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10 Bizarre Things that People Have Done About Video Games

In the heat of video game competition, people will do weird things and even act violently. Sometimes they do not think before they act. At other times, people are already violent and use video games as a means to spread their aggression.

This is certainly not exclusively video games. However, as a relatively new medium they have been extremely tested in the media because of the violence in many games.

However, most media – from books to films – were analyzed by the public on their first introduction. The more unusual something is, the more frightening it can be. Similarly, the more immersive the media has become, people have felt their concern about their impact on the human mind.

Pavel Mateev

A 15-year-old Russian boy named Pavel Mateev was quite fond of video games. You could say he's addicted to them. Or at least claimed Russian new locations after Mateev apparently had fatal wounds on the head with a chainsaw after he lost in a computer game. Apparently, Mateev spent several hours on the computer playing the game his mother had bought for him.

Russia has several "death groups" trying to convince young teenagers and children while playing video games. Investigators are currently investigating whether Mateev has been suicideed. He reportedly went into his garden, "put on a chainsaw, and sawed off his own head." [1]

9 David Katz

David Katz was a 24-year-old man from Baltimore, Maryland who worked on a " Madden NFL 19 "video game tournament in Jacksonville has participated. According to the authorities, Katz pulled a gun and opened fire on the other tournament visitors after losing.

He murdered two innocent men – 22-year-old Elijah Clayton and 28-year-old Taylor Robertson – and injured several other people before turning the gun on himself. The authorities said Katz purposely aimed at the competition players because he passed other patrons without shooting them. [2]

The tragic event was broadcast on Twitch.

8 Tyrone Spellman

"I have done this for 13 years, and this is one of the few cases that ever lost me words. There's never a good reason for [murder] but this is just the slightest reason, "said prosecutor James Berardinelli.

Tyrone Spellman was a 27-year-old man who lived with his children and girlfriend in 2006. He played video games, when his one-year-old daughter Alayiah Turman crawled around on the floor and tore down his Xbox console.

Spellman got angry and hit the child five times in the head, breaking her skull in several places, leading to her death He was charged with murder and sentenced to 22.5 to 45 years in prison, initially confessed to the police, later told that his testimony had been forced and he tried to protect his partner Mia Turman. [3]

7 Johnathan Fair [19659016] Johnathan Fair had babysit four-year-old Skylar Mendez for his girlfriend, and when Skylar died under his watch, her family had an autopsy done rutal had been beaten to death.

The 19-year-old fair claimed that the toddler had just hit her head, but also admitted that she had shaken her hard. He took her to the hospital after she fainted. Skylar died a few days later.

Fair has been charged with murder and is currently in a $ 5 million bond. The authorities said they believe Fair would beat the child because it spilled juice on its Xbox. If convicted, he could spend 60 years in prison. Fair Defense attorney Sam Amirante said his client was "acquitted [when] the true facts are coming out."

The family set up a GoFundMe site for the funeral expenses of Skylar. On the page, her family explained, "Our beautiful niece Skyler, who was only 4 years old, had a tragic accident. God had called for her at an early age. Unfortunately, we were not financially prepared for such a tragedy. [4]

6 Alexandra Tobias

Alexandra Tobias and her three-month-old son, Dylan Lee Edmondson, lived together in Jacksonville, Florida. Dylan started crying when Alexandra played FarmVille making Alexandra angry. She picked up the baby and started shaking violently. Then she went outside and enjoyed a cigarette before shaking the baby again.

He was later hospitalized for head injuries. There he died of a trauma.

First, Alexandra told police that Dylan had fallen and hit his head after the dog threw him out of the car. The police did not buy it and Alexandra was arrested. She pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

The judge who led the trial said, "The most defenseless of us was murdered by his own mother. And why? Because he cried during a game of FishVille or FarmVille or whatever happened during Facebooking's time that day. [5]

5 Chuang

Chuang, an 18-year-old living in Taiwan, had booked a private room in a Taiwanese Internet cafe for the next 40 hours to play the game Diablo 3 play. He did not eat and fell asleep at his table. A guard woke him up. Chuang stood up and took a few steps before collapsing on the floor. He was taken to hospital and declared dead shortly after his arrival. It is believed that he had suffered from a blood clot after sitting for so long.

Afterwards, a game developer Blizzard spokesman said:

We are sad to hear this news, and our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. We do not consider it appropriate to make further comments without knowing all the circumstances. While recognizing that ultimately it is up to each individual or their parent or guardian to determine the play habits, we believe that moderation is clearly important and that a person's daily life takes precedence over any form of entertainment. [6]

4 Patricia Waible

Patricia Waible, a VA Hospital nurse, was responsible for the investigation of Vietnam Veterinarian Bill Nutter. He had heart problems that put him at high cardiac arrest risk. He could hardly whisper after an operation, had amputated both legs due to diabetes and he suffered from a neuropathy in his hands. Therefore he could not press a call button.

Waible was supposed to check on him every hour, but she spent hours playing video games. She never once looked at Bill. After his death, Waible was transferred to a job in the cafeteria. Later she was suspended for payment. A criminal investigation into the VA hospital was initiated after several families had reported and suspected that the hospital had been maltreated or neglected.

"Maybe my dad did not live five months, who knows? But if we could have had another month with him, that lady took that away, "Bill's daughter explained. [7]

3 Kim Jae-beom and Kim Yun-jeong

Kim Jae-beom and Kim Yun-jeong were a couple who had met in an online chat room. After the birth of her daughter Kim Sa-rang, whose name means "love" in Korean, the couple began to visit Internet cafés for up to 10 hours. During this time, the infant remained almost completely unattended, although the couple occasionally stopped by to give milk powder to the baby.

Kim Yun-jeong noticed that her daughter lost weight, but did not mind. The couple came home one day after a 12-hour game session to find Kim Sa-rang dead. [8]

They reported their death to the police. The officials immediately became suspicious of the three-month-old man's malnourished corpse. Kim Sa-rang weighed 2.9 kg at birth. She was 2.5 kilograms when she died. The couple was arrested and found guilty of carelessly killing.

When asked if he had anything to say, the father replied, "I am thinking of our baby in heaven. I will be guilty until the day I die.

2 Hsieh

A 32-year-old man named Hsieh booked a room in an Internet café in Taiwan in 2015. Hsieh was a regular cafe. According to his family, he would disappear for days.

When the employees of the internet café saw Hsieh lying down, they first thought he was going to sleep. But he had actually been dead for several hours. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. It is believed that Hsieh experienced a cardiac arrest caused by fatigue.

An Internet cafe employee told reporters, "Hsieh was a regular customer here and always played on consecutive days. When he was tired, he slept face down on the table or dozed down in his chair. Therefore, his condition was not known to us at first. [9]

1 Malik Terrell

Malik Terrell was a 21-year-old man who lived in Milwaukeee. Terrell's brothers believed that 15-year-old Dennis King had conspired with another boy to steal their video game system. The siblings questioned King about their missing game system and started hitting King to confess him.

Malik Terrell slammed King over the head with a hammer and stabbed him in the neck. [10] Then they used a garbage truck to move King's corpse to an abandoned house and set the corpse on fire.

The 15-year-old's family has reported him missing. Only a few weeks later, King's body was found. Malik Terrell had fled Milwaukee to Chicago, but was arrested anyway. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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