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10 best seltzer varieties, rated

As we slide through the dog days of summer, it’s time to expand your seltzer rotation. Everyone jumps on the drinking cart in July and August, but only the Selzter team can maintain this energy in autumn and winter. Never heard of Team Seltzer? We’re the ones with the Target shopping carts full of La Croix falls. We are these people who ask Costco employees if Perrier comes in the gallon. Have you always wanted to be one of us? To join our esteemed ranks? You must feel a genuine passion for the seltzer you drink and have at least one taste that you love so much that you consider it a “boon.”

; Here are the ten best seltzer varieties to get you started.

Raspberry and Lime Adirondack

What right do two sour fruits have to get along so well? You’d think it was too much acid. Instead, it’s a combo that will remind you of chilly summer evenings, eating hot dogs off a stick and catching fireflies with your cousins.

Pomegranate Schweppes

The just Time people eat pomegranate is when it’s a flavor. Otherwise it’s too much work. Should you be eating all of these seeds with your fingers? A spoon? Just throw them out of a mug into your gaping throat?

White peach ginger, deer park

Peach! and! Ginger! An immortal combination that gets even better in bubbly seltzer form. Every time I find a Seltzer flavor that reads like an expensive dessert, I get sold.

Photo by Nicole Wilcox on Unsplash

Cucumber, Spindrift

Spindrift is not a real seltzer with real artificial flavors. Instead, they add real fruit juice to the sparkling water. It’s not as manufacturing as I like it, but still you feel better than when you hit a Pepsi Zero.

Pineapple, Bubly

I don’t like the smug packaging, but I like what’s inside. More tropical flavors! You get all of the high acidity with pineapple, but it’s not the same old citrus to put your taste buds to sleep.

Strawberry lemonade, vintage

I don’t think vintage is sold nationwide. Even if I know I’ll put it on the list because it’s so good. If you live in a place where vintage is on the shelves, you are sure to have stood in the cooler aisle and said, “Summer tastes are over!”

Photo by Letizia Bordoni on Unsplash

Cranberry Clementine, Polar

This is what happens when tart fruits play well with a sweet friend. Forget about cranberries / orange. She is tired. She has played out. Cranberry had a midlife crisis, got an undercut, and started hanging out with Clementine. And that’s what I’m here for.

Coconut, La Croix

Best La Croix taste. You can sit down with your Pamplemousse.

Pink grapefruit, perrier

Part of me wished Perrier had stayed strong and stuck to bottled water instead of giving in to market pressures and adding flavor. Still, I’m glad the pink grapefruit performed so well here.

Twist of Lime, Topo Chico

Photo by Jonathan J. Castellon on Unsplash

Since Topo Chico has been around for a century and a half, they have had plenty of time to optimize their product. Best taste, best bubbles, an all-round 10/10 experience. They don’t have or need many flavors, but their twist of lime is great.

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