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10 BIZARRE things that you did not know were illegal or illegal around the globe!

From ponytails to jeans to lip sync, there are 10 ridiculous rules that apply throughout the world. The 10 BIZARRE things that you did not know were illegal or illegal around the globe.

10th BLUE JEANS – North Korea

  BLUE JEANS - North Korea

The North Korean people are not allowed to wear blue jeans. Some would say that's crazy. Dictator Kim Jong-un does not seem to have the same opinion as the majority of us reasonable people who set the law because of the color blue and its connection to the hostile country USA. He does not like Americans, right? One consequence of his strong aversion to the United States, to put it mildly, is that all North Korean residents are required to wear jeans in every shade of blue. As it is supposedly a symbol of the enemy; Something that massively triggers the anti-Americans that make up the government of North Korea.

If you are in the heart of Pyongyang or any other part of North Korea, I would not recommend it to you personally Wear your favorite blue jeans. I suggest you think of a different color for your jeans that does not upset the North Korean authorities. They really do not approve of memories of their Western enemies.



France – a place that connects the world with love and romance. However, it would surprise you to find it is against the law for couples to kiss at train stations. Lovers are strictly forbidden to show their affection for each other at train stations in France. And the rule has been around for quite some time. It was already introduced in 1910.

It seems to be such a trivial rule that it forbids anyone to say goodbye to his loved one. This would be the scene of the romantic comedy in which we throw popcorn aimlessly and furiously at the canvas. However, authorities have their reasoning behind the law; The claim that these last moments of reverence hurt the train schedules and trains are delayed due to couples who are desperate to show each other their love before leaving. single cries .

However, some leniency has been demonstrated and although kissing on a platform in France is illegal, the French have introduced kiss zones. In these areas, people are more than welcome to show their partner as much love as they want (I mean kisses, let PG guys keep it) until the train shows up and they go their separate ways. Handkerchiefs?

. 8 Chewing gum – Singapore

  Chewing gum - Singapore

Bad breath? This is a real shame for the people of Singapore, where the sticky substance is banned to keep the dirt it leaves behind as small as possible. The import of chewing gum into the country is also illegal. In short, I strongly advise NOT to whip the extra, if any, in Singapore. If you hear how severe the punishments are, you'll find that the taste that lasts for just a little while really does not pay. Tourists are allowed to bring 2 packages. More than that could lead to a hefty $ 5,500 fine and a year in jail – excuse the pun :).

And if you think that this is a harsh punishment for a simple matter like rubber, the penalties will only become more stringent. The sale of chewing gum is associated with relentless punishment, imprisonment of two years and a huge fine of up to $ 100,000. Imagine how much chewing gum you could make with these six numbers. Unfortunately, for the natives of Singapore, the idea is all they can do, and they can not enjoy the great things that the rest of us know and love.

. 7 PONYTAILS – Iran


This would surprise some, because the hairstyle, which is common in early school days, is actually illegal in Iran. Well, for men anyway. Mullets is a different hairstyle that Iranian men are not allowed to rock. It is part of a ban on so-called "western" hairstyles that prohibit men from wearing "ponytails, mullets and long, gelled hair".

The law was introduced in 2010 and the purpose behind the ridiculous rules was to have a country where not a single Western hairstyle can be seen. The punishment for breaking this law is quite severe; A persistent felon of this law faces heavy fines. In addition, the hairdresser who has styled your hair might even have his furnishings closed. And if you believe that, a police officer has the right to cut a man's hair if he does not comply with the Iranian government's legal guidelines. Rockstars, I think you should remove Iran from your list of countries where you can perform on tour.


  ridiculous rules in USA

Confectionery treat is called Kinder Surprise, and chocolate egg contains another internal plastic egg that contains parts that turn into a "surprise" "The market the creators sought was children, but the younger generations of the US did not have legal access to the chocolate, and according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the toys they contain are a choking hazard and are therefore banned for health reasons

Here, too, there are harsh penalties when chocolate egg is brought in. According to Independent, Canadians who had traveled to the US had packed 10 children's eggs for their children, and when they arrived, their eggs were taken and they had one pay a huge fine of $ 1,200 per egg, which adds up to $ 12,000, a considerable price for some sweets and, ironically, nobody has eaten it.

According to reports, however, the US allows the sale of children's eggs from May 2017, provided that chocolate and plastic toys are available are separated.

. 5 FLIP FLOPS – Italy

  FLIP FLOPS - Italy

Italy is the third most popular holiday destination in Europe and attracted 58.3 million tourists in 2017, not packed with flip flops, right? Not if you visit the Cinque Terre region, where the shoe is completely prohibited!

The Cinque Terre National Park attracts many tourists who are looking for a hike in the countryside and enjoy the magnificent views of the coast. However, the authorities are against tourists and their special shoe choices. The reasoning behind the law is health and safety. Cinque Terre consists of 5 villages connected by rough roads. Walking on these mountainous paths in shoes like flip-flops is extremely dangerous and can result in injury. So, if you wear the unsuitable shoes while hiking, you could expect a fine of between $ 56 and $ 2,806. As high as the price may be, the law values ​​your safety and takes into account the best interests.


  Italy ridiculous rules

Italy appears for the second time on this list of ridiculous rules or bizarre laws. More precisely, the capital of Rome, where it is illegal to keep a goldfish in a bowl. The law was enacted after animal rights activists claim to keep a fish in a bowl is cruel. It has also been reported that the round standard fish bowl can allegedly trigger the blindness of a fish. Numerous fish experts said that they do not supply enough oxygen to the kiementragenden creature.

So, if you are a specific person If you are a fan of the orange fish species and happen to live in the "Eternal City" of Rome, please consider this law against the typical round fish bowl and bring your beloved pet to an alternative home under. Goldfish and other animals should not be displayed as prizes at the exhibition center. After a successful hook-a-duck game, the Romans must stick to it, instead of winning a teddy bear.

. 3 Obesity – Japan

  Obesity - Japan ridiculous rules

Cover your ears, Peter Griffin! Maybe you do not want to hear this. If you are overweight in Japan, you are practically breaking the law in the eyes of the Japanese government. This extreme movement was launched in 2008 to lower health care prices. The rule is mainly targeted at the older generation of adults, who affect Japanese residents between the ages of 40 and 74 years.

Every year, they have to have their waist officially measured and checked to see if it complies with regulations. For men, the maximum waist size is 33.5 inches; A ladies' waist should not go above 35.4. Many would agree that this is an extremely strict rule, considering that the average waist of American men is 39.7 inches and that of women is 37.8 inches. Regardless, the law still applies, and if you are unable to comply, you may be fined. Even stranger is that the fines are not paid by the person but by their employer. Note for yourself: If you ever work in Japan, do not consider Peter.

. 2 LIP SYNCING – Turkmenistan

  ridiculous rules Turkmenistan

Yes, the art of lip-synching popular with conscientious users of TikTok is officially illegal in Turkmenistan. The then president of the nation, Saparmurat Niyazov, decided to ban lip sync. His reasoning behind the law was to preserve the artistic culture of the country.

The rule states that all variations of lip sync are strictly prohibited. From television to private functions, eg. Weddings. A quick reminder for performers who do not even sing and rely on songs to be tuned automatically to sync them to the stage. Leave Turkmenistan to go on tour. Niyazov already made her "talent" illegal in 2005.


  Ridiculous Rules in China

Winnie the Pooh – the beloved, yellow character who dominated some of our childhoods. What a sweet, innocent, loveable character! Right? Wrong, according to China, where Winne the Pooh is banned. Why in the world has the government of CHINA decided to censor our precious pooh we all know and love? (Well, not all of us, I think …)

Well, China's President Xi Jingping has been derided on many occasions over the Internet, and many memes have been made comparing Xi and Winnie. These memes must have really hurt Xi and images spread online. Chinese censors blocked and extinguished all memes that mocked or compared the president with Winnie. Wow, what a sensitive guy. But China has not stopped yet, and the censorship of these images was still ongoing. The Chinese even refused to allow the film Christopher Robin (2018) with a faultless Winnie. The film was not allowed to be shown in Chinese cinemas. And anyone visiting a cinema in China will not see the adventures of Winnie and his companions, including: Christopher, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger.

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