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10 exciting stories to guide you through the week (8/11/19)

A new week is coming and we want to help you get started with a happy message. Because of this, this list contains some of the most positive stories that have happened in the last few days. If you also want to read about bizarre and fancy events, read the list of unusual events here.

This week, we explore some inspiring stories about a daredevil on a hoverboard, an amazing young hiker and a cyclist breaking down barriers and an actor ready to help the needy. There are also some heartwarming relationships, like the friendship between a boy and a garbage man, and the love between a stork baby and his adopted family.

Made for each other

For a while looked like scooters, the dog would never find a happy home because he only had three legs. Now, the dog has a new best friend after being adopted by a military veteran who has also lost a leg.

Last week, Joshua Ferguson went to the Humane Society in Dickson, Tennessee, and drove off on a three-legged scooter. He says that the dog is always happy and makes it impossible not to smile around him.

Ferguson lost his leg as he drove in a truck driving an improvised explosive. It is unclear how the dog was injured. However, the fishermen found him in a wooded area where the leg had to be amputated.

The fact that the two besties share their condition helps Ferguson remember that "despite the hardships, it's still a nice day." [1]

9 No More Great Britain's Worst Team

Everyone loves a good outsider story, and maybe there's no bigger outsider in the sports world than Fort William FC, a club that after a drought called "Britain's worst football team Eventually, the team was able to score a sweet victory after beating Nairn County 5-2 last Wednesday in the North of Scotland Cup.

The last season had been particularly miserable for Fort William. In the Highland League it finished the last place without victories and with a goal difference of -224. His entire board resigned and the team had to fill its ranks with several teenagers. [2]

The performance of the club was so bad that BBC Scotland filmed a documentary about it. Coincidentally, it was aired last week when Fort William finally won a match.

The response to the victory was very enthusiastic, and manager Russell McMorran called the week "nothing short of phenomenal" plans to keep his boys down to make sure they're not feeling too well.

8 A boy and his garbage man

A sanitary worker rewarded his number one fan for his dedication and friendship with a toy garbage truck.

Aaron Mitchell works for American Waste Control as a garbage man in Jenks, Oklahoma. On his route lives the three-year-old Myles Henrichs, who loves to see the men and their big truck collecting the garbage every week. Every Thursday morning, when Aaron and his colleagues arrive, Myles is there to greet them. Sometimes he takes snacks or refreshments. [3]

Over the course of several months, their bond has grown from a wave and a smile to a hug with each encounter. During their last meeting, Mitchell had a surprise for young Myles to thank him for his commitment – a toy recycling truck.

The two besties made a photo together, which was published on the official Facebook page of the city of Jenks. The accompanying message thanked both that they had made great efforts to build this unusual friendship.

7 Floating over the English Channel

A French daredevil and inventor first crossed the English Channel with a hoverboard.

Franky Zapata thrilled with his Flyboard Air for the first time on Bastille Day when he took off and flew over a military parade in Paris. Then he wanted to cross the channel with the hoverboard designed by him.

He tried it for the first time in July, but failed after being knocked off the board during a refueling stop. On 4 August he was successful and covered the 35-kilometer drive in just 22 minutes.

Zapatas hoverboard consists of a platform that is lifted out of the rider's backpack by five small jet engine jet engines. According to the daredevil, his device reached speeds of 160 to 170 kilometers per hour during his crossing. [4]

The only problem? He had to fill up halfway, which included only changing his backpack. This proved to be the first time that Zapata reversed the mistake. This time he used a bigger boat and a larger platform to ensure a smoother landing.

6 Screen Villain becomes a real hero

Usually he plays a villain on the canvas, but Danny Trejo has shown that he has all the heart in real life. The 75-year-old actor witnessed a car accident and jumped to rescue a baby caught in a fallen car.

Two vehicles crashed in Los Angeles and one of them rolled over. At the back sat a baby upside down on the car seat. Trejo crawled through a broken window and, with the help of another spectator named Monica Jackson, was able to free the toddler and get the boy safely out of the car. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, three people were taken to the hospital, but none of them suffered serious injuries.

In an interview after the rescue, Trejo gave a few words of inspiration and said that everything in his life was good. "This happened as a direct result of helping others. "He ended up with a PSA for other parents and reminded them to use child car seats as this was the only thing that saved the baby's life

After a ketchup thief stole a spice bottle from a New Jersey restaurant he returned to the scene, leaving a note and two new ketchup bottles as an excuse.

Maria DiLeo probably did not even notice one A few weeks ago, their operation, the Perkins Restaurant, ended the day with a deficit of a ketchup bottle. That's because one of their patrons stole it as "risky," but it did not work out that well.

In an apology note from last week, the Pilgrim admitted to having suffered bad karma since the "vile" act. A series of misfortunes followed the villain, including a car accident. [6]

The thief could not bear the guilt anymore and admitted to being "as square as they are" and said that this was the worst thing the repentant perpetrator had ever done. In order to achieve salvation, the thief not only apologized, but left two new bottles of ketchup beside the note to make up for the stolen one.

DiLeo posted a picture of the note online and announced to the unidentified poacher that he or she had been forgiven. Heinz showed that good deeds bring "good ketchup karma" and offered to settle the reformed criminal car repair bills when the person contacted the company. Heinz also promised to keep the identity of the thief secret.

4 See what the stork has brought

After being abandoned by his bird family, a stork baby now enjoys the sweet life in Poland and is spoiled by his new adoptive parents.

Jan and Alicia Czesnick found the bird earlier this year when he was still a chick. They believe that the stork parents rejected it because it was the weakest of the herd. The Czesnicks, however, decided to take the baby.

Since then, storking is nothing more than a livelihood. He spends the day birding or lazing around with his new parents. When evening comes, the bird eats chicken and fish. The Czesnicks believe that the stork will fly the stable next spring, so they want to make the time together as memorable and entertaining as possible.

There is only one thing the two humans just can not agree on: the name of their adopted juvenile. Alicia prefers "Friday" after the day she rescued the bird, while Jan calls him "Krzysztof Piatek" after one of his favorite football stars playing for AC Milan. [7]

3 First woman to win the TCR

The 24-year-old German cancer researcher Fiona Kolbinger is the first woman to win the Transcontinental Race (TCR), an Ultradistance Bike race, which is considered one of the toughest races in the world the world.

The TCR is a Europe-wide individual time trial without stages. This means that the clock never stops from start to finish, so the driver has to decide how much time he is willing to give up rest.

It is also completely self-supporting. Cyclists are not allowed to get help from other racers or acquaintances. They even have to make their own repairs and accommodations.

The route varies every year. The first race from London to Istanbul was only 3,200 kilometers long. This year's event was 4,000 kilometers long and started in Bulgaria and ended in France. There are checkpoints that cyclists have to pass, but otherwise they can come up with their own routes.

The first event in 2013 had only 30 participants. Since then, hundreds of drivers have gathered each year to compete in the TCR, even though two-thirds of them never made it to the finish line.

This time Kolbinger managed to beat over 260 other cyclists at a time of 10 years days, two hours and 48 minutes. She rode a 15 to 17-hour bike every day and slept an average of four hours a night, often in a roadside sleeping bag. Her determination was rewarded when Kolbinger finished in second place over 10 hours ahead of the person. [8]

2 Back on the Road

A grandmother and her grandson embarked on an ambitious sightseeing trip, and they plan to visit all 61 US national parks.

When she turned 85, Joy Ryan began to complain about things she had never experienced before. She had spent most of her life in Duncan Falls, Ohio, and had occasionally traveled to Okatibbee Lake in Florida. Joy had only seen the ocean – or a mountain at all – on TV. She had never seen "sand dunes, a cactus, a big river, or Pueblo ruins." [9]

This all changed in 2015, when her grandson Brad decided to take her on a spontaneous three-day journey. Day trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. During this time, they met many other visitors who regretted that they had never done anything with their grandparents.

This inspired Brad to continue traveling with Joy, but lacked the money to do so. Fortunately, a fundraiser titled "Grandma Joys Road Trip" has been successful. They embarked on a one-month journey visiting 21 US National Parks.

Now Joy is 89 years old. She has seen the sea and the mountains and all kinds of wildlife. Together, the duo has visited 29 national parks and plans to see all 61. Next up are Hawaii and Alaska.

1 The youngest member of the '46 club

With only four years, Maebh Nesbitt from Queensbury, New York, was the youngest person to ever climb all the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.

She completed the challenge in about a year and finished in July, just two days before her fifth birthday. Maebh got her love of hiking from her mother Siobhan Carney-Nesbitt, who dreamed of moving together since her pregnancy. [10]

Both Siobhan and her husband Lee are part of the '46 club, meaning they have climbed all 46 summits of the Adirondack. Maebh wanted a club sticker like her parents, and that was the occasion for her to conquer the mountains. When she reached her final climax, her mother said that Maebh "beamed" and stayed at the bottom.

The previous record was set in 1999 by two five-year-old twins.

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