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10 old English words you need to use

If you learn only 10 old English words today, leave them out of Mark Forsyths The Horologicon: A day trip through the lost words of the English language .

. 1 Uhtceare

"There is a single old English word that means" to lie awake and worry before dawn. " Uhtceare is not a well-known word even by Old English standards, which were damn low. Indeed there is only one recorded instance of it that is actually used. "

2. Expergefactor

"An Expergefactor is all that wakes you up. This can just be your alarm clock. In this case, it's time to press the snooze button. But it can be a dust man or a milk man or a van In this case, it's time to lean out the window and shout, "Damn it, all of you, inventor!" This should keep you calm until one of them has at least found a good dictionary. "

third and 4. Pantofle and Staddle

"As soon as your toes are tight pantofled you can stumble Go into the bathroom and take a break to look at only the small depression you left in your bed , the bathroom you've been in all night. This is called Staddle . ”

5th Grubbling

" It's time to check that you have your keys and your phone and Have your wallet or purse. This is done by digging in the pockets. Grubbling is like groping, only less organized. It's a verb that usually refers to bags, but can also be used to fumble around in desk drawers filled with bells and whistles and so on. "

6th Mugwump

" Mugwump is a derogatory word for someone responsible for standing over small disputes and factions. So if your boss tries to make peace like an impartial angel at the meeting table, he's a mugwump. "(The Mugwumps were also a group of rebellious Republicans who broke with their party to support the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election in 1

884. – Ed .)

7. Rawgabbit

"A rawgabbit is, in case you ask yourself, someone who speaks in strict confidence about a subject he knows nothing about. A Rawgabbit is the person who pulls you aside and in a cautious whisper, reveals that the compliance manager has an affair with the new IT employee that you know is absolutely wrong because the compliance manager has an affair with you – and the new IT recruit hasn't started yet. "

8. Vinomadefied

"As soon as you are vinomadefied, all sorts of fascinating things start to happen. Vinomadefied does not mean" driven by wine, "it only means" steamed by it "."

9 , Lanshesado

"A lanshesado is (according to a dictionary of the thieves from 1736" slang) ". Whoever comes into society with only two pence in their pockets. & # 39; Lanchesesados ​​are everywhere have usually forgotten their wallets or cannot find [an ATM]or something very complicated has happened to their rent, which means they pounded until Thursday. "

10. Vomitorium

"A vomitorium is not a room where the ancient Romans would throw up halfway through a banquet to make room for the next course. It's a myth. A vomitorium is simple a passage through which you can exit a building, usually a theater. ”

A version of this story originally appeared in the journal Mental Floss .

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