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10 gross cases of serial poop

Serial killers may be worse overall, but serial crap is nothing to smell of. Actually, on the second thought, don't sniff. Keep your nose shut, because the people on this list are fecal geeks who polluted their communities by leaving their excrement everywhere. And we mean everywhere: pools, bonnets, soccer fields, busy sidewalks, etc.

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These serial poopers pulled their pants down and took a literal dump to public places decency. Some were caught and publicly ashamed. Others still smell and are difficult to grasp.

Hopefully, this list can shed light on how the mysterious serial killers can be brought to justice. As a society, we cannot let such a scatological scourge exist ̵

1; that is, unless we want strangers to enter our own homes!

10 The Pool Pooper Of Michigan

It's a hot summer day. They have worked hard and long so you can enjoy some time at your local pool. It is Michigan and there are few and fleeting joys like this. Then an evil brown object will approach you without warning. It's not a Baby Ruth bar.

This nightmare became a reality for residents of Macomb County, Michigan in summer 2019. Local news reported that an unknown serial killer was at large and preferred to leave his natural evidence in the swimming pool of a subdivision. [1]

The story began when the Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association chairman wrote a memo decrypting the unknown person in the subdivision pool near 23 Mile Road. The series broker's harmful activities had already resulted in multiple pool closures and costly cleanups when the memo was circulated.

Fortunately for all lovers of the Buckingham Woods community pool, the serial pooper was caught defecating videos. A member of the community was identified and banned from the pool for the rest of the summer. The name of this offender has not been released to the public, which could mean that the offender is under the age of 18.

9 Holly Malone, The Simsbury shit series

Holly Malone's mug shot says it all: I'm a serial killer and I'm (somehow) embarrassed. Malone should be embarrassed. According to Connecticut police, 43-year-old Malone was responsible for a number of dumps in a dead end street in the fall and winter of 2017.

On November 7, 2017, he was the first elect in the city of East Granby, Connecticut, contacted the police to let them know that a poop had been found in the middle of Kirkstone Drive. The attacker also left toilet paper at the scene. Nine days later, Kirkstone Drive was showered with feces again. The last attack took place on December 5, 2017, but this time the perpetrator's vehicle was captured by surveillance cameras. [2]

Malone was arrested in February 2018 as part of a traffic stop that had nothing to do with her physical waste. When asked about the serial killer, she claimed that she continued to pollute Kirkstone Road in East Granby because she could not get home in time to use her own toilet.

Malone was taken into custody and publicly apologized for her "stupidity". She also mentioned that she was lactose intolerant and that her mass poisoning was due to her milk allergy.

8 The Parking Lot Pooper

Believe it or not, another woman from New England tried to pull the defense "I couldn't make it home in time" to excuse her serial poop. It didn't work this time either.

In January 2020, 51-year-old Andrea Grocer from Ashland, Massachusetts, was arrested for repeatedly leaving her dookie in the parking lot of the Natick Outdoor Store in Natick, Massachusetts. When the news came out, Natick police officers admitted that they had been following Parking Lot Pooper for over a month.

At first, the employees in the shop thought that an animal was using their parking lot as an open-air toilet. This idea grew in smelly smoke when toilet paper was found at the scene.

Knowing that the pooper was human, a Natick policeman carried out a stakeout at which a 2018 Lincoln MKX SUV drove into the parking lot at around 7 a.m. When the cop confronted her, Grocer immediately defended her actions by noting that she had irritable bowel syndrome. [3]

This could be the case, although eyewitnesses later told police that they saw Grocer's Lincoln SUV waiting 10 minutes in the area before driving into the parking lot.

Managing Director Henry Kanner had no idea why Grocer had targeted his business for her shameful acts. Better still, since Grocer was only four blocks from the shop when a nanny worked and her workspace included a fully functional bathroom, no one is sure why Grocer decided to become a parking lot seller.

7 Brisbane's Poo Jogger

In order for you not to believe that serial pooping is an exclusively American phenomenon, the city of Brisbane, Australia, experienced a rash of serial pooping in 2018. The pooper, whose nickname was "Poo Jogger" in the press, was unmasked as a 64-year-old Andrew Douglas Macintosh. His identity was revealed thanks to a groundbreaking cyber investigation carried out by everyday internet users.

Overall, Macintosh left his droppings at least 30 times between 2017 and 2018, and each of these horrific acts occurred in the suburb of Brisbane, Greenslopes. Tired of finding feces in their block at night, two residents bought a night vision camera with motion sensors and installed it near the specified feces.

The video took several pictures of the serial shaker. It turned out that he was a jogger who followed the same route every time. Finally, the video camera caught the poo jogger doing the worst.

It turned out that the jogger was Macintosh, a major manager of the Aveo Group and a member of the Inclusive Brisbane Board. Macintosh was not only wealthy and the owner of a classy sports car, but also preferred to take to the streets. For this crime, he was charged with public harassment, fined $ 378, and forced to quit his job. [4]

6 The Bowel Movement Bandit

LeBron James may be the most famous son of Akron, Ohio, but he faces competition in the form of an unknown serial killer. Between 2012 and 2015, the “Bandit of the bowel movement” living in Akron left his doo-doo on cars and even children's toys. Even though the Akron police are holding the bandit's face with a time-lapse camera, they are still looking for the man who has terrorized their neighborhood for so long that the WKYC affiliate has driven the pooper at least eight times in his family's car. This prompted him to ask his son, "Who are you angry with?" Charges were brought against various residents, and the sheer amount of aggressive crap started tearing the small community apart.

Overall, Akron's investigators believe that the bandit of the bowel movement has raided at least 19 cars in the Kenmore neighborhood. In addition, the man tortured the residents by pooping in front gardens and on children's toys, which had to be cleaned the following day. [5]

Despite knowing the bandit's face from the bowel movement, the identity of the perpetrator remains a mystery. The good news? Thanks to media reports of his heinous crimes, the bandit of the bowel movement has apparently gone underground. There have been no new Poo reports in Akron since 2015.

5 The Staten Island Serial Pooper

Staten Island, New York, was once home to the largest human-made structure in the world. This structure happened to be the Fresh Kills landfill, also known as a gigantic garbage dump. Millions of jokes have been made about Staten Island's garbage collection in New York, but at least one resident took these jokes to heart. As a result, Eltingville, Staten Island, has a serial problem.

It all started when 48-year-old Andrea Rosenblum went public with her nightmarish situation: An unknown man pooped in front of her house. Worst of all, the police have repeatedly told Rosenblum that there is nothing they can do to stop it. [6]

Annoyed by the lack of anti-poop deterrence on the part of the authorities, Rosenblum installed a camera outside her home. She caught the red-haired pooper: it was shown that he was an average tall man who carried two bags. On two different occasions – July 13, 2019 and July 17, 2019 – the man wore exactly the same outfit when he dropped his pants and went to work.

He always does his business before fleeing into the night. Rosenblum found that the poop all started after midnight. Rosenblum, who has two children aged 12 and 9, claims that she doesn't know her torment.

4 The Pool Pooper from Lincoln, Nebraska

From Michigan to Nebraska, there seems to be something about swimming pools that drives serial midwestern poopers crazy.

In September 2019, the Eastridge Pool Facebook page in Lincoln, Nebraska, released a surveillance camera video in which an unidentified woman pooped near the concession stand of the pool. The crime occurred in broad daylight.

The footage from the surveillance camera was a breakthrough as the Eastridge Pool had had an unpredictable fecal problem for five years. Since 2013, the unknown woman has deposited her digested food near the pool. [7]

Unfortunately, according to pool manager Ryan Rieker, the surveillance cameras did not deter the serial pooper. The pool's best hope is that the media will blow up the image of women everywhere, forcing them to go underground, or at least poop inside.

3 The Mad Pooper

Colorado Springs has experienced a fair share of murder and chaos over the years. From 2017 it will also be the home of the "Mad Pooper".

According to surveillance camera material, the Mad Pooper is a slim jogger. As insignificant as it may be, the crazy pooper has inflicted excessive damage on the Budde family and their Colorado Springs neighborhood. According to the Budde family, which was the main target of the Mad Pooper, the jogger left feces on his front yard once a week for seven weeks in summer and early autumn of 2017.

While the Budde family was doing this, Johnathan Sharketti, sergeant from the Colorado Springs Police Department, admitted, "For someone who does this repeatedly. , , It is new territory for me. " [8]

Despite the fact that the Mad Pooper was spreading international news about repeated contamination of the Budde family front yard, the Colorado Springs police went suspiciously unnamed or viable for days , Charmin, one of the world's leading manufacturers of toilet paper, even offered the Mad Pooper toilet paper for a year as long as it was self-dispensing.

At the end of September 2017, a YouTube video appeared in which a man appeared. The video claims to represent the family of a local woman named "Shirley", who is in the name of "Mad Pooper", also known as "Shirley" "excused me. The "Mad Pooper" suffers from a traumatic brain injury that causes her bowel to move uncontrollably.

The video also required that all other videos showing the Mad Pooper doing business be removed from the Internet because Shirley's actions were protected by the U.S. Constitution. This man's video has since been removed from YouTube.

It was the last time anyone heard anything about the Colorado Springs Mad Pooper.

2 Mr. Poop

Japan is known throughout the world as an orderly society, in which manners and cleanliness are paramount. Nobody in their right mind would call the Japanese "dirty". A Tokyo, however, who only as "Mr." is known. Poop ”flies towards Japanese customs.

According to the Tokyo police, Mr. Poop has left parts of himself on at least 10 different occasions in the Akihabara district. During an incident in the summer of 2019, Mr. Poop, who was described as a man in his thirties, was caught red-handed and forced to flee the scene. Water-eyed eyewitnesses said that Mr. Poop was wearing black pants and a blue backpack. [9]

He seems to prefer feces at four locations: A gap between a building and a model train shop. outside a restaurant the entrance to another office building and the base of an electricity pylon. Pooping has become so toxic a nuisance that nearby companies have put up warning signs. Hideo Yamada, a lawyer who sometimes appears on Japanese television, believes that Mr. Poop could be charged with business disruption.

1 The Super Pooper

In the annals of serial pooping, there is no more infamous villain than New Jersey's “Super Pooper”. When his identity was revealed in mid-2018, he was given a new nickname – the "Pooper Intendent".

On May 1, 2018, 42-year-old Thomas Tramaglini, the superintendent of Kenilworth Public Schools, was arrested for shitting under the bleachers near the soccer field and the Holmdel High School race track. The trainers and employees had found feces in this area every day, so they set up video surveillance to catch the perpetrator. They caught Tramaglini.

At that time, he lived only three miles from Holmdel High. He reportedly popped near the track and soccer field while jogging in the morning. For this he was charged with public defecation, indecency and waste. Tramaglini was also taken off paid leave from work.

In his defense, the former superintendent stated that he "had an immediate and urgent need to empty himself while running". He blamed an illness, the runner's diarrhea, which affects his colon when he runs. He also denied being a serial killer.

Tramaglini pleaded guilty (once) to public defecation, for which he paid a fine of $ 500. All other fees have been removed in a defenses agreement.

Tramaglini had an annual income of $ 147,504 in Kenilworth. The incident forced him to step down from his position, but he received a severance payment of approximately $ 100,000. Previously, he was Chief Academic Officer in Keansburg, New Jersey. He was also a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University. [10]

His story made the international news, and his mug shot was shared on the Internet. In response, the embarrassed Tramaglini sued the Holmdel police for releasing his mug shot. "It's like being photographed and fingerprinted for a parking ticket," said his lawyer Matthew Adams.

The lawsuit, which was ultimately rejected, claimed damages of $ 1 million. Tramaglini was alleged to have been subjected to "negligent and deliberate infliction of emotional grief" and defamation. Tramaglini fears that the news of his "bathroom emergency" will leave him unemployed in the near future. The mockery also hit his young children hard.

About the author: Benjamin Welton is a freelance writer based in New England.

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