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10 bizarre encounters with the craziest aliens of all time

There is a notable separation between what popular aliens look like from space and what is actually reported.

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The familiar idea as "The Grays" is often short and thin, with gray skin, large heads, huge beetle-like black eyes and only one oral slit. Creatures such as these appear in films and book and magazine covers worldwide as the generally accepted appearance of "real" extraterrestrials from outer space.

More generally, actual reports of encounters with extraterrestrials have shown a veritable diversity of strange creatures; some are amazing; some are scary; and some are just weird!

Frog Aliens

Harrison Bailey was so fond of walking that he found a way to profit from it; He had a huge green tire with a billboard next to it and would take long walks with sponsored advertisements. He was on such a walk from Chicago, Illinois, to Joliet on September 24, 1951, as he rolled his big tire into a small forest along the route near the town of Orland Park.

As he approached the forest, he noticed a strange tingling sensation on the back of his neck and saw a kind of silver whirlwind in the sky behind him … but he had a tight schedule and a long way ahead was his, so he ignored him and went on into the forest. Before him stood a big frog on a log. As he approached, he noticed other animals of the same size hidden in the foliage on either side of the road. Small round … insects? … were everywhere on the street. Bailey went on, thinking his boots would protect him.

Then the frog got up on the tree trunk and walked towards him.

Soon Bailey was surrounded by these two-toed frogs, and they leaped toward him to touch his chest, shoulders, back, hips, and legs; and when they touched him, it felt uncomfortable. He started to run, still rolling his bike in front of him and over the strange insects that covered the ground, and finally escaped the frog's treasure.

Moving farther along the road, Bailey ran across a large, circular object that opened, and two revealed five-foot human-like beings wearing helmets that covered their faces. The next thing Bailey realized was to lie on some sort of bed, presumably inside the object, the two beings examining him and somehow communicating to tell him to tell the world; They never really spoke. After this strange test, Bailey was allowed to go with his steering wheel … but although the beings asked him to tell the world, he immediately forgot almost everything that happened that day. It was not until about twenty-five years later, when hypnotic regression tried to recapture what happened in the hours of this September day, that the strange series of events was first told to the world. [1]

9 Space Cone

On Sunday, November 1, 1954, Rosa Dainelli walked on her way from her house to the nearby town of Cennina, Italy, on a footpath through fields and thickets, where she found herself Handful of carnations wanted to put on the altar of the Madonna Pellegrina [the ‘Pilgrim Madonna’]. It was a path she used almost every day and an area she was very familiar with … until she came across a small clearing and found a vehicle in the middle.

The object was only about two meters tall and looked like it made of two tall cones, which were connected at their large ends like a round diamond. They stood on three small legs and had an opening at the side, revealing two small chairs. As Rosa was just starting to think about this object, two small men approached from the opposite side to approach her in a friendly manner.

The two looked mostly human. but her size and a strange curve in the middle of her lips showed that this was not the case. Both wore one-piece gray overalls that covered them from neck to toe, each wearing a short cape. They also had strange helmets that covered their ears. The two little men tried to talk to Dainelli, but she did not understand the language they used. They grabbed some cloves and dropped them into the vehicle. Then one of them reached in and pulled out two white bullets … and Dainelli took the opportunity to run away from the scene. When she looked back over her shoulder, they were gone. [2]

8 Silver Monster

It was a long night on the farm in Kelly, Kentucky. It all started when Billy Ray Taylor saw a strange object fly over the sky with a rainbow path and then fell into a deep groove nearby. Taylor went to the farmhouse of the Sutten family – they were friends – to tell everyone there what he had seen; But the family believed he'd probably seen a falling star and exaggerated the details.

Half an hour later, something luminous from the fields approached the house. Taylor and Lucky Sutten watched the strange glow from the back door of the house until it became clear that it was a two-legged creature, three and a half feet tall, with a huge round head and very long arms ending in claws. that went to her. The strange creature seemed to be made of silver and held her arms high above her head as she approached, as if surrendering … and there seemed no obvious reason for her to glow.

Taylor and Sutten both grabbed weapons; and when the creature came within twenty feet of the house, they opened the fire, with the strange consequence that the creature flew backwards and then ran away. Soon another such creature was found, staring at one of the windows into the house; They shot from inside the house and the strange thing turned backwards and out of sight. Assuming the body was right outside, Taylor and Sutten headed for the front door. When Taylor walked out of the house, one noticed that one of the creatures reached down from above and touched his hair with his claws. The family tore Taylor back in before he could go any further, and Sutten ran out and shot at the creature, knocking them off the roof.

Another creature was discovered in a tree nearby, and Taylor joined Sutten as both shot at the creature. It fell off the tree … and floated to the ground before it ran away. Then another ran around the house to the two men. Sutten fired at the creature with full force and they heard the bullets hit them, but the strange creature was intact, though she turned and ran after she was shot. Taylor and Sutten now knew that their weapons were useless, and they retreated into the house.

Although the strange visitors continued to bother the family until around 5 in the morning, the creatures never did anything aggressive. Instead, they just seemed curious about the family, always looked at the windows, but never entered the house. [3]

7 Four Legs and Arms

It was a Sunday around 2:00 pm in Casa Blanca, California, and a large group of boys were playing in a yard in front of one of their houses when they first arrived strange object in the sky over him. Soon, others appeared and disappeared with a musical "ping" as they performed a show. The boys thought it was fun … but every time they tried to make an adult in the house look, everything disappeared. They just had to see it and accepted it soon.

One of the objects, multicolored and bright, landed about half a block away on a field. Then two of the older boys saw something strange in front of the house next door; it was about a meter high, hovering above the ground and clear enough to see the masonry of the house through the thing's body. It wore a belt with a round disc that shimmered like a mirror. The creature seemed to have eyes and a mouth, but on the other side of the nose were four round objects that glowed like diamonds. Another boy saw only one arm alone in the air and beckoned to come closer.

Then another full being emerged from the landed vehicle, which also hovered above the ground, but looked much firmer than the previous one. This one seemed to be wearing a satin-like material … and had four legs and four hands, with each of his arms split in half at the elbow. This was somehow "talked" to one of the boys who told him to climb a nearby tree so he could be picked up in fifteen minutes. With a hose, the older children kept the younger ones away from the tree … and a quarter of an hour later, one of the strange objects flew over the tree before all objects disappeared for the last time. [4]

6 Ginger Aliens

Jose Antonio Da Silva (from Bebedouro, Brazil) just wanted to fish. He got up early that morning to do just that, having hiked to the lake the day before and set up camp. At around 3:00 pm, however, his plans changed against his will as a group of four-foot humanoids, paralyzed from head to foot in strange suits, paralyzed his legs and then dragged him aboard a strange vehicle.

For hours Da Silva sat with his kidnappers as the strange vehicle moved; Since there were no windows, he could only feel the movement of the vehicle without knowing where it was going. They had put a helmet over his head, just like the ones they wore. When they reached their destination, he was taken to a large room and put on a stool. Here he looked at these creatures without their helmets (he continued to wear his); Below them was a being a little taller and apparently in charge.

They all looked about the same: roughly human with red hair that hung down to their waists, and beards that reached to the stomachs. Her eyebrows were very thick – about two fingers wide – and they had no eyelashes on her slightly larger than human green eyes. The biggest difference was their mouths, which were slightly wider than those of a human … and had no teeth and looked more like a fish's mouth from the inside.

They communicated with Da Silva through gestures and illustrations; He soon realized that he should return to Earth to gather information for them, and eventually return to them for a few years to finally return to Earth with them as ambassadors and guides. Da Silva declined the offer. He was then taken back to the strange vehicle and dropped off a brook in the middle of the night after some time. When he found his way to a road, he found that he was about 30 km from where he had fished … and four and a half days had passed! [5]

5 Big Foot

It was 10:30 pm and a foggy night in Frederic, Wisconsin, and farmer William Bosak drove off from a co-op meeting he had attended in the nearby town of Frederic Home when its headlights reflected slightly on the left side of the street. Bosak had slowed down because of the fog, and he slowed down as he approached the object … and I mean "object", because there was not a car on the side of the road! Object was about eight to ten feet tall and sat still. On the side facing Bosak as he pulled up, there was a curved sheet of glass through which he could see. and inside was a human being. The creature seemed to be wearing a light brown shirt, but Bosak could also see that it had short hair or fur on the torso and arms; The arms were raised above the creature's head. More short hair protruded from the creature's head, though the face and chin were hairless. High on top of his head, two calf-like ears stuck out about ten centimeters to each side. It also had big protruding eyes. Bosak could no longer see the vehicle or the figure because of the fog. but he had seen enough. He stepped on the accelerator and fired home.

It took almost a month for Bosak to dare to tell others what had happened. Thinking further, Bosak thought that the strange creature was just as afraid of him as he was before him … and he wished he could go back and be kinder. [6]

4 Block Creatures

19-year-old Lee Parrish had just returned home from his girlfriend's home in Prospect, Kentucky. On the way he had seen a bright rectangular object in the sky. When he got home, his eyes hurt terribly … and he realized that for some reason the seven-minute ride had taken almost forty-five minutes. His mother was worried and convinced him of a hypnotic regression to remember what had happened during the missing time. and the answers he gave were just weird.

The municipality's car had been lifted off the ground by the bright object, and then Parrish himself had somehow been immediately taken to a room that looked too big to be in the vehicle. In this room were three strange objects; To his left was a large black plate in the form of a gravestone with an additional elevation almost to the ceiling. To his right was a red block slightly shorter than Parrish, and before him it looked more complicated with white block. The white block was Parrish's size, about six feet high, with a parrish-angled surface and a pronounced rectangular "head." Parrish did not know how he knew it, but he sensed that these objects were sentient beings. and that the white had the command.

The black plate had a single link protruding from one side of its front. It began by slowly touching Parrish on his side and back, a feeling that was unpleasant: cold and burning at the same time, Parrish felt as if he were vibrating. Next he was touched by the red block; it also had a single limb out of his body and Parrish felt it was a bit scared of him. It slowly touched his shoulder and then the side of his head over the ear in the hairline. These touches had the sensation of being stung with a needle, but did not hurt long.

After touching him, the red block switched to white and either disappeared behind it or merged with it. The black plate slowly receded as the white object made a sound of sandpaper. then the white man moved to the black plate and either disappeared behind it or merged with it. A moment later, the black plate disappeared, leaving Parrish alone in the room.

Then Parrish was back in his car, looking at a small pond near the road he had driven on. His eyes were completely bloodshot, and he had sleep disturbances for days just because they hurt so much. [7]

3 Triangle Eyes

Private watchman Piero Fortunato Zanfretta made his rounds in Torriglia, Italy, on a freezing cold night when shortly after midnight the engine, lights and radio of his car suddenly failed and that Car brought to a halt in front of one of his customers' homes. While this bothered him, Zanfretta quickly noticed four strange lights moving around the customer's home. Assuming it was a burglar, he reached for his gun and flashlight, went through the open gate, and crept quietly along the wall to surprise her. Then someone touched his back.

Zanfretta whirled his weapon and light around, noting that he faced a three-meter-tall creature with wavy, hairy, green skin. He put his flashlight on his face, dropping it in shock. The creature had triangular yellow eyes and red veins on its forehead. Zanfretta quickly reached for the flashlight and ran to his car, but soon realized that something very bright was behind him. He turned and saw a huge triangular vehicle that was bright enough to shield his eyes. With a hissing sound, he rose from the backyard of the house. He ran to his car and called desperately over his radio, which broke off before he could tell his whereabouts.

An hour later, two more patrol cars came around and spotted Zanfretta lying on the ground in front of the now closed door to the house. As they approached, he jumped up and pointed his gun at her. his eyes came out and he did not seem to recognize them. They succeeded in overpowering him, but they noticed that Zanfretta and his clothes were very warm despite the icy temperatures in which he had presumably lain just a moment ago.

Further investigations after dawn revealed two large horseshoe-shaped impressions in the ground behind the house, as if something massive had been sitting there … and fifty-two witnesses from all over the city had all seen the bright light in the area while Zanfretta claimed to be under attack to have been! [8]

2 Tent creatures

The 54-year-old Federico Ibáñez drove this morning around 11:30 am to his vineyards outside of Turis, Spain, when he stumbled across a strange object Street in front of him. It had the shape of a half egg, a large dome on four short legs, and seemed to consist of a shiny white metal. it was about 8 feet / 2.5 meters high.

When Ibáñez puzzled over this object, two small figures appeared near a carob tree, about 36 feet / 11 meters away, and headed for the ship. He saw the strange creatures from the side, one behind the other. They were only about a meter tall and seemed to wear white outfits that covered them from head to toe and looked like they were inflated. the little creatures seemed to carry almost tiny tents! The feet and hands were small and dark in color. All Ibáñez could do with their faces was that they had tubes sticking out of their faces like binoculars.

The two figures stormed toward the vehicle and entered it. Then the half egg rose quickly and quietly and produced a whirlwind when taking off. Later, the researchers found four small footprints on the floor, which according to Ibáñez the vehicle had been, and estimated from the depths of the footprints a weight of about four tons. [9]

1 In Soviet Russia. , ,

It was around 6:30 pm in Levoberezhniy Park in Voronezh, Russia. Children were playing; A group of adults was waiting at a nearby bus stop. and a large red oval, about forty-five feet long and forty-eight feet high, flew in circles about forty feet off the ground … attracting everyone's attention. The oval vehicle landed lightly in the park, near several playing children, and three large beings came out, accompanied by a boxy robot.

The creatures were humanoid, but about nine feet tall, with very long arms and a kind of dome instead of head and neck. These domes had three eyes; two whitish ones next to each other and then a red above that was described as radar-like swinging around. They seemed to wear silver jumpsuits with bronze boots and set about collecting dirt samples. one of the three seemed to have the say and sometimes made noises that were believed to give orders to the other two.

Everyone who witnessed the event had been too stunned to really respond at first sight. But it soon proved too much for a young man to start screaming … and the responsible creature clearly focused his attention on this young man who suddenly froze. Everyone else panicked when the strange creatures seemed to be a threat; but before a complete panic ensued, the creatures and craft simply disappeared from view.

Five minutes later, the creatures and the alien craft suddenly reappeared in the same place they had been before; but one of the creatures now held a short tube pointing to a teenager … who disappeared. Now a real panic broke out as the three great creatures returned to their craft and the oval vehicle lifted into the air. When it disappeared from sight, the teenager suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The researchers were stunned by the strange events. But all the witnesses stuck to their stories, and drawings of children and adults showed a consistent – albeit strange – portrait of extraterrestrial beings. [10]

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