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10 outrageous conspiracy theories of the left wing

Presumably because of his friendship with Donald Trump, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has received increased media attention since the 2016 election cycle. Having recently completed a list of 10 outrageous conspiracy theories believed by the extreme right, we considered it fair to look at things from the other side of the political spectrum as well. Here are 10 conspiracy theories that were believed by the left …

(Note: from our initial list on this topic, a TopTenz reader asked for an opportunity to present the opposing viewpoint.) Neither the views and theories in this list yet our previous list reflects the views of TopTenz.net

10. Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's during his presidency

During the presidency of Ronald Reagan, left-wing journalists consistently claimed that the president actually had Alzheimer's. One notable report was that of CBS news reporter Lesley Stahl, who once wrote, "Reagan did not seem to know who I was, he watched me with those milky eyes and weakly shook my hand." Oh, my, he's Gonzo. " I thought, I have to go out on the lawn tonight and tell my compatriots that the President of the United States is a miserable one abler Space Cadet is.
This, of course, was disseminated in the broad media coverage of Mother Jones and other left wing pamphlets – despite evidence to the contrary – and the story was revived recently when Reagan's son Ron Reagan published a book in 2010 in which he talked about the subject. In his book My Father at 100 Ron Reagan expresses his conviction that his father suffered during his presidency at the early stages of Alzheimer's.
However, it is important to note that Ron Reagan in fact, the leftist radio host is not a doctor, and in fact the doctors who visited Ronald Reagan directly agreed that he never showed the signs and symptoms of Alzheimers / Dementia the entire time he was in the office his presidential aides notice the rarity of Reagan, who throughout his term with some form of memory loss or co ordination difficulties.

Ronald Reagan was eventually diagnosed with the disease five years after taking office, but all the experts' opinions indicate that the 40th President of the United States in the Oval Office was actually not suffering from Alzheimer's

9. The Great Right Conspiracy

The term "big right-wing conspiracy" was first popularized by Chris Lehane, a political advisor to Clinton, who wrote a memo condemning the "media conspiracy" against the Clintons. This, of course, related to media coverage of the Monica Lewinsky scandal in which Lehane attempted to reject any concerns as part of a Republican party effort to delegitimize President Clinton.
The term has surfaced countless times since then by left-wingers as a method of rejecting criticism ironically as illegitimate. Hillary Clinton recently blamed her difficulties in the 2016 election cycle for a "widespread right-wing conspiracy theory … even better funded" than before. What this term really means may never be known.

. 8 9/11 was a false flag attack so George Bush could benefit from the oil

Ah yes, you've probably heard it before. Arbusto Energy was an oil and gas company founded in 1977 by George W. Bush. That's why Bush had to go to war in Iraq: for oil. The proof of this theory was that George Bush was waiting in the classroom after hearing the 9/11 attacks instead of leaving the school for an underground bunker.
This of course ignores the reality of the situation: all that was known was that an attack on the United States of America was under way, and the full extent of the situation was not yet understood. Still, websites like The Guardian perpetuate the myth that Bush wanted control over the Iraqi oil reserves for both military and personal benefits. Talk about regretful.

. 7 The Democrat Primaries 2016 were rigged against Bernie Sanders

In a list like this, it's only wise to highlight one of the most monstrous and recent ones. Although their votes were ignored, a large contingent of supporters of Bernie Sanders all warned during the 2016 Democratic primary that the election was being manipulated in favor of Hillary Clinton. This conspiracy theory was largely ignored until evidence spread by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks gave him more credibility.
Leading members of the Democratic Party such as Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile have now appeared and named former DNC leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Certainly they have chosen Hillary Clinton. The leaked emails revealed senior members of the DNC who briefed Clinton on how best to defeat Bernie, as well as a possible tactic of the super-delegate system. Truly, the fraudulent election against Bernie Sanders alienated many of his followers whose suspicions might prove true that day.

. 6 Institutional Racism is a product of the Republican Party

This entry is best summarized by Joe Biden, who once said that Republicans "will put them all back in chains." Because your political rivals support slavery is perfectly acceptable debate … nobody ever said.

Rather than acknowledging the problems of urban poverty and violence, left-wing demagogues have argued that Republican support for republicans is inherently opposed to a flourishing black community. This narrative comes primarily from the Black Lives Matter Organization, which calls for reparations for slavery, a policy now described in the platform of the Democratic Party. You see, the police are targeting the African Americans disproportionately, and because the Republicans support the police, they want to put the African Americans back in chains.
The evidence that Republicans want to revive slavery? Non-existent, but the conspiracy rages among those who want to avoid a discussion about poverty.

. 5 Patriarchy is a product of the Republican Party

Presumably you've heard some variations of this conspiracy theory in the form "Republicans want to ban abortion" or "Republicans want to play down contraception" – which is obviously untrue. Leftist conspiracy theorists argue that an anti-women agenda exists within the Republican Party to ensure that women remain submissive to men for as long as possible.
Evidence for this theory included Republican aversion to abortion and that the majority of leading figures in The Republican Party is male. This, of course, ignores the fact that the first woman in American history to successfully run a presidential campaign was Donald Trump's campaign manager Keyllyanne Conway. It also ignores the fact that President Trump appointed the first female CIA director and gave his daughter a leadership role as diplomat and adviser to the Trump administration. And, of course, it ignores that $ 450,000,000 is still being pledged to Planned Parenthood, a leading third-trimester provider of abortion – banned anywhere in the world except in the United States; but somehow Republicans still hate women.

. 4 Republicans Stop Marijuana for Lobbying of Wood Industry

Marijuana has a variety of uses, such as in the form of paper and fabric, making it strange that the United States has not grown marijuana as an alternative to lumber. The solution, as suggested by the left? It must have been the Republican Party that caused this trouble; After all, Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions has strongly opposed the legalization of marijuana, which is why the Republicans have stopped their legalization.

However, this conspiracy theory ignores the countless movements of parents and other concerned citizens against marijuana at the end of the 20th century. In particular, many believed that the spread of the marijuana industry would correlate with an increase in juvenile marijuana use – which some studies show is detrimental to general mental health. Proposed solutions included the ban on marijuana for anyone under the age of 21, but continued to worry that legal marijuana would make it easier for teenagers and children to acquire it. But worried parents do not exist, of course; it's just the Republican Party, which is responsible for the evils of the world, right?

. 3 Republicans plan mass deportations and isolationism

Faced with President Trump's role in bringing together diplomats from North and South Korea, this theory seems to be falling on its head. The idea was that Trump would order mass deportations after the end of the DACA program, which would lead to an economic crisis due to labor shortages. Has that been true?
When Trump took office, the DOW Jones Industrial Average hit highs. Trump also suggested a possible reform of the immigration system by assessing educated immigrants and putting an end to the inappropriate "Visa Lottery" system. And Trump offered the Democrats that if they were to vote for the border, they would turn DACA into a permanent law that would encompass more than 1.8 million illegal immigrants, which would triple the Obama-approved DACA plan , Given that a Democratic memorandum has made it clear that DACA recipients are critical to a democratic election victory, it would seem that Democrats would take the opportunity to legalize 1.8 million people. But unfortunately they did not.

. 2 The Parsons Green Bombing was an attack with false flags using crisis actors

On September 15, 2017, an Iraqi refugee bombed a subway station in London and injured 30 people. In response to this attack, left-wing activists on Facebook claimed that the victims of the attack were crisis actors who were supposed to provoke anti-Muslim feelings.

This was similar to the 2005 London bombings, in which several bloggers once again propagated the conspiracy theory that the attacks were falsified to create anti-Muslim attitudes throughout London

These left-wing extremist activists reject – without any trace of evidence – All terrorist attacks in London consistently as simple inventions of nationalist anti-Muslim sources. Honestly, it is the biggest disappointment to realize that lost lives coincide with dismissal for political reasons.

. 1 The Russia investigation

During the presidential campaign of 2016, FBI Director James Comey became a hated person on both sides of the aisle because of his treatment of the Clinton email investigation. After Trump won the election, Comey was fired after refusing to relieve Trump of alleged collusion with Russia.

To be clear – Comey did not say that Trump was guilty of the offense, but he did not want to report it to Congress until the investigation was completed. So Trump fired him. This led to a massive review, with Trump tasked Robert Mueller to investigate all ties Trump had with Russia. Mueller appointed a team that is mainly Democrats.
After Comey was fired, he leaked government bulletins with secret information. Fifteen pages of conversations he had with Donald Trump, with information, including Trump, who said he expected Comey to be loyal. Plus, Trump totally and completed denied all allegations of Golden Showers – a term published in relation to a report by Buzzfeed, claiming that Trump was ignited by hookers.

Summary so far – everyone hates Comey, Comey refuses to say publicly, Trump is innocent, Trump fires Comey, Comey licks memos, where Trump denies ever having been pissed off hookers. There has been much media attention on Trump, so he appoints Robert Mueller to start a special investigation. Still with us?

During this investigation, Trump learns of a FISA arrest warrant against him, notably that the FBI received a FISA arrest warrant and knocked Trump's phones in the Trump Tower. Trump is angry – first the Steele dossier, and now that? You see, someone said that Trump was peed on Russian hookers – his name is Christopher Steele. He worked for a company called Fusion GPS. Some people call it the Fusion GPS dossier; Others call it the Steele dossier. Not important.
Trump discovers that a FISA arrest warrant is in force against him. His phones are tapped. From there, the Republicans publish a memo stating that the Steele dossier is both fully funded and funded by the Clinton campaign and as prime evidence against Trump in obtaining the FISA Warrant has been.
If that's true, that means the FBI was allowed to spy on Trump on the basis of a story created by the Clinton campaign. That said, Trump was never pissed off by Russian prostitutes, and there's no official link between Donald Trump and Russia. In fact, within 48 hours of Trump's election, both Russia and Syria announced their desire for peace with the US. Nevertheless, tensions between the United States and Russia in May 2018 are high, as Russia warns that the US will launch an air strike on Syria (against the chemical weapons attack). So Trump is controlled by Russia … while actively taking action to anger Russia.

Leftist conspiracy theorists still say that things are heating up, and the Donald is guilty of treason, despite the fact that Donald Trump has proven to have nothing directly connected with Russia.

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