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10 deadly sports that can kill you

It goes without saying that sport is life-threatening. Historically, sport has been initiated as an organized event to promote physical fitness, the development of human abilities, and the entertainment of royals and nobles. In the past (we consider you gladiators) sport has claimed many lives. In this list we will look at 10 lethal sports that can send you straight to hell (or heaven) if you dare to attend.

These are TOP 10 incredibly dangerous, deadly sports in the world:

10 motorcycle races

The Isle of Man TT event – which has been going on for 100 years – has claimed more than 220 casualties alone. The race is inevitably driven at high speed, which can easily lead to accidents with the slightest mistake. Motorcyclists ride across all types of terrain, from deserts to hills to muddy forest areas to get their adrenaline pumping. A crash is likely to hurt the audience.

. 9 Heli-skiing


That's incredible. In this deadly sport, people actually pay a lot of money (around $ 500) to be taken to an untouched virgin land. From every man before, you just have to drive down the white piste. These skiers – obviously millionaires, but that's not the sense, spend hundreds of dollars to drive a natural landscape, as opposed to the manipulated areas of a ski resort. The natural environment obviously involves more risks and inconvenience. Even traveling to the heart of a mountainous area has often been life-threatening in the past. In 1994, Frank Wells, the former president of Disney, had a helicopter crash during a heliski tour.

. 8 Street Luging

Street Lunging originally developed from skateboarding. In this sport, a man or a woman must lie flat on a sled (also called a luge rack) and automatically roll a paved road by gravity. It's starting to pick up speed and if something goes wrong and you've decided to stop … .ah, wait, I forgot to inform you. It has no breaks. Road runners are advised to use some compulsory safety equipment, e.g. Front and back upholstery for sleds, leather and Kelvar shoes and gloves, helmets, etc. Even then, the breakage speed required to break off the "road towing" can ultimately break the leg (see the above video).

7. Big Wave Surfing

The name is suggestive. Big wave surfing necessarily involves paddling in monster waves 20 to 50 feet high. The surfers should master it and come out alive. These are powerful waves with the brutal power of nature that can bury you deep in the dark ocean (as was the case with the famous Mark Foo) or damage your eardrum. It is even capable of killing life by killing the surfer's skull (an Australian study had only 2% of surfers proven to be normal helmet wearers) into submerged rocks, and sometimes the surfboards themselves prove deadly. It is said that sports fanatics are crazy.

. 6 Cheerleading

Forget the dancing legs and the sexy movements. This deadly sport (yes, it is a sport and the debate about this relationship is still active) is hellishly dangerous. Over 20,000 cheerleading injuries per year have been reported, making them the most vulnerable sport for women. The most common injuries are painfully broken vertebrae and broken legs. If the cheerleader falls on her head, she may be suffering from concussion and pulmonary hemorrhages. Once considered to be the most dangerous school activity, Cheerleading has been published in United Stated, United Kingdom et al. To be pursued as a professional career. There are a handful of professional cheerleading leagues around the world.

. 5 Bull Riding

There is a professional Bull Riding organization that takes care of the sports that are very popular in the USA, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia. The risk factor in this game can be understood by the fact that the rider has only 8 seconds on the back of the bull. Most people do not make it that long and are thrown 10 feet into the air landing or into the skull. And that's not all, the chances are good that the raging bull would give the driver a headshot to kill him. As the above video shows, it is not even sure that the spectators are watching behind the bleachers.

. 4 Running Of The Bulls

  Running Of The Bulls

Running the Bulls (or Spanish Enierroin) is another crazy adventure sport. Basically, some bulls are released on the streets of the city and the participants have to walk in front of them. Pamplona in Spain (mentioned in Hemingway's "The Sun Rises" and "Death in the Afternoon") is the most famous among the Enzierros. The Bollywood movie "Zindagi Na Milengi Dobara" had shown recordings of Pamplona, ​​who have both praise and criticism practiced. "Bull running" has long been the subject of intense debate among animal rights activists – especially Peta, who is organizing a sham demonstration "Act of Records" to fight the game each year, and sports lovers. Apart from that, around 300 people are injured every year in "bullfights" and several are killed.

. 3 Climbing at High Altitudes

  Climbing at High Altitudes

Each of the six successful Everest climbers is estimated to die as a climber. Even worse, the climbers are often greeted by frozen corpses of other climbers on their ascent. Threats of hypoxia, hypothermia, frostbite and pneumonia are always around the corner. Helicopter rescue is not always feasible, so even a simple injury may be fatal. If you lose your glasses, there is a risk that your cornea will be burned by excessive exposure to UV radiation. Although mortality rates have fallen since 1990 (due to the emergence of better safety equipment), to date 1300 of Everest climbers have lost around 179 their lives.

. 2 Base Jumping

  Deadly Sports Base Jumping

It is referred to as "extreme sport" which is often ridiculed as a "suicide attempt"! The participants (with a perfect mind) intentionally throw themselves off a high place such as buildings, spans, antenna or cliff. They use a parachute to break their fall and land safely on the ground. "Safe" is just one word, because when nature breaks the wind, the jumper is often hurled into nearby rocks or other structures. Every year about 5 to 15 people die of these deadly sports. The "BASE Fatality List" published in 2014 has recorded 230 deaths since 1981. No wonder sports are illegal in many countries.

. 1 Cave Diving

  Top 10 Deadly Sports

Another hell of a sport that takes place deep in Cave Water. This is largely done to explore unknown areas. Take the risks into account – poor visibility, low temperatures and tight spaces. You have to ask yourself – why would anyone take such a crazy bet on his life? What if the oxygen supply fails, what if we get lost in the unknown dark wilderness? A rescue team based in San Marcos has reported more than 500 deaths from cave diving since the 1960s. Most victims are said to have dived with instructors and technical divers. As a result, the National Speleological Society defined a "successful" cave diving as that from which you return. "

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