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10 amazing uses of submarines in warfare

The main advantage of the submarine in warfare is camouflage. Their ability to approach a target and hit without detection was originally considered unfair by professional naval officers. Naval officers considered them unfriendly until and during the First World War. Since then, their operations have become more and more furtive and they can operate invisibly and unheard of in all the world’s oceans along and within coastal waters and estuaries. Submarines are not limited to enemy shipping. With cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, they can attack targets both on land and at sea.

They can also deliver troops and Secret Service agents, perform covert surveillance, lay mines and bugging devices for plants, and use divers for various missions. They can operate under the polar ice, and many have been built with the ability to dive through the ice cap. Every year it becomes more difficult to recognize and track them. They have become so deadly that fighting submarines is the main task of all navies in the world. Submarines have completed some of the most impressive operations in the history of warfare, even during the Cold War. Here are ten amazing uses of submarines in warfare.

This is an encore to one of our previous lists, as presented by our YouTube moderator Simon Whistler. Read the full list!

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