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10 great children show title songs of the 00s

I was born at the height of great television with old reps of the '90s and new' 00s creations graced my TV screen. As we are Millennials and Zennials (Early Gen-Zers) in adulthood, we can not forget the good times we once sat in front of our Tellies. The children show theme songs that trace our childhood. I've dug up some of my favorites so we can all take a trip into the past.

Kim Possible (2002-2007)

This iconic music was sung with all my heart. Made by pop star actress Christina Milian, the suspenseful title song about indestructible Kim Possible, which focuses on her vocals. All the different key changes, all Kim's soundbites – it's a song that lives on today. After the live action remake, "Call Me, Beep Me" was reworked with more strings to create a dramatic effect. However, this does not match the original. Not even near.

Arthur ( 1

Arthur may have begun in the '90s, but all children and adolescents have grown up (or still growing up) and look at it. This great show about a humanized animal lover had a lively, reggae-inspired song to put you in a good mood in front of the school. The positive message of being the best you can be was and is uplifting every day.

The Proud Family ( 2001 -2005)

Destiny's Child and Solange collaborate in 2001 on the theme song for Disney's first animated show) R B & B superstars are in perfect harmony with how a family holds together through fat and thin – that's what The Proud Family taught us. The show has shown us all that we love our families no matter how dysfunctional they are.

Phineas and Ferb ( 2007 2015 )

Phineas and his dumb brother Ferb put all our summers to shame and had the perfect soundtrack for it. "Today is a big day" reflects the imagination of our children when we think about what we should do for the summer. But fighting a mummy is a bit too much. When you heard this pop rock gem, you knew you were ready to enter the crazy world of Phineas and Ferb.

Tracy Beaker (2002-2005)

The show about the rebellious girl in the care system had a great theme song. Every time you heard those crackling drums on TV, your eyes were stuck. The last lyric of this kitschy pop song made us all clasp the air as we sang. "Believe me, I'll win someday."

64 Zoo Lane ( 1999 2013 )

When it came to this Cbeebies bedtime classic, the soft, tender song was Lucy – the happy girl who lived near a zoo – made us all go to sleep. Especially if she came in the last line. If we were awake we would all feel like opera singers through the last few lyrics: "The last one is Georgina, which is unbelievable taaaaaaaaaall" .

Little Einstein's 2005 -2010)

Little Einstein's taught children about music and art and rooted the love of many children for culture , The track, which contains a string quartet for background music, was easy to learn. All you had to do was shout "Little Einstein!" At the end of each line – and strangely enough, that. This title song was so great, a "Trap Remix" in 2015, which presented a musical challenge to all Zennials (children of the late '90s / early' 00s) for whom he beat himself.

This is So Raven (2003-2007)

Hip Hop Inspired, This is So Raven had an amazing opening title. Raven Symone, who played "Raven," sang the song at full throttle, sticking to the uptempo track. Comrade Orlando Brown, who played Raven's best friend, "Eddie," rapped a companion verse that looked stunning and nervous at the time. But we could never rape it either.

Horrible Histories

Tell us children about the history of the world and make fun of it (because it was disgusting). Horrible Histories had a pertinent title song Folly. The incredibly fast transmission of the opening verse was breathtaking. Literally. There was no air for all these words. If you have ever been able to get all the words in one piece, congratulations! You did better than 90% of the nation.

Pretty Strange Parents

The jazzy swing vibe of Pretty Weird Parents 'title track put us in a mystical, magical mood. When you heard these trumpets, did you know what would happen: something weird shit.

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