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10 episodes banished from television [With Videos—Seizure Warning]

Every now and then, a program crosses a line in the sand, banning one of its episodes. Sometimes it is a good reason, for example a health problem.

Sometimes the ban is based on current events and an unfortunate time. Sometimes there is no good reason at all and occasionally a show even voluntarily forbids its own consequences!

From adult favorites to cartoons for children – shows from all walks of life have come to the wrong end of social sensibility and have been censored. Some were even censored on later releases on DVDs and digital platforms.

These 10 episodes have been banned from televisions around the world for reasons ranging from sensible to insane, and I'm glad to share them with you!


0 Movies Banned Around the World

10 Peppa Pig
"Mr. Skinnylegs "

If you have a child at home, you probably already know Peppa Pig, the little sperm little kid that teaches children healthy lessons about living and dealing with fears , It was also the subject of many jokes and memes on the Internet that gave people pleasure beyond their typical audience.

Of course, as you guessed by being included in this list, she also has a forbidden episode.

The episode of 2004 "Mr. Skinnylegs "is a seemingly harmless episode in which children are advised not to be afraid of spiders because they are more afraid of you than they are of them and will not hurt you. Normally this message would be fine and sound right enough … unless of course you live in Australia.

In 2012 and again in 2017, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation banned the broadcast of the episode in the Australian version of Nick Jr for its "inappropriate message". While this may seem crazy to anyone from the US or the UK, it's worth noting that Australia is home to massive, unbelievably venomous spiders like the Redback Spider and the Sydney Funnelweb. [1]

9 Pokemon
"Electric Soldier Porygon"

[WARNING: The above clip may trigger seizures.] Everyone knows about Pokemon, the hugely popular game in which you collect and fight sweet little monsters to make them bigger and stronger. It also produced many spinoffs, several shows, a Japanese comic (called manga), a deck of cards and lots of merchandise.

With such a massive, family-friendly franchise, it's hard to imagine that they can do something so bad that they can be banished from the radio waves, right?

Well, you are half right! It was not about the content of the story, but rather about the pictures. "Electric Soldier Porygon" with the man-made Pokémon "Porygon" had flashing and flashing lights to simulate a cybernetic explosion. As a result of this ad, more than 600 children had to go to the hospital, as the lights caused various illnesses, from nausea to seizures to temporary (but frightening) blindness!

Team Rocket could not have come up with a nastier plot! [2]

8 The X-Files

The X-Files never shy away from terrible things. There are monsters, mutants, and chaos (oh my god!) In this show, both in the original and in the sequel to 2016. No wonder they were at the wrong end of the Banning Stick when they released the 1994 episode " Home "broadcast on television nationwide for the first time.

In the episode, a deformed baby is found buried in a baseball field in Mayberry, Pennsylvania. Mulder and Scully come (as is usual) to investigate and soon discover something far more terrible than an invasion of monsters or aliens: a family of inbred monsters whose matriarch lives under arms and legs under a bed in the family home.

The episode was so disquieting and received such a strong backlash that it was instantly banned in October 1999 and repeated only once. [3]

7 Sesame Street
The entire show

Nothing really reminds of a childhood like Sesame Street. The Muppets, the friendly children, and the soothing adult characters bring back a sense of security and gentle nostalgia that embraces you like a warm hug.

It could not be worth anything to get banned from the show, right? I mean, it is recommended to introduce pre-schoolers as a prerequisite for kindergarten. It certainly could not be harmful!

In May 1970, however, the state of Mississippi looked at the show differently. The state of Mississippi banned the show from playing for 22 days on state channels.

While the ban was finally lifted, it left its mark on the history of the show and the state. [4]

6 Cow and Chicken
"Buffalo Gals"

Ah, the 90s. Was there ever a better time for watching TV? The answer is yes, but that is neither here nor there. If you were a fan of cartoons in the late '90s, you probably saw Cow And Chicken, a show about a couple of siblings, a heifer named Cow, and a rooster called Chicken.

As was the style of the time, the cartoon was often clunky, hiding adult jokes at first sight and joking about bodily functions, both human and animal.

Such a joke, however, crossed the border and ended with a broadcast ban for the episode! The episode titled "Buffalo Gals" was about a group of female biker wore buffalo head helmets, played softball, and broke into peoples' homes to chew their rugs. The episode, which was full of allusions, was once aired and then never seen again. [5]

5 Family Guy
"Partial Terms of Endearment"

We all knew that sooner or later Family Guy would appear on this list. How could it not be one of the slickest and coarsest cartoons ever? You might think that the forbidden episode would be perverted by Herbert's story about Herbert, or maybe something related to Quagmire's many exploits (and exploits).

However, it seems that the straw that broke FOX's back was not Quagmire or Herbert, or even one of Stewie's many crude and bizarre adventures, but an episode of abortion and pro-choice vs. pro-choice. Pro-life views treated.

"Partial Terms Of Endearment" focused on Lois' decision as to whether or not she should get an abortion after the couple she was supposed to replace in a car accident. The episode treats the theme in typical family-guy style, with lots of jokes and jokes on both sides of the argument. The episode, however, was too much for FOX Network to pull out of the broadcast before it could even run. You can still buy it on the DVD boxes, but the episode is closed to public broadcasting. [6]

4 The Amanda Show
"Episode 29"

Do you remember Amanda Bynes? The 90s kids had grown up after school with their sketch show on Nickelodeon and watched as they and their co-host Drake Bell put on a variety of sketches, pseudo interviews and comedy pieces for our shared pleasure.

In the episode entitled "Episode 29," which was spared by fate, it was a sketch entitled "The Happiness," which was about a family of utterly miserable fortune trying to kill their own Day to start. Various catastrophes culminated in her home being struck by a misfortune Meteor.

The episode had the misfortune to be aired in March 2001, just 6 months before September 11th. The episode was then blown up for fear of the Tower attack and never shown again in the US.

These lucky ones really could not take a break, right? [7]

3 Married to children
"I see you in court"

The well-known sitcom Married With Children, a beloved gem of the eighties, often tickled the funny bones of the local audience with rude humor and rude remarks. For the most part they were successful, but apparently a woman did not laugh in January 1998 when the series aired an episode titled "I see you in court".

The episode shows the main characters who sue the owner of a local hotel for shooting their … intimate time without their permission. It also mentions homosexuality and a woman takes off her bra. While this is a big nothing today, it was apparently so shocking in the 1980s that a Michigan woman had to launch a letter campaign to FOX Network and its advertisers to demand that the episode be pulled and talk about their disgusting and to complain about shocking content.

Finally, FOX relented on pressure from its advertisers and pulled the episode out of thin air. [8]

2 That's not on TV

Is it any wonder that at least one of its episodes is being blocked for a program entitled "You Can not Do That On Television"? According to one of the creators of the series, Geoffrey Darby, it was a big surprise.

The episode entitled "Adoption" in question was about a couple who, as you may have guessed, had several adopted children. The children were treated badly, but according to the rules of the comedy everyone was covered in slime, the audience laughed.

Or rather, the audience was pretty upset when the episode was pulled out of the channel after many complaints. Darby himself notes that the episode was "gone too far" and aired "maybe once". [9]

1 South Park

South Park is the holy grail of offensive shows. South Park has been a stronghold of pure expression for 23 years and does not want to compromise on its jokes or values.

Until Episode 201. Following the storyline of Episode 200, 201 should see the Super Best Friends, a team of religious icons who fight as superheroes against Tom Cruise and other celebrities in search of destruction to the city of South Park and liberation from criticism or ridicule.

The episode was most notable for depicting Mohammed, the prophet of the Islamic faith, who must not be portrayed in any form. The episode, which did just that in response to the backlash on Muhammad's previous appearance in the series, put the network and creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker at risk of endangering lives, limbs and bank accounts. Although Stone and Parker would have liked the storm for their art, the network was not convinced to do the same, and the show was aired once, heavily edited, and never again stripped entirely of digital platforms. [10]

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