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10 exciting stories to guide you through the week (08/25/19)

Too often, there is a tendency to focus on negative or violent events, while positive messages fade into the background. This is not the case here as this list contains only stories that inspire, amuse and exalt. If you're more crazed, you can also check out the list of unusual kids.

This week's mainly about children's stories that show us that you can do many inspiring things, even when you're young. You can raise money for charity, you can organize a restoration project for a historic cemetery and you can even find new animal species.

10 The youngest entomologist in the world

A newly described tree hoppers species was named Hebetica sylviae in honor of its discoverer, Sylvie Becker's five-year-old.

Already in the summer of 2016, the then two-year-old Sylvie spent some time with her mother, Dr. Ing. Laura Sullivan -Becker helping her to plant wildflowers in her garden in rural Kentucky. Sylvie was responsible for watering the flowerbed and some dead tree trunks swam up. [1]

Sullivan-Beckers is a biologist, though she specializes in spiders, she is fascinated by all the creepy-crawlies. She found the dead insects a bit strange. So she took some photos and sent them to a colleague who got her in contact with the USDA.

Three years later, they confirmed that the Treehopper was a completely new species. It was only fitting that they named it after his two-year explorer.

9 Best Customer Service

A Comcast representative saved the life of a man with a stroke at a distance of almost 1,300 kilometers with a timely call to the relevant authorities.

Kimberly Williams was working on telecom giant's customer service in Jackson, Mississippi, last Tuesday. She was in the lead of 65-year-old Dan Magennis of Walker, Michigan, who had some questions about his cable.

He put the phone on loudspeaker while waiting for the call. But when Williams answered, he could not say anything. His right leg did not move and all he could muster was a couple of "Um" and shortness of breath.

The representative asked Magennis if he was okay, but there was no answer. Williams believed that the person on the other end of the line had a stroke, and she trusted her instinct.

She searched for police stations near him and was linked to the Walker fire department. She drew her attention to the situation and kept in touch with Magennis while the authorities were on their way.

Magennis was taken to Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot. Due to the stroke he suffered only minimal effects and was able to leave the hospital two days later. The neurosurgeon dr. Justin Singer attributed his survival and speedy recovery to the quick thinking of Kimberly Williams. [2]

8 Rescue Cruise in the Caribbean

When we talk about people who do everything in their workplace to save someone's life, we have a stilt dancer and a DJ who jumps in the Caribbean Woman in wheelchair to rescue from the dock.

A cruise liner was aboard St. Thomas on the Virgin Islands. One of the passengers was a woman in a wheelchair escorted by a family member as she accidentally rolled off the dock and plunged into the water.

Two men, Kashief Hamilton and Randolph Donovan, jumped after her. Both are employed by the Department of Tourism as DJs or stilt-walkers to entertain visiting tourists.

Donovan reached the woman first and strapped her out of the wheelchair, which sank down. When Donovan got tired, Hamilton jumped into the water and helped Donovan keep the woman afloat when people dropped a lifebuoy and a rope on the dock so she could be pulled up. [3]

All three made it safely, and the cruise line praised the men for their "heroic efforts" to help their guest.

7 The generosity of a boy

A 12-year-old boy from Huron County, Ohio Most children can only dream of earning money like Diesel Pippert when they are in seventh grade. Diesel, however, learned to help others at an early age and decided to use his profits for charity rather than spend them. The bid began at $ 500, but ended at an incredible $ 15,000 for only one premium pig. Diesel announced his plans to donate the money before the start of the auction, which may have prompted bidders to dig a little deeper into their wallets.

His charitable act was inspired by a small friendly competition. Diesel got the idea when he heard of another teenager doing the same in nearby Medina County. The seventh grader hoped to surpass the other child's $ 11,000 donation.

Diesel's generosity did not surprise those who knew him. The headmaster called him an "upright young man," while his mother hopes Diesel makes it an annual tradition. In addition, his friendliness has inspired others to start fundraising for the hospital on his behalf and earn the money. [4]

6 From Wags To Riches

A Schutzhund, threatened with euthanizing, is now a tramp in Disney's live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp to see.

Monte is a two-year-old terrier mix that was originally taken over by HALO Animal Rescue from a shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico. HALO is an organization that picks up animals that might otherwise be euthanized and then tries to find them forever at home. Monte belonged to a group of 50 dogs that had been transferred to Phoenix. There, animal trainers visited the HALO shelter and were looking for puppies with star quality. [5]

Monte was immediately noticed, and he was quickly adopted by one of the trainers. He now lives in California where he is considered a "very good boy" who loves life.

He will soon be a star on the screen. The film project turned out to be a remake of the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp . Monte is voiced by Justin Theroux and will play one of the leading roles.

5 To the End of the World

A one-legged man from Venezuela took a walk from top to bottom of South America to inspire other people to follow their dreams through adversity.

As early as 2013, bus driver Yeslie Aranda was involved in a car accident. A truck coming from the opposite direction lost control and crashed into his vehicle. Yeslie was in a coma for 15 days and lost a leg. His daughter Paola also sat in the car and also lost a leg. [6]

After recovering, the two began to visit shrines throughout the country. There they saw other people uplifted by their determination to undertake such journeys. This inspired Yeslie to get bigger. He wanted to show people, especially his daughter, that trouble should not stop us from pursuing our dreams.

Last year, Yeslie hired just a backpack, an aluminum prosthesis, a new pair of shoes and $ 30 in cash on a 14,500-kilometer journey from his Venezuelan hometown of San Cristobal to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.

Last Saturday, the 57-year-old smiled as he looked at the entrance sign to Ushuaia. Yeslie ended his walk with the friendly support of farmers, monks and truck drivers who stood by his side.

In Patagonia, he even slept in a generous mansion courtesy of Businessman, who wanted to hear about his journey and help. Occasionally, Yeslie drove the car to tackle the more vicious parts of his journey, such as the mountain passes in the Andes. Now begins the journey home that Yeslie wants to do the same way.

4 Lemon Aid

Ava Lewis, from Durham, North Carolina, is perhaps only three years old, but is already selling hard lemonade to help her local community.

Little Ava settled in front of her mother's hair salon called "The Lather Lounge". Their lemonade stand has proved extremely popular and sells a liter of soft drink. Now her mother Maggie says that people are beginning to recognize Ava in the city and some show up in the barbershop for a drink.

All the work is for a good cause. Ava and her mother decided to use the money to buy supplies such as diapers and baby towels for needy mothers. They delivered Monday at the Good Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter for women run by the Durham Rescue Mission. [7]

3 Surprise for Bennie

A Stop & Shop In Edison, New Jersey, Bennie Ficeto, the 98-year veteran of World War II, organized a surprise birthday party for his favorite bagboy.

Bennie has always been a hard worker. When he was 19 years old, he joined the Air Force and flew a B-25 Mitchell bomber during the war. Afterwards, he had numerous jobs and retired in the eighties. But that did not take long, because Ficeto soon got bored and wanted to work again. Since then he is part-time employee at Stop & Shop and works two shifts a week.

Normally Bennie does not take a break while working, but on Tuesday his manager told him to make an exception. They went to the other end of the shop, where all the staff were waiting, "surprise!" To call and sing "Happy Birthday". There were cakes, balloons and even three ladies from a USO show troupe dressed in red, white and white blue. They were there to sing some of Bennie's favorite songs from his military service. [8]

Bennie was touched by the gesture and enjoyed his party, but he made sure not to stand around too long. After all, he paused.

2 Scout-Based Renovation

Last week, a new historic marker was inaugurated at the Douglass Memorial Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia. It also symbolized the end of a month-long effort to restore the cemetery that had fallen into disrepair after decades of neglect. The entire project was led by a Boy Scout who sought the help of his scout troop to clean up the historic black cemetery.

Three years ago, Griffin Burchard and the Boy Scout troop visited the National Cemetery of Alexandria in 4077 to do some light cleanup. While he was there, Griffin spotted a nearby property that was completely dilapidated: branches were low on the ground, leaves were everywhere, and there were signs of flooding.

A bit of research led Burchard to discover the run-down property. It was the Douglass Memorial Cemetery, which was converted from a park in 1895 and named after the abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Griffin and the other scouts cleared the leaves, removed the debris, and cut the low-hanging branches. He even collected $ 200 by recycling to pay for the new mark, which contains a quote from Douglass: "Without struggle, there can be no progress." [9]

Inspired by Burchard's efforts, City Officials received a $ 10,000 grant from the state to inspect the property and install a new drainage system.

1 Momma Bear Comes Home

This week, seven-year-old Duncan MacMaster received great news when he heard that his beloved Teddy Bear, lost forever, was found and returned to him. But this is no ordinary stuffed animal: it contains a recorded voice message from his birth mother, who died years ago.

The MacMasters made a family vacation in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. When they returned to Nova Scotia, they noticed that Duncan was missing his precious teddy. His stepmother Ranelle used social media to ask the inhabitants of Airdrie to look for the toys.

This message reached Heidi Erickson. On Monday night, she took her son and boyfriend to a park in Airdrie and saw a backpack at the entrance. She looked in and saw the teddy bear. She found it familiar, but at first she could not classify it. It was not a toy of her son, but she had definitely seen it before.

A moment with a lightbulb happened and Heidi remembered the post she had seen online. She reached out and confirmed that the toy was Duncan's beloved Mama Bear. It is now on an express journey to Nova Scotia. [10]

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