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10 most popular dog breeds

If there is one spectacular thing emerging from the 2020 dumpster fire, it is the rapid adoption of animal shelters. No wonder, because the best dog breed of all time will always be the rescue dog. But the American Kennel Club stores data about the rest and their popularity. If you haven’t found your best friend yet, it’s not too late. Perhaps one of these ten best breeds is waiting for you in a shelter. But there is guaranteed to be a super mix of all ten dogs waiting to be found at home.

0 most popular dog breeds

Labrador Retriever

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

The lab has been America’s # 1 since 2000 and is a family favorite. There are three flavors: yellow, black and chocolate. You are also half of the beloved / hated Labradoodle. It’s no wonder families love this breed, they are happy, kind, and good with children.

German shepherd dog

Photo by Eternal Seconds on Unsplash

The German Shepherd Dog plays second fiddle in the laboratory and has never ranked lower than fourth among the most popular breeds. They’re super smart, and often trained for jobs only dogs can do, like bomb sniffing, search and rescue, leadership, and therapy.

Golden retriever

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Shadow from Homeward Bound embodied why this gentle, polite breed never fell below third place in the most popular breeds. They are the pretty, popular kids in high school who are also super kind and smart.


Photo by Joe Smith on Unsplash

Made famous by Snoopy, the Beagle is an intense, kind-hearted breed. They love food, are loud, and sniff. They are also loyal and dedicated best friends (see all peanuts for proof).

Yorkshire Terrier

Photo by Fernanda Prado on Unsplash

The Yorkie is the epitome of a small dog. They love their families and do not trust strangers, which has earned them a reputation for being “happy” people. But if you’re looking for a little adventure partner, these little guys are loads of hearts in one small package.


Photo by Afra Ramió on Unsplash

There’s a reason every designer dog breed has -oodle or -poo in their name. It’s because poodles do everything better. You can get them in four sizes – toy, miniature, and standard – to suit every lifestyle. They are smart, adventurous dogs with a great sense of humor.


Photo by Amber Turner on Unsplash

If you love funny dogs, there is none more dumb than the boxer. They are also athletic, with muscular bodies and high energy. For families with wild children, a boxer is a game for all the day has to offer.


Photo by Glenn Han on Unsplash

Viennese dogs have a body type that brings them fans year after year. Incredibly, they used to hunt dogs, but now you’re more likely to see them wearing a hot dog costume at the howl ween party in the dog park.


Photo by Sébastien LAVALAYE on Unsplash

People love dogs with dirty faces. Who doesn’t want to come home to all that paddling, gasping, and snoring? They are perfect for city dwellers who prefer to doze off their weekends on the couch and hang out on the restaurant terraces for brunch.


The Rottweiler has a reputation for being a brute, but they’re big softies who love hanging out with their family – they can become anxious if left alone. They also enjoy doing odd jobs around the house – historically they were a working breed from Germany.

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