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10 Heartwarming Tales of Pets Who Have Survived Natural Disasters (Videos)

Animals have an uncanny ability to know when a natural disaster is imminent. Sometimes they run away or hide, and their people have no way of finding them in time to evacuate them. Mostly, a pet owner has no choice but to leave his animals behind to save himself.

At the end of every natural disaster – be it a flood, an earthquake, a tsunami, a fire or a tornado – the local animal shelters must collect abandoned pets and try to reunite them with their owners. Many pets are not claimed, and sometimes people learn that their pets are not among the survivors. But in the next ten stories, pets are reunited in an amazing way with their owners.

Cadie the Cat

Judy Pugh was an elderly woman sitting in her house during a tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A wall fell on her that held her body down as the rest of her home was sucked into the twister. Neighbors called out her name and lifted the wall away from her, and the storm continued, ravaging the rest of the city. Pugh had three domestic cats and her only concern was to find her after the storm. [1]

Soon after, she managed to find two of the cats. But unfortunately she could not find her third cat, Cadie. Her family suspected that the 10-year-old cat was carried away in the Twister. Despite the fact that more than a month had passed since the storm, she did not give up hope. Pugh continued to emerge from the rubble of her house, searching for the cat every day. A local television station found Ms. Pugh at the wreck and interviewed her. During the recording, the cat Cadie appeared in silence from the remains of Pugh's house. After all, he found his way home.

Cadie was thin, dirty and could not even muster the strength to meow. Pugh went to him and gently shoveled his tiny body into her arms. "I have everything in the world now," Pugh said as she started to cry. She cuddled her pet close to her chest. The TV microphone picked up the loud purr of the tired cat.

9 The Plum Grove Farm

Lester Morrow had no choice but to give up his livestock in Plum Grove, Texas, during hurricane Harvey. He could take his dog with him, but they had no time to hang a trailer behind their truck, leaving behind several horses, donkeys, goats and a pork belly pig named Patty. [2] 19659002] When Morrow returned to his farm, he recorded the devastation on his cell phone, starting at the end of his long driveway. There was still a lot of water on the property, and he commented on the garbage and debris that floated on his land when he saw in the distance that Patty, the pig, was so glad to hear Morrow's voice through her the water waded to greet him. Immediately he began to sob and wrote down the animals that had survived the storm.

Many of his horses had broken legs, and over a dozen animals had died, but some of them managed to knock down a fence and stand on the porch of the house to survive. He posted the video on YouTube to share it with friends and family, and it became viral. He made a GoFundMe campaign to help his animals and raised $ 14,000.

8 Ban

On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, followed by a tsunami in the north of the country. Three weeks after the disaster, the Japanese Coast Guard was still flying over the ocean looking for corpses that might be floating in the water. A mile off the coast they spotted a dog running around on the roof of a house floating in the water. Somehow it had survived the tsunami. They dropped a man off a helicopter to rescue the dog later identified as "Ban." The dog was wrapped in blankets, supplied with food and water, and carried on a stretcher by the rescue team. [3]

Ban was reunited with his owner, who wanted to remain anonymous in the media. So she wore a medical mask in the video when she reunited to hide her face. Ban still recognized her and jumped up, wagging his tail and snuggling against her chest as she hugged him. "Thank goodness … I'll never let him go," she told the press.

7 Izzy

In 2017, forest fires spread in Santa Rosa, California, destroying thousands of homes on its way. The Weaver family had to evacuate and could not find their dog Izzy in time to escape. On October 10, Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law Patrick Widen returned to Weaver's estate to see if there was anything left. He started recording on this phone, and from afar he could see that her home was completely burned down. Although it was a long shot, they began to whistle and call Izzy's name, hoping that he could somehow escape the flames.

Her disappointment was replaced almost immediately with joy because Izzy, the shaggy Bernese Mountain Dog, approached her. He not only survived, but the faithful dog waited in the ashes of his former house for the return of his master. It was totally unexpected, and the brothers started screaming with joy when their reaction was captured in the movie. [4]

6 Rica

Charles Trippy became famous by daily logging on the internet a day for several years. He has done that for so long that he even holds a Guinness world record. When Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma in 2017, their city had to be evacuated. Charles and his family decided to take the risk by staying home with their dogs and an electric generator. Since his job is to log on to YouTube, Trippy has the experience of living in a city that was almost empty before, during, and after the storm.

Exactly how Charles and his wife Allie drove home with the material When they officially settled down for the night, they discovered a 4-week-old kitten in the middle of the street. They got out and took her in their car, refusing to leave the baby behind. That night, the damage and floods from the storm were worse than they expected, and they were lucky that their house had survived. They knew that if they had not saved the kitten, it would undoubtedly have died. They decided to call her Rica, which stands for Hurricane.

5 Junior

A 2013 tornado hit Granbury, Texas. A man named Jerry Shuttlesworth lived in a trailer park. With no cellar or hiding place, he had no choice but to lock himself up in the laundry with his dog, a pit bull named Junior. The tornado hit his caravan right away, and Shuttlesworth described it as if the house was being depressed and then sucked up. He blew up and the wind threw him on the head. He tried desperately to cling to Junior, but the tornado ripped the dog from his arms.

The tornado dropped Shuttlesworth about 20 feet away, but the dog had completely disappeared in the Twister. He lay on the floor, his bones broken, looking up at the tornado. He described how he saw debris circling his head in slow motion, and it was so surreal that it was nothing he had ever seen in his life. After rescuing Shuttlesworth and gaining access to the Internet, he posted a photo of Junior as a missing pet on Facebook.

Not for nothing did he find the local shelter. They called the news and best friends were reunited in the movie. He told reporters that he would treat Junior to a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal. "I think he blew up. You know, dogs were not meant to fly. But he had an angel with him.

4 Snoopy and Abbey

After Hurricane Harvey, Texas shelters were caged to the brim with pets, waiting for their owners to find them. In August 2017, reporters co-operated with the Humane Society of Dickinson, Texas. They responded to a call from people evicted from their homes, pleading with them to find their missing dog and cat. They came into the flooded neighborhood, whistling and shouting the names of the pets and finding two dogs. [5]

They were a poodle named Snoopy and English Bulldog, Abbey. A benevolent stranger saw the two dogs swimming together through the water. She rescued her and took her to her house, which was above the tide line. A man named Ryan Johnson came to fetch Abbey and Snoopy from the shelter. He knew that they belonged to his father-in-law, who had nightmares and lost his sleep because of the fate of his dogs. "He can finally sleep tonight," Johnson said.

3 Odin

Ronald Handel lived on a ranch in California. He owned two mountain dogs of the Great Pyrenees, who took care of their 8 goats. It was their job to protect the goats in the California mountains from predators. In 2017, as the forest fires approached in the distance, Handel tried to get his daughter and dogs into the car so that they could be evacuated. [6]

One of the dogs, Odin, neglected to neglect his dog's duty. He lay down with the goats and stared at Handel as if to say, "I'm not leaving." Handel waited as long as he could until Odin passed, but they had to leave. He describes a terrible scene in which the fire is as close behind him and his daughter as if they were driving. It sounds like a scene from an action movie. They could see cars parked a few meters behind them, filling themselves with flames, and heard explosions of propane tanks and the screeching of the grinding of melting, twisted metal.

After the flames were extinguished, Handel and his little daughter did not expect anything when they returned to their property, but Odin was still there. He and the goats were slightly burned in some places, but he'd managed to get them all to safety, even though everything else around them had burned to the ground. He hobbled and was very tired, and Handel knew that Odin had an adventure to save his friends. If only dogs could talk.

2 Mei-Chan

After Japan's 2011 tsunami, Fuji TV filmed the damage and discovered a Brittany Spaniel. She walked up to her and urged her to follow her. She went to an English setter who was obviously hurt and unable to move. As the men listened sadly and worriedly about the dogs and sent a message to Nippon's SPCA, the witnesses failed to help the puppy itself. [7]

The video was posted on YouTube and is called "Stay together dogs". It became viral and people around the world were broken and started sending money to the Nippon SPCA to support their rescue efforts. However, the video sparked controversy and the SPCA received threatening phone calls from people accused of not working hard enough to rescue the dogs. Owners of dog food companies have raised money for their own campaigns to save the "staying dogs". People were very interested in the fate of the puppies.

The owner of the dog saw the video and recognized her dog, Mei-chan. The second dog, Lee-chan, was also hers. It took eight months for the Nippon SPCA to finally find Mei-chan, and she was reunited with her owner.

1 T2

In 2002, a retired K-9 policeman named Perry Martin adopted a ginger kitten and named it T2. Hurricane Jeanne hit Florida in 2004 and everyone lost their energy and could not turn on the air conditioning in the summer heat. Martin started to leave his windows open to let in some air. The 2-year-old cat climbed through a window into the aftermath of the hurricane. Martin searched long and informed all local shelters, but after some time Martin accepted that he would never see T2 again. [8]

In 2018 a local shelter found a thin stray cat and brought it in. She searched for a microchip and called Perry Martin. When they told him that they had the cat that had been missing 14 years ago, he did not believe them, but he was reunited with his cat, who was now 16 years old. They have no idea where T2 was for 14 years or how he survived, but during media interviews he looks very happily curled up on Perry Martin's lap.

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