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10 Behind the Scenes Facts about Daniel Radcliffe's new show Miracle Workers

Have you ever wondered if someone is up there answering your prayers? In the new comedy Miracle Workers which premieres on February 12 on TBS, there is someone who answers prayers, and it is Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter star plays Craig, an angel of Heaven, Inc., who works in the Department of Answered Prayers. He is the only in the Department until Eliza, played by Geraldine Viswanathan, is transferred there. They will soon have to answer an "impossible prayer" to prevent God, played by Steve Buscemi, from destroying the earth. (Radcliffe, Viswanathan and Buscemi are played by Karan Soni, who plays Sanjay, a leader who works closely with God, and Lolly Adefope, who plays Rosie, God's assistant.)

Mental Floss sprang up with Radcliffe to find why he loves Miracle Workers what he has in common with his character and what he wants to take away from the audience for the new series.

. 1
Miracle Workers is based on a book, but differs slightly from the source material.

Miracle Workers is based on the book by Simon Rich What In Gods Name: A Novel . "The TV show is much more secular than the book in many ways," Radcliffe told Mental Floss. "There are a few Biblical, Old Testament tropics, but it's mainly much more of that idea Heaven and God as a company and CEO." How everything works has an internal bureaucracy. "

The book was written with Douglas Adams & # 39; The Trampen Guide to the Galaxy Radcliffe explains: "It's fun to build these worlds on Douglas Adam's books or the many great books that fall into some kind of fantasy, science-fiction [category] I think the world that Simon has built in this heavenly corporation It's really a fun place to hopefully spend time as a spectator, and part of the show's joy is to see the chaos as it supposedly works – or in many cases does not work. "

2. Radcliffe wanted to participate since reading the book …

Radcliffe Beloved W In God's Name From the Beginning After reading it, he met with Rich, "and I basically said," I love this book and if you ever turn it into something – if it were a movie, TV or radio, I do not care – I would love to be involved. "

About a year later, Rich called Radcliffe and proposed a television series. If that happens, says Radcliffe, your agent will stop the call, and you know you should not commit until you guide him. But when it came to Miracle Workers "I was essentially there at once. It was not one of the things I have to be happy about. Oh, I should have talked to someone like & # 39; no & # 39 ;. I do that When this show takes place, I want to be there. "

. 3 … and he would have played some character.

When it was time to figure out what role he would play, Radcliffe said he was "literally ready for anything. It was just a case of saying to Simon, "Every role you need for me, please take me. I would like to do that. "Radcliffe admits," I always felt that Craig was the most natural fit. Or Craig is the one I would pick if I could choose. And I'm very happy that he chose Craig.

Radcliffe not only traded in Miracle Workers . He also produced it as an executive producer (along with Rich, Buscemi, Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer and co-executive producer Katy Johnson). "I was involved in the development of the project and in the casting and on this side of the process," says Radcliffe. "But once I was on the set, I concentrated on acting. I do not want to credit the people who really worked so hard!

4. Miracle Workers shows Radcliffe's comic page.

As Radcliffe told us in 2014, when he's looking for new projects, he's always looking for something that challenges him. He has previously worked in comedic roles, especially in indie films and on stage (and of course in a memorable performance on Extras ) – but he says Miracle Workers is "the" [first] At times, I feel like I really have to do comedy, in a way that many people in America can see, which is really exciting. I do not think I have ever been with anything […] [this] humor. So it was somehow new to me. And to work on a series like this that had a writer's room … I had to spend some time in this room, and I'm just thrilled with how talented and funny it is. I am very, very happy that I could say her jokes. "

. 5 Radcliffe and his character have at least one thing in common:

Craig is a bit weird; He is very devoted to his profession and does not have many friends. Besides, he really loves mustard. It's something the character shares with Radcliffe who emphasizes this point: "I love mustard. If you have a steak or something and there's something else like mustard in the bowl at the end [of dinner]I'll eat that from a spoon. "When he read that moment in the script," I swear I almost sent Simon an e-mail, "did somebody tell me something about me? "Radcliffe says laughing.

Craig's method of eating mustard is a bit different from Radcliffes. The character, however, expresses packages directly in the mouth. "I've found that the most efficient way to get a whole pack of mustard into your mouth without simply pressing it all over your face is to tear down a corner and then bite off. Put the entire packet in your mouth and pull it through your teeth, "says Radcliffe. "I do not do the in real life." Which does not mean that he did not mind eating mustard while shooting. "Everyone on set went," You have to hate that, "he says," and I had to pretend, "yes, yes, that's weird."

6. The industrial atmosphere of the Heaven Corporation comes from Miracle Workers .

Miracle Workers was filmed in Norcross, Georgia, in an airport's studio space. "They [the factory operation] were essentially downsized, so I think that one-tenth of the factory space was originally for the original purpose Radcliffe

The production team used what was left in the Miracle Workers plant. "[That’s] Why does this fantastic semi-bureaucratic, semi-industrial feeling, the whole set, "says Radcliffe." In the corridors, we often did not even use sets, but only the factory and the studio itself as a set. "

7. The production and design team had the show clearly a wah

The Humor in Miracle Workers covers the sets and props of the show – look into the background and you'll probably find something that makes you giggle. "It was one of those projects that showed that the departments had a lot of fun," says Radcliffe. "Sometimes the production designer has the job of going unnoticed and creating something incredibly natural, but when you have to create a truly unique, unexpected version of the sky, all of them eventually came up with a concept – I think those departments have a lot of fun just to improve him [and] along with Simon to create this world. "

. 8 Radcliffe's favorite set was Craig's office.

"I loved mine, Craig's office," he says. "Just a lot of jokes in the background and an endless array of props to play with and be involved in the scene. It felt like I somehow imagined it. It was a really brilliant set. The wall of prayer to which he has responded reaches into infinity. There are so many great ideas. "

. 9 Answering an "impossible" prayer drives most of the action, but there are other abductions as well.

In the Answered Prayers section, Craig separates the prayers into those he considers possible and those he calls "impossible." who go directly to God. If they answer a prayer that has been marked as feasible, the angels must do it inconspicuously. being too obvious or taking a short cut can have unintended consequences. Thus, Craig spends an awful lot of time generating wind, for example, blowing away leaves to reveal a missing object.

But these little miracles fade into the background as Craig and Eliza try to answer their impossible prayer that the earthlings Laura and Dr. Sam (played by Sasha Compère and Jon Bass). "That's what determines the storyline in each episode," says Radcliffe. "There are things that you need to do along the way to do [answer it]and some of them involve orchestrating people in the life of the earth on a path as inconspicuous as possible. But as the series continues and we become more desperate, our miracles become less subtle . "(And it should be said, even funnier.)

10. The humor in Miracle Workers is dark, but the message is uplifting.

One thing that really excites Radcliffe about Miracle Workers is ultimately what he wants to take from the audience. "In this worldview, I want to share Simon with people – the feeling that sometimes the world is a dark, chaotic place, but it's the only one we have," he says. "[The show] has a lot of faith in people and there is an immense amount of excitement about the idea of ​​being alive – despite the madness the world sometimes offers you. The jokes are very sharp, but there is a generosity of spirit that I really love and hope other people will love them too! "

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