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10 adorable things that babies do

Babies are a big responsibility and it is not for everyone to take care of them. From diaper changing to punctual feeding, it's a full-time job that not all of us may want to do. However, one can not deny that babies do some of the loveliest things that would make anyone feel melted. Here are ten delightful things that are at the top of the list, invariably making one of us pick up the child with an "aww …" A baby is when he reaches for a finger with his whole hand. Not only does it leave you strangely surprised at how small your fingers and hands are, it also makes you feel that heightened joy because they pay attention to your finger. Try to bend your finger from her hands, and you can feel her little fingers clinging to keep you from letting go. Not only do you recognize how much confidence the little person places in you, you also feel well and secure.

# 2 Smile asleep

Granted, falling asleep to a baby is a daunting task, but when they do, it's relaxing to see them just lying there with their eyes closed. It's especially overwhelming when you see them smiling at sleep in a possible dream and their mouth opening into a toothless crescent. Nothing you do when awake can be compared to that innocent, natural smile they find for themselves.

# 3 Clinging to Your Clothes

When you breastfeed your baby and your hand reaches out and clings to your shirt, you feel responsible and happy like no other. It's as if the little person in your hands has entrusted everything to you and your pressure to fulfill it took a delightful turn. Clothing is a popular anchor even while you sleep ̵

1; hair is another toy – and if you ever had to get out of such a clutch without waking it up, you know the fight is not just physical.

# 4 Put your hands in the air

If a baby laughs and plays in its cradle and suddenly flings its hands in the air to realize that it really belongs to itself, maybe it's one of them the cutest things you'll ever see. The empty look they throw on their hands and then play with them again is worth a look. These little self-insights will bring you back to those times when life was less complicated and you had others to take care of your needs.

# 5 Attempting to Say a Word

When a child tries to pronounce "mom" or "daddy" or any other word it has picked up on everyday conversations, it is a huge task for us to understand what it is or she is trying to say. Her failed attempts to articulate this correctly make her want to pull her cheeks and kiss her. These developmental changes will certainly make for delightful times in the growth of a child.

# 6 Rushing the First Time

If your child is still in physical development and rolling over for the first time, this milestone also provides room for a captivating video or photo. The baby's facial expression after turning around is just confusing and it just sits there and does not know what just happened until you pick it up and lie on your back. It is one of the sweetest moments in the growth of a child who lights up you as a parent.

# 7 Toothless Smile

In this sweet phase, before they have developed their teeth, it is simply adorable to see a baby make a big smile. It is perhaps one of the most innocent things you will see. Making a baby smile is not an easy task, but the result is equally rewarding. Rattle with a toy or make that funny expression and do not forget to grab your camera with a click that can blow up the frame.

# 8 When they put their toes in their mouth

For one thing, babies' plushy legs are so small and sweet that we never tire of looking at them. But it's one thing to see how they kick their legs and a whole different thing when they play with it. When they crush their toes in their little mouths, it is a sight that even melts the hard hearts. But the effort they make makes you look at them in awe.

# 9 When they yawn

When a little baby feels drowsy and decides to squirm a bit, it's one of the biggest cutest things to ever see. They stretch out their hands and yawn so that each uterus misses a beat. If a child feels drowsy before picking it up and singing a lullaby, remember to make a video that you can show him when he grows up. Do not let them hang too long, because it would not be long before they say goodbye to the absolute caress of a crying child.

# 10 When They Fall

While most people run after their babies to prevent them from falling or injuring themselves, one often forgets that this is a normal growth phase and even healthy. They fall; They will learn to pull themselves together and get up. This could be one of the crucial points of self-development in which they learn to break free from mistakes and to take care of them. Above all, it's a delightful sight – though a bit painful for the audience – that makes us want to pull our cheeks.

Granted, having a baby at home changes your overall lifestyle and your way of doing things. It's these little things that make you feel why everything is worthwhile. To see how a child grows is not just about responsibility, but about those moments that you will appreciate even as you grow up. Clicking and taking photos is always a great way to keep these moments timeless. However, there is nothing like it to experience wholeheartedly in this moment.

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