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10 most beautiful flowers in the world

Flowers are part of the simple images of our lives, are shaped to be flawless, represent beauty in its purest form. Nothing can be compared to flowers in a vase, as it gives color to our living room, the myriad of colors in the wildflower field or the scent of your bouquet. There are people who travel a long way to see the seasonal blooms.

Below you will find a compilation of 10 beautiful flowers worldwide.

1. Iris

Most beautiful flowers - irises

When you look at the iris, it seems like a professional artist carefully designed it. That’s why Claude Monet, an impressionist painter, always includes Iris as his favorite subject. Splashes of purple, blue, white and yellow make the artistic arrangement truly unforgettable.

2. Cherry blossom

Most beautiful flowers - cherry blossom

While the cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan, it is loved worldwide. If you look carefully, the delicate cherry blossoms are beautiful and well worth seeing. It’s like you’ve been sent to a fantasy wonderland when you see these cherry blossom trees.

3. Lilac

Most beautiful flowers - lilacs

Numerous people include lilac in their favorite flower list. Lilac is known for its bright purple color and lovely white outlines that made this flower regal and of course for its unique presentation and elongated petals.

4. Bird of Paradise

Most beautiful flowers - bird of paradise

Bird-of-Paradise gets its name because of the way it looks. It resembles a brightly colored bird with a thin body and flapping wings. The bird of paradise has an impressive wingspan due to its bright colors. blue, red and orange.

5. Water lily

Most beautiful flowers - water lily

Another floral inspiration for Claude Monet’s visual art, water lily comes as no surprise. The symmetry and beauty of this flower is seldom seen, and its bright colors seem to have a gloss of their own.

6. Dahlia

Most beautiful flowers - dahlia

Dahlia is available in different colors: pink, orange, red or white. Among all these flowers, it is included in the most exuberant and vibrant flowers that you will see. Some of its petals have beautiful gradients in color, as well as bright reds that gradually fade to beautiful purples or soft whites that lighten from stem to tip.

7. Lotus

Most beautiful flowers - lotus

When you look at the lotus it looks like it’s not real. The outward reaching lotus blossoms shine in bright colors of white and pink. The golden stamen in the middle visually gives a focal point that made the entire presentation together. The size of the petals is symmetrical, and the highlighted tips add incredible character and dimension.

8. Marigold

Most beautiful flowers - marigold

The bright orange-red marigold is perfect for a green garden that can become a breathtaking sight for nature. If you take a closer look at the marigold, the golden hue of the flower becomes more incredible. The ridges and petals are unique, the color variation is rich and subtle, and its shape gives the marigold a hypnotic beauty.

9. Orchid

Most beautiful flowers - orchid

The orchid is known to have its own uniqueness in shape and its own highlighted color combinations. Compared to other flowers that use highlights and gradients in their color combination, orchids have their own rules. The beautiful colors have unpredictable and wild arrangements and it always has an amazing result.

10. Rose

Most beautiful flowers - rose

Rose becomes the best flower because of its overlapping and elegantly ruffled petals, an eye-catching shade and various colors. Some famous artists such as Paul Cezanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet used rose in their masterpieces. If you are looking for the perfect bouquet for a special occasion or if you want to surprise your special someone, no flower is better than the rose.

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