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10 Haunted Houses – Listverse

Everything in life can be haunted. From houses to people to land and toys, ghosts hang on everything that can influence them. This apparently includes retail stores!

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In the United States (and apparently England) were retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Sam & # 39; s Club, etc. the target of chases, whether bad placement decisions or consequences of terrible murders that occur on the property. Ghosts of all ages and types, from benevolent to malicious, have started running amok in stores like a bad Ghostbusters remake.

The good news is that we now have a list of the 1

0 most visited stores so you can avoid them in future shopping trips … or deliberately go to them if you do more than just bargains.

10 John T. King Used & Rare Books

There is no shortage of meeting places in Detroit, Michigan. In fact, one would probably expect many places to be haunted there, considering the number of buildings destroyed, abandoned factories, and the murder rate of nearly one murder a day.

The most noticeable event in the Detroit retail sector, however, seems to be the ghost following John T. King Used & Rare Books. The four-story store houses over 1,000,000 books, divided into 900 categories, and also houses a few ghosts!

The first ghost is said to have been a man who killed himself on the third floor of the glove factory where the bookstore is now housed after being rejected by a colleague. He is said to be responsible for many sightings, cold spots and the echo of footsteps in the building and was authenticated by a clairvoyant.

The second ghost was acquired along with many books that come from the estate of a victim of suicide. Though not dangerous, the ghost is said to annoy employees by creating cold spots and pushing tons of books off the shelves.

9 Market Basket Grocery

There is a grocery store in Wilmington, Massachusetts known as the Market Basket. This shop is the employer of Christina Bush, a 25-year-old psychology student who has worked for the company since the age of 14. Christina did not believe in ghosts and had never seen anything strange in her shop until March 2008.

When Christina was at the bakery counter and called another customer, she supposedly looked up and saw an older woman in a white nightie and a hair cap barefoot a few feet away staring at her. She looked down at the counter, then quickly up again … and the woman was gone.

Startled, she looked for the woman in the shop, but she was gone without a trace. Independent research on Christina’s situation gave little evidence, although others answered her questions that they had seen similar appearances in the store, and one woman claimed to have seen the exact spirit in her own house, just a few blocks from the store !

8 San Francisco Safeway

The San Francisco Bay Area is no stranger, but perhaps the strangest haunted spot is the local Safeway in the Sunset District. Safeway, a national grocery chain, is best known for jokes about their horrible private label ice cream, but could now be known for other reasons: GHOSTS!

The San Francisco Safeway is haunted by at least one incredibly scary ghost. a little boy, about 8 years old. Most of the time at midnight or around midnight, the child was seen by several employees who usually sat on the floor, curled up in the fetus position, or stood in a corner facing a wall, with his face hidden.

The Safeway was allegedly built on the site of an old hotel that was burned down for insurance money. It is not known whether the boy died in the flames or whether he was there long before. While his origins remain a mystery, his presence is a concrete fact for those who have seen him.

7 Dimond Center

In Anchorage, Alaska, the Dimond Center shopping center is controversial. Although few contest the idea that it is actually being persecuted, the arguments come from how it actually came to be persecuted.

Many people claim that the shopping center was built on a burial site and that the building had caused uneasy spirits. Others claim that there could have been no such burial site since the area was bare and covered with hard permafrost before the mall was built. Therefore, the ghosts must come from the many dead people in the mall (things like aneurysms, gunfights, etc.) Freon licks).

However, they all seem to agree that the ghosts mostly lurk in bathrooms and hallways, and that the three most frequently sighted women who allegedly died during the mall are The Tall Man and The Child. It might be worth a look if you are ever in Alaska!

6 Alabama Sam's Club

Oxford, Alabama, made a tragic and highly accursed mistake in 2009: Walmart had a Sam & # 39; s club built in their city. This in and of itself would not normally be too much of a problem, but this particular Sam’s Club decided to settle in an area that required plundering the Native American culture mounds and using the dirt as a basic fill.

Former Mayor of Oxford Leon Smith insisted that the hill "was never a burial site" and was a natural formation and was used at best for "smoke signals". The fact that the construction of disasters like sinkholes and severe economic problems did not seem to bother those responsible for the project at all, as they drove the destruction of the rock and earth mound while the mayor claimed he was a "thoroughbred Indian", to ward off criticism (Mayor Leon was definitely not a Native American).

Although the shop itself has not had much poltergeist activity since its construction, the numerous setbacks and unfortunate accidents during the construction suggest that the country is definitely haunted and possibly cursed.

5 Guitar, Amplifier and Keyboard

Brighton, England, has a fair share of ghosts like all of Great Britain, but a personal favorite is the rock & roll spirit of guitar, amplifier and keyboard. The ghost was captured on video at least twice when he was a creepy little devil and messed around with customers and goods in the store.

A video shows the mind as a whole body and towards a customer who does not notice it at all. The second, taken while the store was closed, shows the ghost (now invisible) rattling the guitars and pulling a price tag off a fender and throwing it to the floor.

Although these could be logical explanations for the moving guitars and the cracking price tags, I apparently cannot think of anything, and neither can the shopkeepers. Perhaps the ghost of a frustrated rock star paused on the way to the ferryman for one last great performance.

4 Seawall Walmart

In Galveston, Texas, similar to Brighton, there is a great shortage of ghosts and ghouls that haunt the beautiful city. However, no one has the effects of the ghosts in Seawall Walmart.

The Seawall Walmart was built on the former site of St. Mary & # 39; s Orphan Asylum (good lord, Walmart!) And was haunted from the start. In St. Marys, which was destroyed in the 1900 hurricane, 90 children and 10 nuns died, 100 of whom died in one fell swoop. That must be enough bad energy to curse the land on which it stood for at least 200 years.

And apparently also, since the Walmart is said to have several ghosts within its walls. Most notable is a child who is heartbreakingly screaming for his mother. The other ghosts giggle mainly and, if you want to believe the employees, they even play and steal toy pallets! Personally, I think they deserve the right.

3 Sunnyvale Toys "R" Us

Ah, California, the land of the sun, the beaches and apparently the ghosts! A favorite is the spirit of Sunnyvale Toys "R" Us, a spirit called Crazy Johnny.

According to legend, Crazy Johnny was a preacher hired by a Martin Murphy who owned the country on which Toys "R" Us was built. Crazy Johnny, who is said to have encephalitis, was in love with Martin Murphy's daughter Elizabeth.

However, Elizabeth was in love with a lawyer and planned to marry him. Mad Johnny was so annoyed by the news that in his grief and anger he lost control of the ax he used to cut wood and hit his leg, severing the artery and bleeding within minutes.

Of course, he did not stay at the bottom, but allegedly rose as the famous spirit of the Sunnyvale Toys "R" Us, opened and closed doors, whipped papers around, whispered about the intercom and frightened several psychiatrists.

2 Pike Place Market

Seattle, Washington is the most frequented place in the state. The Pike Place Market is home to at least 5 different ghosts and is full of bumps, cold spots and things that interfere at night.

From the sightings of Princess Angeline, an older Native American with a red scarf and basket, to Jacob, a boy who visited the pearl shop, all spirits have different personalities and living identities.

One of the spirits, Nora the Psychic, is said to inhabit a crystal ball in Shiela's magic shop and search the inventory around the clock!

1 Murder Kroger

Atlanta, Georgia It may not be the most haunted city in the state (this honor goes to Savannah, Georgia instead), but it has the most unique hauntings. There are no civil war spirits or lingering spirits from the Victorian era here, instead Atlanta is hosting the infamous Kroger murder.

Murder Kroger, as the name suggests, has been the scene of at least four murders since 1991. The first, Cynthia Prioleau, was shot in the parking lot. A body was found in a car in front of the Kroger in 2002, followed by murder in a building that shared the parking lot with the unfortunate Kroger and another shootout in 2015.

Although no one had been shot in Able to provide evidence of ghosts, many residents of the Kroger neighborhood have reported that the whole place has nasty energy, a feeling of anger.

Or until they tore it down and put another Kroger in its place in late 2019. The new Kroger, with a grass-covered roof and beehives, inherited the nickname, but supposedly not the bad juju … yet.

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