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10 artists with amazingly unique art forms

Artists sometimes explore unique and unconventional methods to create masterpieces. Some go a little further and turn to very dark art forms or even create their own. The work of these artists can either cause us to shy away "Wow!" Or disgust.

Some artists paint with unconventional colors made from their own feces or seeds. Others turn their own genitals into brushes. Some media artists also use unexpected programs like Microsoft Excel to create their artwork. Regardless of their method, every artist on this list has a unique selling proposition.

10 Tatsuo Horiuchi draws with Microsoft Excel

When we think of Microsoft Excel, we think of spreadsheets and occasional graphics. But thanks to the Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi, we can also think of art.

Horiuchi uses Excel to draw what is the last thing most people would consider. Horiuchi began drawing with Excel as he neared retirement. He had never used the program before, but his co-workers had seen it to create spreadsheets and charts. The colorful graphics were the reason why Horiuchi believed Excel was a good drawing program.

Horiuchi did not consider normal graphics and drawing programs to be useful because they were too expensive. Excel was also preinstalled in Windows, which made it free, so to speak. Horiuchi continues to make incredible works of art with Excel, which in his opinion is easier to use than Microsoft Paint. [1]

9 Tim Patch paints with his penis

Tim Patch is an Australian artist who paints with his penis. No joke; He uses his penis like a brush. That's why he calls himself Pricasso, which is obviously a mixture of "Prick" and "Picasso".

Patch had the idea to use his member as a drawing tool during a Christmas party. He quickly checked the Internet and noted with joy that nobody did anything similar.

He started dipping his penis in normal acrylic paint and rubbing it on canvas, but the canvas was too hard on his penis. Nowadays he mixes Vaseline with the paint before applying it to the canvas. [2]

8 Martin Von Ostrowski paints with poop and sperm

The German artist Martin von Ostrowski paints with his own feces and sperm. Ostrowski made the news for the first time when he created a painting of Adolf Hitler with his feces. Later he created faeces of Frederick the Great, Otto von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm II, who all at some point ruled Germany or its predecessors.

Ostrowski also had the idea to use his sperm after some observation as a color oil paintings of ejaculations created in 1988 by an unknown artist. This artist masturbated on his artworks because the color did not look authentic enough. Ostrowski does not masturbate on his paintings. Instead, he masturbates and freezes his sperm for later use.

Ostrowski says that between 2003 and 2008 he had to orgasm more than 1000 times for his art. A single portrait requires 40 ejaculations. The Gay Museum in Berlin, which exhibited Ostrowski's work in 2008, claimed that the smell of dried semen caused sexual feelings in humans. Nevertheless, Ostrowski says he is only organic. [3]

7 Milo Moire paints with her vagina

Milo Moire is a performance artist who paints with her vagina. She calls her art form PlopEgg painting. This is because they introduce small eggs filled with ink and paint into their vagina. Then she stands over a canvas and straightens the eggs on it. The eggs burst when they hit the screen and create a splash effect. The above piece is called The PlopEgg Painting Performance # 1 – The Birth of an Image .

Moire, who is often naked during her performances, says PlopEgg is all about feminism. However, some people do not think so. Jezebel called it "the best advertisement you've ever seen for Kegel exercises." [4] The Guardian commented more critically. It called their work "silly" and said it should be considered a "joke".

The Guardian added that PlopEgg Moires was a strange but desperate attempt to become popular. The author said it made no sense, though many artists thought that was the case. The Guardian then attacked performance art and said that people who claim to be fascinated by performance art either lie or fall for stupid ideas.

6 Uwe Max Jensen also paints with his penis

Tim Patch is not the only artist who can paint with his penis. The Danish artist Uwe Max Jensen also paints with his genitals. Jensen's most popular penis artwork is a replica of Kim Kardashian's famous "Break the Internet" photo, in which she puts her bare bottom in front of the camera.

Jensen painted the portrait by inserting his penis in acrylic paint and applying it directly to the canvas. In an interview with The Daily Dot Jensen mentioned that larger penises are better for painting because they can replicate small details that smaller penises can not. He added that he held his penis and canvas in his hands until he finished the painting.

Jensen also revealed that the portrait of Kim Kardashian was indeed the second painting he painted with his penis. The first was a portrait of a male politician in his native Denmark. He gave the portrait to a friend, but sent the politician on Facebook a picture of it. The politician responded by blocking him.

The two penis artworks complete the list of eccentric things Jensen did. He has told that he has destroyed the head of a statue of the little mermaid and urinated in a water sculpture exhibited in a museum. [5]

5 Graham Fink Draws With His Eyes

Graham Fink draws only with his eyes and his computer software. Fink had a programmer develop a special software program that tracks his eye movement. The setup uses two infrared lights aimed at his eyes.

A camera tracks the movement of his eyes and sends them to the software. The software smoothes out the lines that Fink makes with his eyes soon becoming visible on his computer. And so it goes on until Fink has completed a drawing.

Fink requires a lot of concentration to complete a single drawing. He makes the drawing with a single line, since a break in the eye contact would end the portrait. He can not delete anything. According to Fink, depending on the concentration, it takes between five minutes and one hour to create a single portrait. [6]

4 Ian Sklarsky draws with a single line and does not do it Look at his artwork

Like Fink, Ian Sklarsky draws with only one line. He does not use software. Instead, he uses his hands. Interestingly enough, Sklarsky does not look at his artwork until it's done. This technique is called Blind Contour Drawing – an art form that prohibits an artist from viewing his drawing until it is finished.

Sklarsky says he's been making Blind Contour Drawings since childhood. He often visits bars and events, where he makes blind contour drawings for those interested. The completion of a single drawing takes seven minutes. Then he sometimes adds colors while looking at the drawing. [7]

3 Steven Spazuk Paints With Fire

Fire is one thing that we generally want to keep away from our works of art. Steven Spazuk, however, wants his art to be close to fire, because that's how he creates it. Of course, Spazuk does not paint with the fire, but with the soot of the flame.

This art form is called Fumage and was not invented by Spazuk. It has been practiced by artists throughout history. In fact, historians suspect that early humans used it to make cave paintings.

Spazuk makes smoke paintings by placing his artwork directly over a candle or blowtorch. The soot of the flame rises on the paper and forms there blackened contours. Then Spazuk draws around the soot with a pencil or a pen. Sometimes he uses acrylic paints to give the artwork more color.

The formation of smoke on paper is a bit complicated as the paper must be as far away from the flame as possible to prevent it from catching fire. At the same time, it must be close enough for the soot to produce the required contour. [8]

Spazuk said he had the idea to paint with soot after he dreamed of invading an art gallery. The gallery was black and white, which according to Spazuk was caused by soot after a fire. The next day he tried the fumage technique. However, the paper burned repeatedly until it switched to thicker board paper.

2 John Bramblitt paints in spite of blindness

John Bramblitt is blind. You'd think painting would be the last thing he would consider for a career, since he obviously has to see something to get the job done. However, he broke through this barrier and proved that you do not need vision to become a painter.

Bramblitt went blind when he was 30 years old and suffered from epilepsy-related complications. He was in a severe depression, which he only defeated by painting. Bramblitt paints by drawing with his hands the outline of the drawings he makes himself. He determines and mixes his colors by only feeling their textures.

Interestingly, Bramblitt also draws people. He can not see but makes a mental contour of the face of his subject after touching it with his fingers. This simple touch is more than enough to create a portrait of the person. [9]

1 Katsu draws with drones and his poop

Policemen have a hard time catching graffiti artists. It seems only harder for graffiti artists to turn to drones. Katsu, a popular and radical but anonymous graffiti artist, created the first drone graffiti when he attached a spray can to a DJI Phantom drone. Katsu used the drone to spray Jenner's face with red paint. Katsu later commented on the incident by saying, "It's exciting to see [drones’] being first used as a remedy for vandalism."

Katsu made the news the same year he used his shit to make a smiling portrait of Mark Sugarberg. Katsu does not like Zuckerberg and his criticism of the Facebook billionaire deteriorated after watching The Social Network a film about the founding of Facebook. Previously, Katsu Zuckerberg had attacked by glued with a black eye posters of him in New York.

For the portrait, Katsu ate a lot of Thai food before dropping into a container. He devoted himself to this task so much that he confirmed with a mirror that his fecal matter had entered the container. Then he drew Zuckerberg with his shit instead of a pencil.

Katsu later discovered that the whole thing was so messy that he changed gloves frequently. He also wore a ventilator and had incense burned to lessen the smell. He added that it is actually difficult to draw with feces, as feces contain excessive moisture that could destroy the artwork. [10]

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