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10 interesting secrets in & # 39; Harry Potter & # 39;

The series Harry Potter is full of secrets and unanswered questions. How are muggleborns found? How do Muggleborns come about? Who is being recorded at Hogwarts and why? What did Dumbledore see as he stood with Harry in front of Erised's mirror?

Speaking of Harry, where did his enormous fortune come from? The good news is that for good reason Harry Potter is a follower. I have the answers to things you never asked, and I'm here to bring them straight to your screen!

Here are 10 secrets of The Harry Potter universe whose fulfillment is guaranteed guaranteed.

10 The Book of Admittance

Hogwarts Castle has many closely guarded secrets and tricks – from moving stairs to false doors and hundreds, possibly thousands of enchanted portraits. However, the best kept secret (and the secret answering a big question about the world of Harry Potter ) is the book of the recording. When a witch or sorcerer is born, the book itself knows. [1]

When these children have sufficient magical talent (sometimes at birth, sometimes only at the age of seven, sometimes even later ) The Pen of Acceptance may write their names in the book so that they can enter Hogwarts if they so wish.

9 Muggle-born

At some point we all asked the same question about Harry Potter Universe: How do Muggle-borns get their magic? Apparently the answer has been under our noses the whole time: they are descended from the Squibs in all cases. [2]

When a squib (a witch or a magician without magic) is born, they are sent out to live among muggles when they find they have no magic in them. They marry Muggles and pass on their genes. A few generations later, the magical gene appears and leads to a magical child born to Muggle parents.

Many in the magic community believe that muggleborns are somehow a godsend. However, the magic gene is simply devious and hides for generations before it unexpectedly pops up to give a magical baby to a Muggle family. Some notable Muggleborns are Moaning Myrtle, Lily Evans (Harry's mother), and Hermione Granger.

8 Dumbledore's Desire

If you remember the book, Harry was not the only one to be attracted to Erised's Mirror (which, by the way, is "Wish" written backwards). Albus Dumbledore spent many nights looking in the mirror and not always on the business of Philosopher's Stone. When Harry asked Dumbledore what he saw in the mirror, he lied that he was holding a pair of thick woolen socks in his hand. [3]

What did he actually see? After J.K. Rowling, he only saw his family, all alive and healthy. A sad but understandable wish given the premature death of his parents and sister.

7 Harry's Wealth

Harry is incredibly rich. His Gringotts vault is full of gold and silver – mountains of gold the size of an 11-year-old. So where does it come from? What is his family heritage?

As it turns out, Harry is so rich because his family created a handful of well-known healing and cosmetic potions, namely the Pepperup Potion, Skele-gro and Sleekeazy's Hair Potion, which really brought the family on the map. Fleamont Potter, the inventor and first distributor of Sleekeazy, is said to have quadrupled family wealth by selling the Sleekeazy formula and the company.

You can remember their use from the book: Skele-Gro lets your bones grow, Pepperup Potion beats a cold or flu, and Sleekeazy's Hair Potion tames even Hermione's bushy hair into a soft, silky curtain from shine.

So, what are magic children doing in front of Hogwarts? Are you just sitting around waiting to learn magic? Are they allowed to run around like wild dogs and just do what they want?

No! In fact, it seems that most of their childhood is busy learning the basics of their parents and siblings.

According to J.K. Rowling, Wizardkind have a pretty solid understanding of the three basic themes. Parents teach their children at home until they go to Hogwarts. The parents have to do a good job, because it is shown that none of the students has to struggle with the three R (reading, writing and arithmetic). [5]

5 Werewolf Pups

Remus Lupine, our favorite gnome, was not prepared to be a father, and with good reason. Werewolves like him have almost never produced children, and there was no information about whether the child would be affected or not. After all, Bill Weasley was only scratched and gnawed by an unchanging werewolf, which led to drastic changes in him. [1945937] [6]

So, what about Teddy Lupine, Remus & # 39; s son?

Gratefully, J.K. Rowling says he's not affected by the same illness that plagued his father. Our Teddy is a Metamorphmagus, just like his mother Nymphadora.

4 Minerva's Past

Where was your first time hearing from Professor Minerva McGonagall's secret deceased husband Elphinstone and her Muggle father? Was it here in this list? You're not alone!

In fact, most people do not know about these well-hidden secrets hidden on the pages of Pottermore, along with the fact that Minerva has two brothers and that her father was a Reverend.

In fact, Minerva fell in love twice, once with a muggles named Dougal and once with a wizard named Elphinstone. Both died early. [7]

A past full of heartbreak, secrets, friendship and a minister is not what we would expect in Minerva's past, but it is absolutely the deep character development that we all deserve.

3 Sybill Trelawney's Other Prediction of Death

We now know that Sybill Trelawney is a true psychologist (although she does not know that herself). She made the Chosen Prophecy, which led to the death of Harry's parents and the subsequent fall of Voldemort. Sybill is known as the descendant of the legendary seer Cassandra. However, most of Sybill's predictions are nothing more than Flimflam, with one or the other of the true words inspiring.

We tend to overlook her trickery and her phenomena that throughout the series Sybill made a number of other accurate predictions, especially the prophecy of the 13th, when she was asked to come to the students and faculty for Christmas she refused, saying, "If thirteen eat together, the first ascent will be the first to die!"

This was confirmed later as true Dumbledore, who did not know that Peter Pettigrew was at the table and made a total of 13 guests, first got up from the table and became the first of those who had died. [8]

2 Fake plants with real names

The names of the plants in the series by Harry Potter are ridiculous and magical. Names that stick in the brain, like Venemous Tentacula (also known as Venomous Tentacula) and Gillyweed, are part of the charm of the universe. [9] Mugwort, Knotgrass and Monkhood are all plants featured in the series. Or are you?

J.K. Rowling says she found these in a beautiful old book entitled The Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper. The book, which is now available in PDF format, contains images and names for about 100 different plants. These include other magical-sounding plants such as liverwort, gillweed and serpentidae. Although they are not included in the Harry Potter books, they would be fantastic features in fanfiction.

1 Albus Severus Potter

The biggest question in everyone's mind since we read the prologue is: Why Harry, Why would you call your child that? Why do you call him a man who lied to you and a man who bullied you? Why do not you call him Hagrid, who took care of you, or Remus or Sirius or Moody or even Fred? After someone who has left you with beautiful memories?

J.K. Rowling's absolutely heartbreaking answer on the subject: guilt. The dead at the Battle of Hogwarts weighed heavily on Harry, and he never really shook off the spirits of this dark day. Tormented by the deaths, Harry hoped that he (in his own heart or by others) would forgive what had happened by naming his son in honor of Snape. [10] 19659002] That's sad. You were never to blame, Harry. There is nothing to forgive.

Deana J. Samuels is a freelance writer who lives with her friend and currently has no cat. She is definitely a human and not an AI programmed by Bethesda Industries. She drinks a lot of jasmine tea.

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