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10 exciting stories to guide you through the week (01.09.19)

If the events of the past week have put you down, this list may cheer you up a bit. We're only talking positive, amusing or inspiring stories here. In the meantime, you can also look at the list of the most unusual news that made headlines.

This week is all about parties. A retirement party is an emotional reunion when an FBI agent meets the baby he saved decades ago. Nurses hold a surprise party and concert to cheer up one of their patients. Seniors in South Korea are doing everything to improve their health and well-being. And let's not forget that a four-year-old was allowed to spend his birthday at his favorite place – Costco.

retirement and reunion

An FBI Special Agent had a big surprise at his retirement party when he was reunited with the baby he had saved as a beginner 22 years ago.

Already in 1997, the FBI was called for kidnapping to a hospital in Tacoma, Washington. One woman successfully portrayed a nurse and abducted the newborn Stewart Rembert.

One of the agents looking for the baby was Troy Sowers, who was still wet in his first year of service. However, he got a tip and was able to locate the kidnapper. Later, he persuaded her to take him to the stolen baby. Little Stewart had been left in a box next to a restaurant dumpster, but in good health.

The baby was taken to the hospital. Sowers never saw Stewart again, but always wondered what had happened to him. In the following decades, Sowers worked on many other occasions, but now was the time to hang up his boots.

His colleagues threw him a retirement party with a special surprise: a performance by Stewart Rembert, who is now 22 years old -Old NCO with the Marines. The two hugged each other, remembering the unusual circumstances that had led to their meeting all those years ago, when Stewart first heard many details about his kidnapping. [1]

9 Front Lawn Festival

The front yard of the Waters House in Weymouth, Massachusetts has become the focus of many performers who emerge to entertain a three-year-old boy who can not leave the house.

Quinn Waters needed a stem cell transplant to fight his brain tumor. Although the procedure went well, he temporarily destroyed his natural immune system. He needed to be isolated in his home and avoid contact with anyone except his immediate family. The breakup hit the boy hard as he can only look out the window at the people passing by the house.

In the last two months, however, more and more people have come to the family front lawn to interact with Quinn. First, there were other family members. Then the neighbors rocked past. After that came the police.

Eventually, almost all the cast members came to Weymouth to do their deeds for Quinn. Everything from magic tricks and art projects to dog parades and Irish dancing took place on the lawn of the Waters family. [2]

8 Feline Finds Family

Maggie Welz had lost hope to ever see her cat Tiger. once again. After all, it had been eleven years since he ran away from home after someone accidentally left the door open.

The months-long search for him brought no results, and there was no chance that Tiger returned to the Welz family alone. And yet, Maggie and Tiger are back together today, thanks to another woman Maggie tracked down through the microchip implanted in the cat.

Carol O'Connell works for the SPCA in Dutchess County, New York. For the past three years, Tiger has been hanging around in her neighborhood, though it was clear he was a stray. She tried to approach him, but the cat was too cautious to admit it.

Recently, she noticed that the animal had lost weight and feared he might be ill. O'Connell tried to win the cat's trust, and he finally gave in.

She took him up and called him "spirit" or "spirit" because he tended to appear and disappear. On a whim O'Connell borrowed a scanner from the SPCA shelter and checked the cat. That's how she found out that his name was Tiger and belonged to the Welz family. [3]

Now he was reunited with the people who thought they would never see him again. Maggie says Tiger crawls in bed with her every night, and she strongly encourages pet owners to whip their pets.

7 I want it so

The Northside Hospital nurses in Atlanta hosted a surprise party and performance to cheer up one of their patients who missed a concert at Backstreet Boys because of a diagnosis of leukemia.

Amanda Coley is one of the biggest fans of the boy band. She's 36 now, but she's been with the Backstreet Boys since she was a teenager. So she was overjoyed when she and her sister Maggie Kingston received concert tickets for the band's august show as a Christmas present from their husbands.

The concert was on August 21st. Three weeks earlier, Amanda found out she had leukemia and needed to start treatment. According to Maggie, Amanda's first question was, "So I can not go to the Backstreet Boys concert?" Unfortunately she could not, but her sister and a friend decided to throw her a little party in her sickroom to cheer her a bit on.

They distributed invitations to the nurses, hoping they could drop by and say hello. But the nurses went a little further. A group of them danced in Amanda's room and began performing some of the band's greatest hits as Amanda danced and sang along. [4]

Maggie described her sister as "in heaven" Stunt even caught the attention of Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys, who sought to wish Amanda "good luck" in her treatment ,

6 Costco's Smallest Fan

A four-year-old celebrated the birthday party of his dreams at his favorite place in the world – Costco.

The young Armando Martinez is obsessed by the retailer. His parents even opened an Instagram account with "Armando Loves Costco". There they share pictures of the boy who enjoys the various perks of traveling to the store, such as receiving free food samples and showing his own membership card. [5]

His Passion for Costco Dwindles After the Norwalk, California, shop closed its food court, Armando celebrated his birthday party there. They had pizza, music, Costco cake and many themed games like guessing the prices of goods and swinging a pinata with the Costco logo.

The guests were even given special name badges, which were designed on the model of the business membership cards.

5 Lilo Rescue

Two adolescent sisters from Scotland rescued a man and a toddler from drowning by placing them both on an airbed and pushing them ashore.

On Monday, Isla and Eilidh Noble rebounded while bathing in the Waters of Philorth nature reserve off the Aberdeenshire coast. They saw a man and his little son splashing around and screaming.

At first they confused the action with normal madness in the water, but they finally found that the two were in trouble. The man rested the boy on his shoulders, trying to keep both heads above the water level.

The sisters swam with the only equipment they had on hand to fight duo: a one-person inflatable airbed called a "lilo" in the UK. The girls reached the father and the son and managed to lay both on the airbed. The man was so exhausted that he fainted. Isla began to push her to shore while Eilidh swam ahead to call the ambulance. [6]

Fortunately, another man named Keith Gray saw events unfold during a picnic with his family. He swam to Isla to help her push. A passing nurse helped bring the man to recovery and made him cough up seawater. He regained consciousness before departure and thanked his rescuers. His condition was not life threatening. The boy was unhurt.

4 Take me to the ball game

A 99-year-old Pittsburgh Pirates supporter took her first baseball game with her entire family to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

Catherine Kyle lived in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, all her life. She became a pirate fan at the beginning of her marriage when watching the games with her husband Jack on television. Together they had over 30 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Jack died, but Katharina's passion for the pirates remained strong.

Despite her dedication, she had never been to PNC Park where the team plays. But her family decided it was long enough. Katharina's 99th birthday is due in September. To celebrate, they took them to the pirate game against the Cincinnati Reds last Saturday. 16 of them wore the appropriate equipment and called themselves "Catherine's crew".

The pirates won 14-0. Catherine described the whole experience as "very funny" and even expressed her desire to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in the seventh inning. To top it off, she received a baseball signed by her former favorite pirate Francisco Cervelli. [7]

3 Saturday Afternoon Fever

The local government of Seoul, South Korea, has organized a unique day disco dedicated exclusively to people over the age of 65. The aim is to combat loneliness and poor health in a country with a large number of seniors and the fastest-aging population in the world.

The concept is simple. If you are over 65, you can go there and celebrate a few hours. Sometimes there are thematic events like masquerades. This is beneficial for seniors, as it not only promotes physical activity but also improves their social life. This can help to combat mental ailments like depression or even dementia. [8]

The participants reacted positively to the disco. Some say that it works "like medicine" and others believe that the "pain" disappears when the music sounds.

2 Paddling against pollution

A Spanish endurance athlete paddled across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii with a purpose-built stand-up paddleboard to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Antonio de la Rosa set off On June 6, he started a 4,750-kilometer journey from San Francisco that ended last Saturday in Oahu. In 76 days he was the first to complete this trip on a paddleboard.

There was no engine and no escort vehicle. All supplies were aboard the 7.3-meter-long paddle board from de la Rosa weighing more than 680 kg.

His only propulsion methods were his arms and legs. To make it a little harder, he had to get up while paddling. The vessel was equipped with some solar panels, but they were only used to charge the GPS and communication system of de la Rosa.

The athlete said he saw plastic debris swimming past him every day on his journey. He published daily updates online, hoping to raise awareness of how bad the pollution problem is.

During his trip he also celebrated his 50th birthday, which he celebrated with "a small biscuit". It was not surprising that he had lost a lot of weight during the trip and was looking forward to a beer and a hamburger when he came to Hawaii. [9]

1 Althea Gibson Honored

The launch of the US Open also brought with it a long overdue recognition for Althea Gibson, a tennis hall of Famer, who broke barriers in the 1950s for black athletes broke through.

In 1956 Gibson became the first black tennis player to win a big championship when she won the Grand Slam title at the French Open. The next year, she also won the US national team and Wimbledon and managed to pick eleven Grand Slam titles over the course of her career.

Despite her success, she has never really been accepted by the tennis community. Your heritage will be remembered much better today. Officials and players tried to commemorate Gibson's contribution to the sport by presenting a new granite statue in front of New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Gibson's friend and former tennis partner, English player Angela Buxton, was present for the unveiling. She knew firsthand what discrimination minority players faced at that time. Often she was denied membership in a club, and she even had no access to training facilities because she was Jewish. Memorably, a newspaper titled "Minorities win" reported on its outstanding performance. Despite the obstacles, Buxton saw Gibson's career as positive, saying her friend had "the last laugh" in the end. [10]

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