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10 exciting stories to guide you through the week (23.06.19)

Finish the week with some of the more inspirational stories that have happened in the last few days. If you also want to read about bizarre and unusual events, read the list of unusual events here.

This week, we look at a few people who show us that age is just a number. A hundred-year-old runner came home with two gold medals, while a ten-year-old was the youngest to climb El Capitan. In the animal news, we look at baby Dugong, who has fallen in love with the Internet, and examine the science behind "doggie eyes."

10 A cleanup for the record books

Last Saturday, 633 divers took off their wetsuits at Deerfield Beach's International Fishing Pier in Florida and a new Guinness World Record for the largest underwater cleaning group.

This was the 15th annual cleanup organized by dive shop Dixie Divers and Deerfield Beach Women's Club. It attracted international attention when people came from Europe and South America to attend.

The area is a popular fishing spot, and divers found plenty of plastic, metal, fishing lines and other garbage. The record dive collected over 9,000 individual pieces of debris weighing around 1,450 kilograms. The city of Deerfield Beach will help to dispose of all waste and recycle it. [1]

9 The Medi Teddy

Last week, we learned of Alex Walker, a seven-year-old who wants to relieve hospitals of scary children by giving them stuffed fluffy buddies. This time we look at another enterprising young girl who has come up with an innovative way to make hospitalization more child-friendly. She created the Medi Teddy, a bag that turns the IV bag into a cuddly teddy bear.

Ella Casano is 12 years old and comes from Connecticut. She has idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), which means she needs to receive intravenous treatment every eight weeks. It is understandable that, because of the frequent transfusions at a young age, she is afraid of the doctor's bag hanging from the cold metal bar. But Ella has found a way to make her infusion bag less intimidating: she has wrapped her in a stuffed animal bag. [2]

On the back of the bag, medical staff can check the medication or blood infused, but all the child sees is a teddy bear smiling at them. Ella and her mother soon realized that other children would also like the Medi Teddy. They filed a patent and are currently awaiting a petition to transform Medi Teddy into a nonprofit organization.

They also launched a $ 5,000 fundraiser Deliver 500 animal bags to children in hospitals. In just seven days, nearly four times this amount was raised.

8 A Worthwhile Shopping Trip

A Canadian couple took advantage of the shopping spree they had won at a contest to replenish Calgary Food Bank's pantries.

Last Saturday Chantal Leroux and Ryan Warren were in Bragg Creek Foods grocery store ready to fill their shopping trolleys with as much food as possible. They had won a shopping spree and had 50 seconds by the rules to get as many items as possible, up to $ 500. [3]

The couple decided to donate all their profits to the local food bank. As a social worker, Leroux has seen first-hand that it helps many people. They had a plan to spare no precious seconds. As Warren rushed through the aisles of the supermarket, he had his eyes fixed on non-perishable goods and other demanded goods like diapers.

In the end, Warren collected goods worth nearly $ 600, but the company behind the contest agreed to a donation to the full amount. In addition, the couple raised $ 1,500 from local businesses, which they donated to the grocery store along with the groceries.

7 Meet Marium

The latest Internet flock is Marium, a baby currently in the care of Thai marine biologists. The five-month-old woman was separated from her mother and got lost on the south coast of Thailand.

The online world released a collective "awww" after seeing images and videos of Marium that had received affection and care from their caregivers. The young Dugong was spotted for the first time alone in April on a beach on the island of Ko Poda. First, wildlife officials tried to release Marium into a Dugong habitat, but she did not like it there and swam away.

At the moment, Marium lives near another habitat, but she does not swim with the herd. Instead, she goes directly to the janitors, who feed her up to 15 times a day. [4]

Their behavior indicates that the animal has entered into a bond with humans, although it is also attracted to the underside by canoes. This may be due to their similar forms as dugongs. It is hoped that Marium will one day become a wild dugong again, but since she is part of a vulnerable species, the current focus is on her survival.

6 Birthday Bash For Beloved Regular

A donut store in West Covina, California held a surprise party for one of its most loyal customers, a World War II veteran who celebrated his 99th birthday.

Thomas House said this Rainbow Donuts "became [his] home" after his wife died 10 years ago. In fact, he has become such a well-known regular that he even has his own chair and his photo hanging on the wall. Therefore, it only fit that his friends and family house held a surprise birthday party at his favorite place in the world. [5]

The celebrations also served as a farewell party for House. He will move to San Diego after a fall so that his family can take better care of him. The veterinarian, however, promised that he would come back on his 100th birthday and that the coffee and donuts would land on him.

5 Do not look at me like this

Researchers from the UK and US have confirmed that "puppy eyes" are real and that dogs have developed this expression to connect with humans.

According to a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences dogs have a small facial muscle that allows them to shape a particular face that leads to a "nourishing response" in humans.

Previous studies have shown that we are indeed interested in "puppies" eyes, "most likely because they resemble an infant's face, which fuels our caring instincts. One study even suggested that the term is intended primarily for humans, as dogs mainly use it when people are around.

This new study shows that there is an anatomical change behind the face, one that dogs developed over thousands of years after being domesticated by wolves. They acquired a new frontal muscle, the Levator Anguli Oculi Medialis (LAOM), which allows them to do what they want with that sad look. [6]

4 Boy Vs. Leopard

A teenager is celebrated as a hero in the Indian village of Karpatwadi in Thane district after walking from Zeh to Zeh with a leopard to rescue his young cousin.

Last Friday afternoon, 14-year-old Naresh Kaluram Bhala was at his family's farm with his cousin Harshad, half his age. The two were looking for blackberries when a leopard jumped out of the bushes. The predator first attacked Naresh and knocked him to the ground, but the animal soon turned his attention to the smaller Harshad.

Undeterred, Naresh stood up again and began to throw stones at the animal. Then he stormed at it with a stick and finally forced the leopard to let go of the grip he had on the child. The boys then called the alarm, and her grandmother hurried to wave a sickle and chased the predator away. Harshad left with only a few minor injuries. [7]

3 The Best View

A 10-year-old girl named Selah Schneiter is the youngest person ever to be on a 1: 1 scale El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California.

El Capitan was conquered in 1958 for the first time. Since then it has been one of the most popular climbs in the world. The most famous route, known as "The Nose", is favored by Freeclimbers.

This is also the route Selah completed in five days with her father Mike Schneiter and her family friend Mark Regier. The path chosen by the trio was an almost 915 meter high vertical rock formation with 31 sections representing different sections of a climbing route. [8]

When Selah reached the summit, she clung to the climber's tradition of going to a particular tree and marking it. Then she collapsed in "happy tears". After that, she immediately turned back into a small child and wanted to explore everything there was to see on the granite monolith. The 10-year-old has already expressed her desire to climb El Capitan again.

2 Ear Today, Tomorrow Past

The Florida Police have reunited a man with the prosthetic ear that he lost on vacation in Tampa Bay area.

Last Saturday Anna Maria Iceland hosted the competition "World's Strongest Man". After the event was over and everyone went home, a local found an ear in the sand. The organ was not real, but an expensive prosthesis worth thousands of dollars. You handed it over to the Holmes Beach Police Department.

The authorities have put a picture of the ear online. Fortunately, the contribution was shared by thousands of people in the hope that he would reach the right person and pay off.

In an update, Sergeant Brian Hall announced that a woman from Beaufort, South Carolina had contacted them because The Ear belonged to her husband. He went swimming and put the organ in his pocket, but she was swept away by a wave. The police of Florida sent the ear to their rightful owner. [9]

1 Hurricane Passes

The 2019 National Senior Games will be held this week in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the age of 103, Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins set a new track record for the oldest woman to race at 100 on a US racetrack and make the 100-yard sprint. "In just a few years she received several awards. At 102, she also set three world records, including the fastest time for the 100-meter run in her age group. [10]

She is not content to just be the oldest athlete There "Hurricane" won two gold medals for the 50 and 100 meter races at this year's event. She attributes her training and conditioning to the gardening she runs at home in Louisiana.

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