eighth round in his own head. He was treated for his injuries in a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, where he would survive. Since there are no laws against suicide attempts in Cambodia, Patrick is not charged with attempted suicide because of the event. In some countries, such as Nigeria, attempting suicide is a crime.

1 Erik Kramer

Erik Kramer is a former NFL footballer for the Atlanta Falcons, the Detroit Lions, the Chicago Bears and the San Diego Chargers in the United States and also starred for the Calgary Stampeders in Canada , He would continue to commit suicide and continue to prove that fame, status and wealth do not always free people from the cold, hard facts of life that can sometimes make them try to commit suicide. [19459003[11]

Kramer had everything planned down to the last detail in 2015. He had suffered severe depression as a result of his son's overdose. He wrote a suicide letter to his relatives and dropped off his children. Then he continued to shoot himself in the head. Miraculously, Erik Kramer survived.

When police and ambulance arrived, they found he had a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and took him to the hospital. Erik Kramer would be one more person who told his story of depression and survival, gave interviews and spread his story of sadness, suicide attempt and hope.

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