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10 expensive things that ruined kids

The gap between childless people and child rearing grew during quarantine. Those without children had to deal with boredom, financial stress and a general feeling of impending doom. Those with children coped with this during school lessons and helped their children get used to a pandemic. That is much. There is no parent out there whose last nerve has not been tortured and frayed. Even in the best of times, children can prove to be a handful. Take this for example Reddit thread of the parents admit that their children broke or lost expensive things. Here are ten of the best.

0 expensive things that ruined kids

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$ 64,000 glass Disney Castle Replica

Why should you bring two wild children to the glass museum in Shanghai first? The two children raced past a barrier and knocked on the display. The replica lasted over 500 hours and contained 30,000 unique pieces. And it only took two children two seconds to destroy it.

Diamond engagement ring

A devastated mother believes she has lost her diamond engagement ring. But a decade later, as she prepares for a flea market, the daughter finds him in the toilet of her Barbie Dreamhouse. At least it wasn’t gone forever?

Paint jobs on cars

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Reddit has tons of stories about kind-hearted kids trying to help out with housework by washing the family car. The problem? Instead of a sponge, they reach for a stone and scratch the paintwork.

Tech with vomiting

As a childless person, children seem fair unpredictable sacks of vomit prepared to explode. Do not keep them near phones, tablets, or computers. Lots of stories of kids throwing up on brand new devices.

16 iPads

It’s hard to be mad at the child in this story. Her school teacher mother put over a dozen iPads on the floor to restore factory settings before the next school year. She left the room and her daughter played “The Floor is Lava”, jumped on everyone and destroyed the screens. Accuse Apple of making everything glass.

Two bathrooms

The connection between the bathroom and the sea is confusing for most children. Especially if you have a funeral service for a pet fish in your toilet. This Reddit user flooded two bathrooms and tried to get his whale toy from the sink back to the sea.

Train set

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This commentator enchanted Redditors with their story of being an unattended three-year-old. They destroyed their father’s valuable train set, which covered the entire basement of their house. They dismantled and broke every piece before their mother spotted them. Peaceful toddlers are always in trouble.

A naval ship

A registered father took his son on a tour of his naval ship. The boy walks away with a Whoppers box and throws the candy into holes and slits wherever he sees them. Despite trying to find them all, the sailors could hear the candy rolling around the ship for years.

Car interior with paint

This is 100 percent the parents’ fault. A father gave his 8 year old daughter a gallon of paint to keep her safe on the way back from the hardware store. Of course, she drops it on the floor of the car; The lid pops off and a gallon of paint covers the interior. You can’t clean up that much color, but why should a parent trust that their child is responsible for a gallon of color?

Game consoles

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Children put all sorts of crazy things into game consoles and DVD players. I think because they have slots? A commentator discovered 25 cents in his van’s CD player. Another had a broken game console made of lettuce leaves. This redditor’s younger brother put a whole jam sandwich in her Playstation.

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