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10 of the scariest places ever to appear on Google Maps

We may not know, but Google Maps has revolutionized our lives in several ways. Most of the apps we use would not be possible without their technology, we no longer have to rely on viewers to navigate, and for the first time we can see all the travel destinations we could never visit at height.

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However, Google Maps has sometimes managed to scare us too. People found some bizarre and mysterious things that were only searched in Google Maps and its Street View feature. This ranges from harmlessly scary to almost terrible.

Religion ̵
1; with quite a few aliens – that we really do not have the space to enter at the moment. Every time we hear about it, a Hollywood celebrity is associated with it, which is probably best because it's too complicated to understand.

What is strange, though, is that there are a number of websites in the US and the world is suspected of being a Scientology base. One of them is the Trementina base in New Mexico, which is visible on Google Maps. There are only two overlapping circles with rhombuses in the middle, and obviously someone has gone to great lengths to make it.

While most people thought it was a facility designed to mark extraterrestrials on their way to Earth (or so), a former scientist denied this because it would be ridiculous. No, the institution actually has a rational purpose, namely to lead other members to L. Ron Hubbard's works, which were apparently written on gold plaques and stored in titanium boxes.

9 Sandy Island

Since we started making maps, mysterious things are appearing on world maps. As our maps were constantly updated with contributions from researchers and cartographers, it was not uncommon for an unknown piece of land to appear on them.

Although it's mostly a mistake, cards occasionally contain things that we had no idea. Take the sand island in the Pacific Ocean, which appeared on some maps, but not on others. In fact, there is nothing there and it has since been removed from Google Maps. However, this is not a complete mistake since the island has been displayed on maps since at least 1876. It was first recorded by a whaling ship called Velocity, and we still have no idea what they saw there.

Some say it must have been a raft, others believe that it is a magical island, showing only the worthy to walk out of nowhere in a huge, disfigured pink rabbit. The face in northern Italy is completely deformed and visibly screams, giving the whole an even more disturbing atmosphere. If you find it, you can assume that your app is flawed or that someone has really gone to great lengths to build a huge scary bunny for people looking from above. Fortunately, this is the latter, and it's not about occultism.

In reality, the hare is part of an art installation of a Viennese collective and should serve as a meeting place for visitors. One of the members thinks it's a big thing to feel small about, which is probably the case when you see it up close. From a distance, however, it has the appearance of a deserted, mutilated bunny, with which so many horror films begin.

7 Nogoro, Japan

If you ever explore the Japanese countryside on maps, you might come across the sparsely populated village of Nogoro. From a distance, it may look as if there are many people throughout the city. If you zoom in a bit, you will find that they are indeed lifeless puppets. We hope you did not do this when you were alone at night.

The village is actually on its way to being completely abandoned as its inhabitants leave it again and again to have better opportunities in the cities. The dolls are made by a woman named Ayano Tsukimi as a tribute to the deceased, which is inexplicably the only way she could come up with an idea. We do not know anything about you, but knowing that all these dolls represent someone who is dead now increases the horror factor of the whole for us.

6 Underwater Pyramids

While we are strict Unlike conspiracy theories (unless they are scary or grand), mysterious places in Google Maps have helped many to believe them. One of them is the underwater pyramid found on Google Maps in the Bahamas.

Many tabloid and conspiratorial lovers welcomed the discovery as evidence of aliens, Atlantis, and a host of other things that are unlikely to be real. It was also found by a conspiracy theorist, but that does not mean that the structure does not actually exist. Some experts believe that it may have been built by an ancient civilization, though they also admit that there is no way to refute that it is not a secret extraterrestrial base.

5 Pigeon People

Exploring the Streets On maps of West Tokyo, you can find a number of people who just stand and watch you. You may come across people staring curiously at Google's Street View crew, with the exception that they all wear their dove masks. Aside from the legitimate question, "Where did they get so many pigeon masks?", Everything is pretty inexplicable and disturbing.

As it turned out, the pigeons were locals who knew about the Google crew and wanted to appear on the last photo of the road. It's all pretty harmless and fun, assuming you know the explanation.

4 Abandoned Gas Masks

Exploration of Pripyat in Ukraine – the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history – is generally a terrible experience. Literally a ghost town with abandoned buildings that will not be inhabited for a long time. She has the dilapidated look that we love here at Listverse.

But the scariest sight in the city must be the room full of abandoned masks, which says a lot in a city full of scary sights. We do not know if it is so annoying because there are so many of them or because they are child-sized and in an abandoned school.

3 El Bronx, Colombia

El Bronx in Bogota Colombia had achieved a reputation as one of the most dangerous places in the city before it was demolished. As one of the country's most criminal regions, she was not a nice walk at night or any other time of the day.

Although the area no longer exists, Google's Street View crew managed to capture it at the height of its fame. What looks like the normal streets of a slum becomes many times more terrible when you know that the neighborhood is child prostitution and murder. Some of these buildings also occasionally housed murder victims, who were then fed to starving dogs as a message to rival gangs.

2 The Blurry House by Ariel Castro

With regard to cruel crimes that have become public, there are very few cases in which to control national conscience like that of Ariel Castro. He abducted three women and held them hostage for over nine years. It was not until one of them fled with her six-year-old child (conceived and given birth in captivity) that she was arrested. Castro was charged with multiple rape, assassination, kidnapping and attempted murder.

So how does it relate to the places on the map? The house where Castro has housed the women can be seen in Google Street View, just that it's blurry. We would say that it would have been just as scary if the house had just been there, but if it had been blurred because of the severity of the crime, it would be even more disturbing.

1 Murder Victims

For those who have always wondered if Google Maps ever accidentally committed a serious crime, we are here to let you know that this is the case. It was a 14-year-old boy in Richmond, California, whose body appeared in Google Maps. It was seen with police cars and a few detectives standing around, suggesting it was taken after the body was found.

Understandably, the images returned some emotion to the victim's father, who promptly asked Google to remove it. It was removed from their cards within days, though we're wondering if Google Maps still contains random images of other serious crimes around the world.

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