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10 everyday accessories that kept bullets

In our world it is very difficult to predict what will happen in the next few years, months, days, hours, minutes or even seconds. Unless we know what's going to happen, we obviously can not prepare for what's coming. However, for some people in dangerous situations, preparing for worst-case scenarios would look like it's just another "normal" day.

You go through the usual morning routine. You eat breakfast, unless that's not your thing. They get dressed, get dressed, get your things, say goodbye to the one in the house, and set off. The next thing you know, you come home after a long night, and someone pulls out a gun and shoots you in the leg. Amazingly, something in your pocket stops the ball. Wonder what that something could have been? Here are ten everyday accessories that have stopped or distracted bullets in past sticky situations.

Rescued by Apple

Today, most people have a cell phone in their everyday lives, whether they need one for work, social media or personal business. Especially in this situation, phones have proven to be useful.

In 2015, a 24-year-old student at California State University, Fresno, was the victim of a raid on the doorstep of his apartment. The CSU student was at the door on a Monday night around 11:00 pm when an unidentified attacker showed up from behind.

The hijacker pulled a gun and tried to take the student's computer bag. After a fight, the shooter decided to shoot. The bullet hit the student's leg. Luckily it did not go further than the student's bag containing his iPhone. The device deflected the ball.

The student still lost his computer bag and the contents in it, but thanks to Apple, he managed it completely unscathed. [1]

9 The Bullet-stopping Laptop

Laptops are essential for traveling business people and women. They are also a great source of entertainment because they serve the same functions as a desktop. You can play games, surf the Internet, and stream just about anything. However, Steve Frappier had a very different experience with his laptop in January 2017.

Frappier was caught in international shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. The shooter, Esteban Santiago, started firing in the baggage claim area of ​​Terminal 2, where Frappier was in the afternoon. Frappier, along with the other victims, took cover during the chaos by lying on the ground.

As bullets flew forward, Frappier's back was hit. Luckily he had his backpack on. The bullet went through the backpack and then punched the laptop, which was in one of the pockets. The bullet was later found in his backpack, which is definitely a better alternative to where she could have gone. [2]

8 Never forget your wallet

Money, what we need and wants to stay protected. If you have cash, credit cards, debit cards or even ID cards, a wallet is a great way to save currency and identification on your person. A wallet can keep your belongings safe, but it could also keep you safe.

Brian Harris, a resident of Edgewood, Washington, DC, was home and outside around 8:30 pm on November 1, 2015, and drank coffee a bit, Harris felt what was a slap in the stomach. Since no one was around, that could not have been possible unless Harris had beaten himself.

Just moments after he felt the impact, he heard four or five shots hit several vehicles in the area. Fearing that he would be shot, Harris checked his body and found no blood or injuries. Harris wore a hoodie, so he checked his pocket where the impact was felt.

In his pocket was his wallet, which contained various things, such as his ID card, which finally brought a stray bullet to a halt. That alone gives us another reason why we should not leave home without our wallets. [3]

7 The tissue that's more than expected

Hair was important for many people and for an 18-year-old woman Chantal Hammontree, hair ends up as a shield

In July 2014, Hammontree sat in Chicago's East Chatham district in a car when shots were fired. Bullets passed through the rear window of the vehicle and toward her head.

Head injuries from shots are often fatal. Fortunately, Hammontree had woven them in, which could have contributed to their survival. After her uncle, Randy Berry, "[Doctors] assumed that when the ball went kind, it sprang out because she had the tissue in her hair."

According to NBC Chicago, doctors have not confirmed that the tissue was rejected, but it is difficult to believe that it played an important role in preventing further injury. [4] Hammontree still had to go to the hospital, but she should survive.

6 GoPro Hero

Video journalism is becoming increasingly popular around the world as people begin to explore new things. Sometimes exploring can be extremely dangerous.

Iraqi journalist Ammar Alwaely spun with the rest of his crew as a ball approached him in 2017. The round was fired by a sniper who apparently tried to attack the journalist.

Alwaely had a GoPro attached to his vest, which was ultimately his savior. The bullet hit the GoPro head-on, which prevented her from killing Alwaely. The rest of the crew was shocked, but fortunately no one got away with major injuries. [5]

5 Silver Medallion Saves the Day

Many things fall from the sky, but it's not often that what falls hits you in the face. Richard Smeraldo, then 74 years old, survived the impact of a falling ball in 2012 thanks to his silver medal.

On the night of July 4, Smeraldo and his family drove to the Fireworks at Safety Harbor Spa and Marina in Florida. About half an hour after the show, when the big finale was about to begin, Smeraldo decided to tilt his head upwards as most of us would see more of the fireworks. Just a few moments after tilting his head, he said he felt "when [he] he was hit by a large rock that shattered [him] in the nose."

This big stone was actually a falling bullet, which went through the bill of his hat, hit his nose and went through his nostril, beating his lips and finally traveled through his chin. The bullet would have gone on, but after she had gone through his chin, it hit the silver medallion he wore. The medallion was enough to keep the bullet from causing further injuries that could have led to a much more serious situation. [6]

4 This Pocket Lighter is a Fighter

A A great variety of people come out on Halloween night, especially if you're anywhere near New York City , For a Long Islander, the people he met were more than just trick-or-treaters.

A 22-year-old man tried to escape robbers on Halloween night when they started firing their weapons. For most of us it's just a bit too scary, even on Halloween. The man was shot in the right leg where his lighter was. After being hit, no other bullets came into contact with his body.

Actually not even the one touched his body. The lighter threw off the bullet, leaving only a small bruise on his leg. Detective Lieutenant Raymond Cote of the Nassau County Police even said, "This is the only time that smoking is beneficial because today we are talking only about a minor injury that could have been much more serious." [7]

3 It is a wedding ring thing

If you own a store, you can enjoy it a lot. On the other hand, there are bad events that can take place within seconds.

Donnie Register is a shopkeeper in Jackson, Mississippi. In 1996, Donnie and his wife Darlene opened a store called The Antique Market. What started when two men entered the store to see a collection of coins that became a very unexpected robbery in 2007?

After Donnie returned with the coin collection they demanded, one of the men pulled out a gun in search of money. During the turmoil, a shot was fired. Donnie reflexively threw up his hand and the wedding ring on his finger deflected the bullet.

According to Darlene Register: "The bullet went through two of his fingers without severing the bone." She also explained that "one part of the bullet is broken off and is in his middle finger, the other part is stored in his neck, in the muscle tissue, but it is not life-threatening." [8]

2 dressed appropriately

In order to get ready for a typical day, you definitely have to be fully dressed when you're out of the house. For a man in Philadelphia, 100 percent saved his life and saved his life.

The man who worked in a shop was caught completely unprepared when shots were fired from the street outside. He and many other spectators quickly took cover in the safest place.

The shots fired came from a single person riding a bicycle outside the store. There is no information as to whether it was a targeted attack or not, but the worker was hit. He did not notice it at first, but as he looked down at his chest, he saw a hole in his shirt. After lifting his shirt to see where the bullet had disappeared, he found it in his belt buckle. Surprisingly enough, the material was strong enough to stop the bullet and the worker went away completely unscathed. [9]

1 Saw it coming

It's not much fun to fall asleep with glasses on, but sometimes it's nice to wake up to 20/20 vision. For Alonza Bryant, if she had not fallen asleep with her glasses, she might have been in a life-threatening situation in 2013.

Bryant, a 16-year-old girl, slept one day at home on her couch. Shots were fired outside the house. Bryant was lost in a shootout, but her glasses prevented the bullet from causing a mortal wound.

Without the bridge of Bryant's glasses, the bullet would have had full contact with her head. The shots came from a car outside Bryant's house, and it was assumed that the incident was gang-related, even though the family did not have gang ties. Luckily she is still here today. [10]

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