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10 confusing secrets that remain unsolved

Sometimes things just happen and sometimes for uncanny reasons. There are always unusual accidents, but also well-planned tragedies. The problem is that you can't always distinguish between the two, and the more time that passes after a mysterious incident, the more difficult it is to determine whether it happened out of defiance or just out of luck. Was the object or person in the wrong place at the wrong time, or did someone make sure they would? In addition, some puzzles are more "obvious" than others, but their causes often remain unknown.

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Greensboro hit and ran a group of teenagers on December 23, 1988. Kenneth Lynn Dungee, Lavern Allen, Kenneth Newkirk and Darius Bannerman set out in a Plymouth Duster and planned to drive from Greensboro to Raleigh.

Allen was driving and they were all laughing and talking while on Interstate 40. At some point during the trip, they came across a car that was later known to be driven by Grady Alexander. A few seconds after driving past the car, a blue Monte Carlo raced past Alexander. Allen noticed that the car was approaching her Plymouth and was trying to get a little faster. However, the man in Monte Carlo stayed close and finally bumped into her from behind.

The four teenagers were afraid and Allen tried to drive through the traffic to get away from Monte Carlo. Unfortunately the car caught up with them and wiped them aside. The driver then fell back a bit to hit the Plymouth again and again from behind.

Allen tried to keep the Plymouth still, but eventually lost control of the car and it rolled and landed in a field several times.

Kenneth Dungee died on impact. Kenneth Newkirk suffered a broken leg and a broken skull. Darius Bannerman suffered a broken wrist and several facial injuries. Lavern Allen was freed from the wreck after 30 minutes and later amputated.

The unknown man who had pulled her off the road got out at the scene of the accident, stared briefly at the wreck, and was then called back to his own car by a companion who had driven with him.

Police never found the man who caused Kenneth Dungee's death and the terrible injuries to the other three men in a case originally suspected of hate crime. The case was mentioned in Unsolved Mysteries and is still being discussed on Internet forums, but is unlikely to ever be resolved.

9 Rietbok plane crash

More than 50 years ago it seemed like a bad omen before an airplane crash. On March 13, 1967, South African Airways Flight 406, also known as "Rietbok", took off from Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg, but had to return shortly after take-off due to a defective nose wheel. However, this did not prevent anyone from letting the plane finish its journey shortly after the repair. It landed in East London in the afternoon and started again shortly afterwards. The plane was barely in the air before it hit a bird. Upon landing in Port Elizabeth, the aircraft was inspected and it was decided that it could continue to fly.

The aircraft then had to return to Johannesburg from Port Elizabeth and the pilot consumed more fuel to ensure the predicted bad weather in East London caused no problems. Passengers who had to get off at East London Airport were warned that this may not be possible. The aircraft took off from Port Elizabeth at 4:41 GMT and the pilot received a weather update at 4:58 GMT. When the plane passed the Port Elizabeth Tower at 5:06 a.m., the pilot announced by radio that he was 32 kilometers from the landing. Three minutes later, the pilot said for the last time that he was 2,000 feet away and could see the coast. Just a minute after this announcement, the "Rietbok" plunged into the sea and killed all 25 people on board. Eyewitnesses on a nearby beach who saw the plane crash immediately notified the police.

There were minimal wrecks to work with to subsequently investigate the crash, and no bodies were ever recovered. Theories ranged from heart attacks to sabotage. Others believed that the plane crashed due to structural failure because the wing may have detached from the body of the plane. However, the true cause of the crash has never been determined.

8 Disappearance of David Guerrero

13-year-old David Guerrero was a child prodigy. He had a remarkable talent for painting and attended an art academy in Spain. He was a shy boy who preferred hanging out with his brother or parents.

David had a wonderful opportunity in 1987 when he was invited to unveil his first work of art in the La Maison art gallery. In addition to his, a local radio host wanted to interview him about it. David and the radio station agreed to meet in La Maison after school and before David had to be at the art academy. David's father could not drive him to the interview and instead asked him to stay in La Maison after the interview when it got late and he would pick him up afterwards.
David felt a little below the weather day of the interview on April 6, 1987.

He went to the radio station at 18:30. At some point during the 10-minute walk to the bus stop, David disappeared. When his father arrived at the academy at 9:00 p.m., he couldn't find David anywhere. When he approached the gallery, he was informed that they had not seen the teenager that day. He drove home to check if David was there and went to the police station to report his son missing.

During the course of the investigation, the police questioned many people, including all bus drivers who had traveled the route David would have taken. Hundreds of anonymous clues have been unsuccessfully researched. The authorities were so confused that they even investigated a psychologist's claim that the boy lived in a remote shrine. This also proved to be a dead end. Years passed and the trail and the case grew cold.
David Guerrero is still missing today.

7 Murder of Eric Wone

In 2006 Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward lived as a polyamorous family in Washington. Robert Eric Wone met and visited her on August 2, 2006 with the goal of staying overnight. Within an hour when Wone arrived at the residence on Swann Street, the neighbors heard a terrified scream. This was later confirmed by Wone.

Victor Zaborsky called shortly before midnight on 9-1-1 and a number of police and medics arrived within 5 minutes. When they arrived they were amazed to find Robert Eric Wone's body lying on a bed with three stab wounds on his chest and fully clothed. The bedding under him was neatly folded and there was no sign of a fight. It also appeared that the body had been washed off after the sting. The three residents of the house all wore white bathrobes and looked fairly unmoved by the dead in their midst. Later, during the autopsy, a pathologist discovered seven pinpricks on Wone's body that could not be explained.

It later became known that Zaborsky informed the 9-1-1 operator that there was an intruder in her house and that he had stabbed Wone. The police were not convinced. Price, Zaborsky and Ward were arrested and charged with Wone's murder. Prosecutors said the men cleaned up the scene before calling for help. However, the defense team of the three men replied that they were suspected of crime only because of their lifestyle prejudices.

The accused were all acquitted in 2010 and no one else has ever been charged with Wone's murder. The mystery of what happened on that terrible night remains.

6 Stolen Boeing 727-223

May 25, 2003 was just another day in Luanda, Angola. Until a Boeing 727-223 was stolen from Quatro de Fevereiro airport. It is believed that American pilot Ben C. Padilla and a Congo mechanic, John M. Matantu, boarded the plane shortly before sunset. Shortly thereafter, the plane started to move without any communication reaching the control tower. The plane took off without light and disappeared over the Atlantic.

Padilla's sister reported to a newspaper in 2004 that she and her family believed that Ben had flown the plane against his will and that he might have crashed somewhere across Africa. Other theories say that an economic feud went wrong or that the plane should be used for a terrorist attack.

The United States approved a search for aircraft in several countries to no avail. Multiple sightings were reported, but nothing was displayed. The plane and the two men are still missing today.

5 Family Stalkers from Utah

From 2018 to August 2019, a woman and her father had more than 500 people in their home in Utah. These included artisans, deliverers, groceries, etc. These people were all sent into the house by Loren Okamura, who was behind a chilling cyberstalking campaign against the woman.

Okamura even revealed the house address on Craigslist and sent it through drug dealers and prostitutes. He also emailed the woman and threatened to write that she should sleep with an open eye and that "they would come for her and her parents." He continued that "she should just kill herself and do her family a favor."

Okamura did not give up persecution and harassment, even after an injunction was issued against him. The family eventually had to put up a sign at home to avoid opening the door to all the strangers who showed up. The sign said that anyone who was sent to his address would call the police.

The stalker was finally arrested in Hawaii in November 2019. However, the motive for his deplorable actions remains unknown.

4 Sneha Anne Philips Disappearance

31-year-old medical intern Sneha Anne Philip On September 10, 2001, she had a rare day off. That day, she cleaned up the apartment she shared with her husband Ron, and then had a two-hour instant messaging conversation with her mother between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Then she dressed differently and set off to buy bedding, underwear, tights, a dress, and three pairs of shoes.

When Ron came home shortly before midnight, Sneha was not there. He wasn't worried because she was often at home with her cousin Annu or her brother John. He didn't worry the next morning when he went back to work in the Bronx.

However, when news came that an aircraft had hit the north tower of the World Trade Center, he immediately called home. His wife didn't pick up. He called several times and left a message each time. Then he began to worry that Sneha might be involved in the WTC attack. He started looking for his wife. The panic in Manhattan caused traffic jams and he reached Tribeca at nine in the evening. He spent the night in a friend's house and returned home in the morning only to find that Sneha was still not there.

Unfortunately, Sneha's name ended up on the list of 9/11 victims. Her family believes that she died a hero; that she got into the inferno caused by the planes crashing into the towers to help the injured and the dying. This story was told along with a lie from Sneha's brother, who told WABC that he spoke to his sister on September 11 and she said she was helping people in the towers.

Officials do not share this belief. Sneha's name was removed from the list in 2004 when it was alleged that Sneha had a double life and died the night before September 11. Another theory is that Sneha used the September 11 tragedy to disappear and start a new life in another place.

In any case, Ron Philip never saw his wife again and her true fate remains a mystery.

3 Otto Warmbier's mysterious injury

On January 2, 2016, the American student Otto Frederick Warmbier was arrested in North Korea. The indictment: Supposedly a propaganda poster stolen from his hotel. The sentence: 15 years in prison, including forced labor.

In March 2016, Warmbier suffered a brain injury in which he fell into a coma. It took over a year for the North Korean authorities to disclose Warmbier's medical situation, which they attempted to alleviate by claiming that he was infected with botulism that had been exacerbated by Warmbier's use of a sleeping pill. The young man was released in a coma in June 2017 and taken to a medical center in the United States for treatment.

Unfortunately, warm beer never woke up and died six days after being admitted to the medical facility. It was found that he died from a lack of oxygen in the brain caused by an unknown neurological injury.

A US federal court ruled that the North Korean government should be held liable for warm beer torture and death. To date, it is not known how Warmbier suffered the injury that ultimately killed him. There was no evidence of botulism and sleeping pills, but there was no physical evidence of torture on Warmbier's body.

Otto Warmbier's parents have decided to sue the North Korean government for the death of their son.

] 2 Claudia Kirschhoch's disappearance

In 2000, 29-year-old Claudia Kirschhoch from New York was offered a paid work trip to the new Sandals resort in Cuba. The travel writer met with other travel writers and met in a Montego Bay on May 24, 2000. Unfortunately, visa issues led to her being stranded in Jamaica and unable to fly back to New York since the flights were booked for the next week.

Claudia and her co-author Tania Grossinger then went to the Sandals Resort in Negril instead. They stayed at the resort for three days before booking a flight from Jamaica. However, Claudia wasn't ready to leave yet. She and Tania had breakfast together before Tania's flight. That afternoon Claudia went for a walk on the beach and disappeared.

Claudia's parents called the company she worked for after trying to contact her daughter for a few days. They received the shocking news that Claudia never went to work again. When Claudia's hotel room was searched, her passport, phone, and plane ticket to New York were all there. The hotel management didn't seem to care if the room contained evidence of Claudia's disappearance, and they simply rented it to other visitors. It wasn't long before Claudia's phone and logbook disappeared, listing all the license plates of the vehicles entering and exiting the resort.

It was found that Claudia was spending time with a bartender named Anthony Grant, who called sick the day after Claudia's disappearance. He stayed away from work for four days and when the police finally arrested him, he admitted that he and Claudia had seen each other on May 26th. He denied any involvement in her disappearance, even though sniffer dogs traced Claudia's smell back into the trunk and back of his car. He was never named as a suspect or arrested on any charges.

Claudia's parents were constantly looking for their daughter, but she was officially declared dead in 2002. Your fate is unknown.

1 Patrick Erhabor's murder

In September 2001, a pedestrian walking along the Thames discovered something light orange in the water. When the police investigated, the orange object was a pair of shorts hung over a boy's torso.

When the upper body was removed from the river, the police found that the legs, arms and head had been removed with a very sharp knife. Upper body tests showed that the young man had been poisoned before he was murdered. Plant extracts were found in his intestine, which were traced back to West Africa. The shorts found with the upper body were probably bought either in Germany or in Austria.

This terrible crime exposed a network of child traffickers who kidnapped children in Africa and brought them to Britain. Many traffickers were arrested, but the boy's killer was still free. The police called the boy "Adam" and had his remains buried in a cemetery in Southwark.

During her investigation, the police interrogated a woman named Joyce Osagiede after a similar pair of orange pants was found in her home. In the absence of further evidence, she was never accused of murder and eventually deported to Nigeria. 10 years later, Joyce appeared in a BBC interview saying that the boy's name was Patrick Erhabor. She claimed to have given it to a man named Kingsley Ojo. Ojo was arrested for trafficking in 2004 but could not be linked to Adam's murder.

No arrests have been made in this terrible murder. And although a ritual victim was suspected, this motive was never confirmed.

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