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10 insane non-food uses for food

Food is important. It is a deeply rooted part of human cultures, it is necessary to continue living and most of the time it is delicious too. There are people who all their lives are finding new and exciting things to do with food. New ways to cook it, new ways to breed it, new ways to eat it or present it. You spend years developing techniques to keep food viable for longer and longer so you can store your freezers for years.

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No matter how you slice it, the core of civilization always comes down to food in one way or another. Sometimes we even find uses for foods that go beyond eating. Spices for dyeing fabrics or for pagan rituals. Fruits and vegetables on the skin and in cosmetics to make us look better.

Then we go further and use food to improve our home, even! But do not just take my word for it. Here is a nice, carefully compiled list of 1

0 different uses for foods that go far beyond eating.

10 Ramen – Repair a broken sink

Did you accidentally break your sink or worse, did you break off a piece of it? I think at some point we all dropped something on that porcelain monster that made the sink and accidentally smashed a piece of it. The good news is that you seem to be able to fix that with … ramen noodles.

A viral video showed a man in China filling a gaping hole in his washbasin with dry ramen blocks. Then he pours water (and oddly enough the spice pack) into the ramen to soften the noodles. He crushes the noodles, lets them dry, cleans and grinds them into shape and makes them smooth, before he finally applies a layer of white spray paint and mixes them in so well that you can not even recognize the sink is now about a quarter of pasta paste.

My only real question is … why did he spice it? [1]

9 Egg – hair conditioner

Eggs, one of the main building blocks of an average meal. Easy to get, easy to store, delicious, nutritious and so useful. Even for your hair it seems!

According to Hair Care lovers, nothing does your hair as good as yolk. There were several natural hair products out there, but this seems to take the cake.

You start by cracking an egg and separating the egg yolk from the whites. What you do with the whites from there does not seem to matter, but the yolk is put in a bowl with a teaspoon of olive oil or baby oil and a cup of lukewarm water. From there you take your fork, whisk, spoon or other mixer and beat everything together to a smooth yellow mixture. Take it to the bathroom, pour it on your head after a nice hair wash (but NOT on your face!) And you're ready to go!

Leave that on for five minutes and after you've rinsed it out, you have the silky, soft, shiny hair of your dreams. [2]

8 Flour – Steel Polish

Who knew that flour is not just for baking? According to some adorable housewives, it can also be used to polish steel dishes to a beautiful shine! The instructions are also pretty simple.

First, wash the steel you want to polish (sink, refrigerator, bowl, etc.) with the usual soap and water to make it as clean as possible. Then you take a rag and dry it off. Be careful, because moist flour only leads to a terrible, stupid mess that does not help you at all. Next, take a dry cloth and bake it completely in dry flour, which you then apply to the steel surface. Now you are scrubbing!

The longer and harder you scrub, the more shiny your steel will be! If you think it's done, simply wipe the puppy with a paper towel or other rag to remove the excess flour and then step back to admire your handy work. If you have done a good job, you may even be able to use this steel as a makeshift mirror! [3]

7 Sugar and baking soda – black snake fireworks

This is my personal favorite. Remember, when you were a little kid on July 4th and you were not allowed to play with the big fireworks. While your teenage cousins ​​were getting the Roman candles and cherry bombs, you were allowed to sit on the porch on the picnic bench with the sparklers and, if you're lucky, the black snakes.

If you have some sand, sugar, baking soda, and a lighter liquid, you can instantly have those wonderful curling sticks back, and whenever you want, from now on!

It works like this: You fill a metal or glass bowl with sand and simply immerse the teat in a lighter liquid. Then you stack a small hill with baking soda and sugar and ignite the whole thing in flames. The carbon dioxide from the baking soda in combination with the decomposing sugar causes this crazy long tube (or snake) of black ashy substance to spiral out of the bowl. If you do it right, you will stretch the snake for 20 minutes! [4]

6 Milk – Repairing Broken China

Oh no, you have dropped your fine China and now it has an incomplete hairline crack! Were not we all there, mate? Porcelain plates are easier to ruin than the sink. Do not worry, because even for this problem, the enterprising young housewives of the world have a solution: a milk bath.

Apparently, milk is not only good for your bones, who knew that? The way it works is to fill a pot with two cups of milk and place your broken plate in it. They heat it to low for about an hour, then turn it off and let it cool down, milk and everything.

When it has cooled down enough, take out the plate, rinse it and voila! The crack should have repaired! Allegedly, the proteins in the milk fill the crack and then combine with the porcelain to become part of it.

Sounds like magic to me, but what do I know? [5]

5 Green Apples – Headache Stopper

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and in some cases quite literally. If you have frequent headaches, you should invest in a bag of Granny Smith apples, according to researchers from the Foundation for the Treatment and Research of Odor and Taste.

The smell of green apples was so pleasant that it reduced the severity of their headaches to a bearable level.

What I would not give if I had a green apple in my purse at family celebrations! [6]

4 Moonlight – Gasoline

Did you know that moonlight and gasoline are almost the same for a car? Apparently it is true. Since the federal mandate that gasoline must contain at least 10% ethanol, which is really just corn liqueur, people have found that you can direct moonshine into your car and that it runs more or less like gasoline. In fact, you can completely replace gasoline and save a nice penny by brewing rough, strong moonlight and filling it directly into your tank.

Granted, it does not work well in the long run for cars built before 2000, and there must be at least 150 proofs, but if you've met both of these conditions, you can run on white lightning almost indefinitely!

Make sure you have a brewing license before you buy another whiskey, okay? [7]

3 Banana – Silver Polish

Silver is the pride and joy of every jewelry collection. Shiny, delicate and with that glorious brilliance, Silver makes your special person jump for joy when presented as a gift, making your friends and enemies jealous of you and your fabulous life.

The only real drawback is the tarnish, which after a while winds its coarse, discolored tendrils around the bright surface of the silver. Luckily we can fight this now!

With just a blender, water and a banana peel, you can protect your silver jewelry from the clutches of times when fingers were damaged. You just put the bowl and the water in the blender and mince this little yellow fruit peel until you have a nice, thick banana paste.

Cover your jewelry with said paste and let it rest for a few minutes, then rinse and dab it dry. Tada! Good as new! [8]

2 Lemons – insect repellent

Lemons are one of nature's most perfect fruits. You can use them to highlight your hair, prepare a refreshing drink, remove stains from your dishes, remove plaque from your teeth, give flavor to any meat, lemons can do it all! Really a perfect being!

Did you know that they can protect your home from insects? Insects like cockroaches, spiders and ants have an extremely strong sense of smell, which can sometimes overwhelm the little brain. This sense of smell is particularly sensitive to the smell of citrus fruits, especially citric acid. Oh, wow, they hate citric acid at all!

Lemons are one of the strongest members of the citrus family as a perfect fruit and contain one ton of citric acid. Just squeeze them together, squirt the juice around your doors and windows and rest, knowing that insects will not even cross your threshold as long as that acid line is there to smell the joint. As a bonus, you can enjoy a beautiful summer scent all year round! [9]

1 Bones – Telling The Future

What would a list be without a walk on the wild side?

Bones are great. They provide a grip for your ribs, you can cook them to make broth, break them up for their marrow, grind them for gelatin or bone meal, use them for spooky Halloween props, give them to your dog, the uses are endless! In fact, one of these applications is more suitable for Halloween than for decoration: witchcraft!

According to many pagan sites, bones are very useful in fortune-telling (in other words, reading the future). There are two options for this.

First, the bones are thrown, rolling them like dice and reading their positions on the table to see what the future holds. It's a bit like reading tea leaves, but with more necromancy and greasy stains.

The second method burns bones. A bone is thrown into an exceptionally hot fire and left there until it begins to crack and split. Once everything has jumped without exploding, the witch, the shaman, or the one who is doing the reading, will remove the bone from the fire and read the future from the cracks and fissures, like a road map of life burned in burned grooves. [10]


About the Author: Deana J. Samuels is currently slaughtering a ton of ramen when her roommate made the terrible mistake of spending all the food money on 12 packs of material because it was cheap. Please send help and vegetables.

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